Sweet Text Messages For Long Distance Relationships

80 Romantic and Sweet Text Messages For Long Distance Relationships for Him/Her

Long-distance relationship messages are ways of relaying and expressing your love and affection to your loved ones who are/are miles away from you. Sincerely speaking, a long-distance relationship is difficult to handle because you barely see your partner often. But in a scenario where there’s true love and trust in a relationship, such people tend to have amazing feelings, countless memories, and strong communication. That is to say, “Love and Trust” are the two major keys to maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Having someone whom you love from the bottom of your heart and who you are ready to spend the rest of your life with is great Joy. But ways of life, in general, can separate you and put miles in between that you both never planned for. You must inculcate the habit of sending heartfelt, sweet, and romantic love messages, talking about how you both spend your day, when you fight you fix it immediately, and encourage each other in downtime. Make sure your relationship is based on heart-to-heart feelings, not one-sided love.

In this post, you will be getting the best heartfelt sweet text messages for long distance relationships that can help you maintain it. We also have some warm-hearted love and trust long-distance relationship messages for him/her.

Romantic Messages For Long Distance Relationship

1. Days, nights, weeks, months, and years may pass without seeing each other but my heart knows where it belongs and who it truly beats for. I will keep preparing and keep myself for you in all aspects to welcome your arrival because there’s a lot in the future for us.

2. Our love distance is only going to be momentary, you be there and I will be here sending you my love in a romantic way every day, and our hearts seriously beating for each other like Romeo and Juliet. Your love is all I want for the rest of my life.

3. I can’t wait for the day when we can be together again. I will patiently wait till that day comes and I will keep loving you no matter the distance. You are the only treasure that I have found in my life and I will not trade you for anything.

4. My heart is always with you, no matter where I am. I know that soon we will be together and be as happy as we are supposed to be. I can imagine the sweetest and best life ever with you. The beat of your heart keeps calling me and I can’t wait to hold you close to me day and night. I love you!

5. I anticipate the day I will look straight into your eye and say “I LOVE YOU”. Being away from me doesn’t change my love and how I feel about you. I will keep waiting for your arrival even as I miss you so dearly. Nothing can fathom the way I have missed you and the happiness in my heart when I see you come.

6. Even though we are apart I feel closer to you than ever. The memories we shared keep coming, and the bond we had keeps making my day. I can’t love you less, I cherish you with all of me. All I pray for now is to see you soon because my heart misses you so much.

7. Distance can’t change the love I have for you and what I feel for you. I know the distance away is to achieve your goals and I will be here praying and watching out for you because our dreams complement each other. Don’t forget that your success is a priority and your well-being is my concern.

8. Each of the memories we shared is so rare and precious to me. They are like pebbles at the seashore that can’t be found anyhow and I will always cherish them. I’m ready to make any sacrifice to make you happy and smile always even as we are a distance away.

9. This mile means nothing to me because I’m deeply in love with you beyond words, I love you here, there, and everywhere. Till you come to me my love for you will never drop a bit. I love you now and forever. I’m here for you whenever you come.

10. I promise to make up for the time we missed. When I come back this time around we are building and creating long-lasting memories that will contend with people who were never apart. There I will show you again how much I truly love and miss you, how I want us to reunite and be together. I want you to know that I have never stopped loving you.

Inspirational Message For Long Distance Relationship

11. No matter how far away you are from me, my love for you is unbreakable. My whole heart is right next to yours no distance can weaken it. No matter the miles between us, I hope we face it together to overcome any ups and downs. Your love is forever in my heart.

12. There is no long distance in love, the hearts find a way to be with each other. Every time I think of being with you I feel fulfilled, but the pain of waiting for you is exhausting. Hope to see you soon. I love you now and forever.

13. The more the miles keep us apart the more I keep falling for you over and over again. Distance will never keep us apart, my love for you is stronger than the rock. Every single tick of the clock I love you more than anything else in this world.

14. Everytime I open my eyes to see the brightness of the day, your love keeps brightening me. I keep glowing even in the dark of distance. You are the only one who loves me the way that I am and completes me into the woman I become. I’m super grateful for the love you showed me.

15. When I look into your eyes and see love, when I remember that we are a distance apart I feel exhausted but I will remain strong till you come. Not even the miles can destroy my love for you. I will hold on tight to the memories we shared till I see you again.

16. Since the day I set my eyes on you I knew what I felt and talking to you has been one of the easiest choices I made in my life. I’m extremely lucky to have spoken to you about that and now you have become mine. But this distance is not the end of us, together we will keep our love strong and energetic.

17. When I close my eyes to sleep your presence shields me, when I wake up I see your love in everything I do. It’s a good feeling to start a new day. I can’t comprehend the Joy inside of me I’m the luckiest human being in the world to have you as mine.

18. Nothing compares to the love I have for you, even distance can’t do justice to how I feel about you every time you bring joy and happiness to me. Anytime I think about you I feel excited that I fell in love with the right person. It will always be you anytime every day.

19. Your smile brightens my morning, your passion gives me the courage I need to start my day. Your attention lingers on my heart, looking into your eyes I see my future with you. I love you more every day, nothing will steal your love in my heart. I cherish you, Baby!

20. Over and over again I will choose you as the only one next to my heart. Life has thrown many things at us for us not being together but we overcame them. Now distance can never be an obstacle we can use our love to break through. We are miles apart but my love and feelings for you haven’t faded a bit.

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Trust Long Distance Relationship Quotes

21. We might be far away from each other but trust me everything will fall in place. I want us to keep the love rolling and our trust burning like fire. I know they say it takes two to tangle but it will only twist well when there’s true love and strong trust. It won’t be long again.

22. Distance is just criteria that fuel and strengthen my love and trust for you. Nothing can be compared to how I need you and want to see you. I miss the right hug, how we cuddle during winter. No one likes you my darling you are you and I love it that way. I promise not to let you down. I love you every day.

23. Distance to me is a call far from home not far from the heart, your love keeps beating strong in my heart. I will not give up until you are back home and I can’t wait to have you back. Every day I keep falling for you and I find it hard to stop thinking about you. Every day will be fine soon.

24. My dearest I want to hug you so tight but you are distant away. I miss the fact that I could not hold you in my arms, I already fell in love with you even before thinking of touching you. I honestly wish I could come to visit you but it is not that easy to locate you. My heart is always with you.

25. You are a thousand miles away but there’s no other person that is close to my heart than you. I can’t express how I feel every day. I remember we were distant apart. This long-distance relationship has given me a reason to love you more than I could ever imagine. I miss you my priceless gem.

26. I will wait till you come because I do not trust anyone except you. The love and trust we built over the years have given me tangible reason to love you for the rest of my life. I promise you that we will beat this distance sooner and we will be together forever.

27. Love is in the heart no matter the distance, love is love and trust is trust even if it takes donkey years for us to see. I will always trust you, my baby. You are irreplaceable in my life, no one is going to take your place in my heart.

28. I may not be able to hug you, kiss you, touch or feel you but deep down inside of me you are the one my heart longs for. I know this long distance is hard to bear but it’s a matter of the way we feel for each other, trust, and commitment. You will always be my treasure till eternity.

29. I keep having flashbacks of the days we were always together and how we cuddled under the duvet at night and went to the cinema, amusement park, and clubs. I now see how important you are to me when you are a thousand miles away from me. Please don’t forget that I will keep waiting for your return. I love you my Heartbeat!

30. Now and then you keep being the reason I smile and am happy, even when I have to stare at your picture carefully. I won’t let this distance break me but makes me love you more than anyone could imagine. You complete me in many ways and I’m grateful that I have you. Please, Baby, stick with me to the end.

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Love And Trust Messages For Distance Relationship For Him

31. My darling, thanks for always being with me despite the long distance. You know I love and trust you, no other love can contend with the love I have for you. I’m always happy anytime I think that you will be in my arms one day. I miss you so much, my Man!

32. Every day of my life I’m fully prepared for your coming. Even the whole world around me can perceive how prepared I am. I love and trust you no matter the distance, no other thing makes me happy when I remember I’m in love with you. I can’t wait to have you in my arms. I miss you, sweetheart!

33. The love and the trust we built have lasted us in this relationship despite the long distance my heart still longs for you all day long. There’s no other love compared to this, you are all I think about every second, day and night. I hope to see you soon my love, my heart longs for you always.

34. Nothing can change my true love for you. I’m prepared and ready to wait till you come even if it will take the whole 365 days for you to come. My heart is ready to receive you and be with you again. The long distance is just to strengthen my love for you. Hope to see you soon dearest!

35. The important thing I cherish most in this relationship is how we trust and love each other, not minding the long distance. In truth, it has not been easy, nothing having you close to me but I know my heart and my presence is with you everywhere you go. Let me continue to hold you in my heart till you come.

36. True love can never be faked, it has a strong bond and lasting connection. Trust can never be built on a foundation full of lies and pretends but my trust for you is exceptional even as we are miles away. Thank you for always staying with me. Stick with me, Baby!

37. If we can continue to love and trust each other, I believe a brighter future together awaits us. Without your love and trust in this relationship, I’m weak, confused, and lost. Please baby let’s make this happen don’t mind the long distance. I love you, cherish you, and trust you as my king. I can’t wait to see you.

38. No matter the long distance I will always love and trust you. Words cannot fully express how I’m deeply in love with you and ready to build a long-lasting trust with you. You are my one and only man and always will be. I will never trade you for anything even when you are not nearby. You remain a special person in my heart!

39. I need your full support, love and trust. I want to look back and say no matter what happens you remain the special man that I hold so dearly to my heart. You are the best thing that has ever happened in my life and that is why I put my love and trust in you and with all of me.

40. No one can take your place in my heart. You are so sweet, loving, and trustworthy. Other men try to make me happy but they betray my trust for you, your kind of love and trust are like a precious gem that I will always cherish for the rest of my life. My heart continues to beat and long for you. Sending you a warm hug and sweet kisses.

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Long Distance Relationship Messages For Boyfriend

41. No matter the long distance two hearts that love will always find a way to meet each other. I miss every second you are away, I love you so much and you will remain the king of my life. My heart is always with you. I honestly long for the day we will see again.

42. My heart beats for you every second and my heart is always with you even when you are miles away. You are indeed specially made for me, you are everything I want in a guy and I can’t trade all of that for nothing. Baby stick with me because I love you.

43. Every day I pray that not even distance diminishes our sweet story of love. Though it’s hard to bear the distance between us I hope we can be together again for the rest of our lives. I love you so much thank words could express, there’s no other love compared to the one I have for you.

44. The day I met you is the happiest day of my life and for everything we had the day, I will forever cherish it. You mean the whole world to me, everything seems dull and the day seems dark without you. I await your return to brighten my day again. I love you!

45. People who know you may seem fine in your absence but my heart aches since you left. I thought of you all day and night, I just wish I could grow wings right now to fly down where you are currently. No matter the time you come, you will always be in my heart now and forever.

46. I can’t hold it anymore, I must confess missing you has not been easy is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. My days have become longer while my nights are shorter as I count each every second until your arrival. Take care of you, my man.

47. I anticipate the day I will sleep and wake to see you right beside me. Every day I think about you. I fall for you over and over again. I can still feel your warm tight hug and sweet lips and kisses. I know I am one second closer as each day passes by. I’m waiting for you to come back to me, I love you!

48. I love yesterday, I love you now and I will always love you forever. No matter the long distance I will keep loving you. You will always remain in my thoughts, in my mind, and in everything I do. Since you left you have been my everyday mantra, come back soon baby. XOXO!

49. Cheers to the day I will finally meet you again. Days, weeks, months have passed. I don’t want to count years before you come back to me. I miss you so much the love of my life, you complete me in everything I do. I couldn’t have gone this far if not for your true love. So no matter the miles you are away I will always love you.

50. The more I wait for you and the more I miss you makes me feel love again. Falling in love with you has been the greatest and sweetest decision of my life. I’m always short of words when I think about you, my feelings for you cannot be fully explained in words. I’m so lucky to have you in my heart.

Love And Trust Messages For Distance Relationship For Her

51. Your body may be far away from me but I know your presence is with me and it doesn’t change what I feel about you. Even though I miss you so much I can only wait till you come there’s nothing I can do about it. I miss you every second that ticks, hope to see you soon my Treasure.

52. My Baby girl, my feelings for you supersede the one of Romeo and Juliet kind of love. I don’t care about the distance between us all I care about is you. I will be here waiting for your return no matter how much and days it will cost me and it is because you mean the whole world to me.

53. My darling, I love you beyond words. Truly the distance might separate us but the love I have for you cannot be compared to people who are not apart. Babe no matter what it will cost me to see you I’m ready for it and no matter how long I will have to wait I will with all pleasure. I love you now and forever.

54. My precious girl, I keep missing you. A day will not go back without thinking about you. I sincerely miss you with every breath in me and I’m so certain that nothing can measure the Joy and happiness in my heart when we get to see each other again. I can’t wait to have you close to me. I love you, my girl!

55. I can’t take it anymore babe, it is very hard to live here with you close to me. I will just have to keep enduring because I know this distance thing is not forever. Till we see again I promise to love and trust you dearly. I will give it my all to make this relationship work out. I love you, sweetheart!

56. Everyday and night I think about you and the distance keeps nailing to the fact that I honestly do need you physically and emotionally. God indeed made you for me, you are my Angel from heaven. When I am with you I feel fulfilled and happier than I could imagine. Thank you for loving me, my sweet Angel.

57. No matter the distance in between, loneliness, pain, or misunderstanding can break our cord. All I want is for our love story to be established and for people to see as well. Ever since I met you, I have chosen you as my best friend, best partner, and deepest lover. You are always here in my heart, My Queen.

58. I can’t imagine my life without you. I want to build my world with you and around you. I possibly can’t love anyone the way I have loved you. Even though we are miles apart, your love completes me. You are my life, my treasure, my everything, my heartbeat. I can’t imagine my existence without you.

59. No one could express my love for you, not even a psychologist can fathom how I feel about you, you make me feel on top of the world. I can’t wait to see you again to have an amazing moment with you my dear. Only together with you can we do this. Your love energizes me every day. I feel lost in your love, my rare gem.

60. Baby I want you to know that your love captures my mind and everything within me all the time, forget we are my miles apart I can’t do without you. There’s never a day I won’t think about you staring at your picture on my wallpaper reminding me of how sweet you are. I miss your presence here my Jewel.

Long Distance Relationship Messages For Her

61. Hello my baby girl, how do you do? I can’t relate to how you feel about my distance. I want you to know that you are always in my heart and my thoughts all day long. I even feel more connected than ever while I am far away. I can’t wait to see you, my love. I love you so dearly my baby girl.

62. Distance can only create loneliness in the body, a true heart that loves can never be lonely. I want to assure you that my love for you is unconditional, I have never seen a beautiful girl like you. I promise to be back once I am done with my work here. I feel your presence the more even when we are miles apart. I cherish you with my heart.

63. We might be apart but our hearts beat each other. No matter the distance between us I want to know that you are always in my heart and your presence right next to me. I miss you so much that words can’t fully explain. Your love completes me. I can’t wait to see you again.

64. No distance at all will destroy my love for you and how I feel about you. You are always on my mind and in my heart. When I close my eyes to sleep I see your smile and I feel your touch. Your love brightens my day and I’m grateful for every moment we shared, created, and built together.

65. You know I love you more than anything in this world because there’s no girl like you. No boundaries, no limits to our love, and not even distance will stop what we have from reaching others. I miss you more than the world could fully explain.

66. Without you by my side every day and moment feels like a career day. I feel like I’m home anytime I think about you. You are the sun that makes my life shine during the day, the moon and the stars that brighten my night. What manner of love is this? All of me misses you, my queen.

67. I hope you know that my love for you is tougher and stronger than the distance between us. You are my everything in this world, you are special made for me that I know. The thought of you brings a smile to my face and peace to my heart. I may not be able to hold you in my arms at the moment but I can hold you in my heart the more. I love you every day.

68. This heart beats for you every second my love. No distance can take away the love, how I feel about you, and everything we had together. I do love to recreate most of that beautiful moment. I pray nothing breaks us apart. I miss you so much, my woman.

69. My love, my heartbeat, the one that brightens my day, the only woman that completes me. Who can be compared to you? Of course, no babe like you. Have searched all over and I still can’t find the one that matches you. The treasure of my life I will never trade for anything. Stay calm and beautiful till I come back.

70. I know the distance between us is a great challenge but it won’t break us, it will only fuel our love for each other. I will never joke or toil with your love that keeps burning like fires in me. I want to be the one for you, the man behind your smile and success, I want you to be the. mother of my unborn kids and stay with me forever. I love you more than anything.

Romantic Words For A Long Distance Relationship

71. You might be away to everyone around you but to me, you are right there in my heart. Every part of me loves and adores you. Distance can never be a barrier to a heart that is deeply in love. My heart can’t stop beating and thinking about you all day.

72. I feel so exhausted, my heart can’t bear the agony of you being far away from me. But I will hold still to the sound of your love in my heart even if you are miles apart you can never run away from my heart, this heart beats for you always. I love you unconditionally.

73. My love for you is eternal and nothing can take it away. Though the truth is that I miss you and I need you around me I will wait for your return no matter the time. The distance only keeps stimulating my love for you because the more I think about you the more I miss you.

74. All my life I have never been so in love with someone but your love in me is exceptional it keeps rolling forth and back like a water wave. There’s nothing compared to how I feel for you, despite the distance I still feel the gravity of how my heart beats for you. To the only one I await his return I love you so much.

75. You are my obsession, my heart’s desire, my love, my everything, the one that holds the keys to my precious heart. Saying yes to you has been the loving decision I made in my life because every day seems like Christmas reminding me of you and the memories we shared.

76. You are the last person I think of when I close my eyes to sleep and the first I have on my mind when I wake up in the morning. Thinking about you all day long brings me peace, Joy, and happiness. Our distance apart won’t be forever that I know, I hope to see you soon dear.

77. I’m addicted to your love because I have never stopped loving and thinking about you. not even for a second. I am with how far we have gone and the things we built and I pray it keeps growing, glowing, and blossoming. I can never love you less because we are apart but countless reasons to love you more.

78. I can’t wait for the day when we will see each other again. Loving you gives me a lot of inspiration and reason with ease. You mean the whole world to me. I will continue to carry you in my heart every day and for the rest of my life.

79. I want you to handle my heart with you with the utmost care you can, I will cherish yours with me here. No matter what comes your way, no matter where you are or where you go nothing will separate us. I will always cherish, treasure, Love, and adore you.

80. Being miles away is only a test of true love. For sure I know distance shouldn’t be a barrier for two hearts that sincerely care and love each other. I hope our love stands against all odds. Darling, honestly can’t wait for you to wrap your body under my arm. I will always love you with everything within me.

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