Welcome Message for New Member in Whatsapp Group

60 Welcome Message for New Member in Whatsapp Group or Social Platform

If you go to a place an event or a store for the first time and you are welcomed properly, it is bound for you to feel valued, respected, and honored. When you welcome a person or a group of people on a page or group or any social media platform for the first time they will also feel the same way. That’s why you need to send such a welcome message for new member in WhatsApp group.

These messages make them special and leave a good first impression. When they see a warm welcome message in a group, it would be difficult for them to leave or ignore further messages sent to the group.

It’s a great idea to send a good and warm welcome message on a WhatsApp group chat or any platform. If you are having difficulty composing a good message that will convey the right information and feelings, we have you covered.

Below we have a list of detailed welcome messages to send to a WhatsApp group or any other social media platform.

Welcome To The Group New Members

1. I welcome every new member to this ( Name of group). Thank you all for being a part of this one big community, I urge everyone to involve themselves in the various activities that would be carried out in the group.

2. Dear new members, I welcome you with so much love to the(Name of group). I would like us to be active in this group as well as give your ideas and opinions about the current situation of the society development project.

3. To all the new members in this ( Name of group) group, I welcome everyone. It’s an honor to have all of you and I’m looking forward to all the great things we will achieve together as one big family.

4. I welcome all new members to the ( Name of group/organization). I’m delighted to have you all here, Thank you all for joining us. We hope to get your full support and cooperation in all that will be discussed in the group.

5. Beloved new members, it’s with utmost joy I welcome you to this platform ( Name of the group/organization). I believe we are all gathered here for the same purpose so I would like for everyone to put in their undivided attention and total cooperation.

6. Welcome everyone to this group, we are thrilled to have you here and we hope that this lasts for a long time. We would appreciate your full participation in activities and let’s keep the energy rolling.

7. A delightful welcome to you all, it is our great pleasure to have you in our midst and your presence is well appreciated. We look forward to doing great things together.

8. A big thank you for being part of our group and we warmly welcome you to our midst. It is our pleasure to serve you and we hope we don’t disappoint you all.

9. We are elated to have you as a part of us, we are one big family and we welcome you all. Thank you for considering our group, your presence amongst us would not be taken for granted.

10. We are honored to have you all in this group. We hope you have a great time with us and we urge you all to cooperate with us so that we can have a long-lasting family relationship.

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How To Welcome Someone In Group Chat

11. We welcome you to our group, thank you for joining us. We hope to have great quality times together where we can share ideas and knowledge.

12. Welcome our newest member, we warmly welcome you to our midst today. Our Main purpose in this group is to share ideas and opinions about certain things happening in society, that way we are all informed about the latest updates.

13. In life, we all need one another. We are glad you joined this group because you are a very important person and your impact on this group is greatly needed.

14. An addition to the group means the family is growing larger and stronger, we are so delighted to have you. We hope to achieve a lot together and make a significant difference in society.

15. You are highly welcome to our group, you did not make a mistake joining ( Name of the group). You are in the right place at the right time and we promise to not disappoint you.

16. Welcome to our group. Congratulations on joining the best group in this organization. I can assure you that you won’t regret joining on and you will have unforgettable and happy moments.

17. We learn more by sharing knowledge and information, the sole aim of creating this group is to share knowledge, with our newest members we say welcome and we hope to have a wonderful and interesting time together.

18. Welcome to our group, we hope for a wonderful and memorable journey with you.

19. Thank you for joining our group, we are delighted to have you. Thank you for considering our small group worthy of your presence, we really appreciate you.

20. Your presence is a dream come through and we are so elated to have you in our midst. We look forward to working together and sharing the best ideas to create a better environment.

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Welcome Message For Group Members

21. We welcome you to this wonderful team, you are valued and your ideas and suggestions are well appreciated.

22. I’m excited to have everyone here on this platform, please feel free to make any comments or interact with each other. We are here for the same purpose.

23. It is of utmost pleasure to have everyone here on this team, we hope that your presence here will be highly beneficial to us.

24. We are proud to have you all in this group. You all are valuable to this great community and we hope with your presence we will continue to move forward and make a difference.

25. We are privileged to have you all amongst us, you all are from prestigious companies and we hope to benefit from your experiences and skills.

26. We welcome you all to this group and You all are now an official member of this group. Cheers to a rollercoaster of good memories.

27. It’s all about good vibes and love in this group, to all of our newest members, prepare to be loved and cared for, we hope you will enjoy your time with us.

28. Welcome to our group, we are not just a team but a family and we share all of our good and bad times, for you to enjoy this family we only need your participation.

29. Congratulations to our newest members. This is a new beginning and for you all, a time to explore and unravel mysteries and acquire knowledge. Cheers to a new beginning and good times.

30. Welcome to (Name of group), we hold every one of our newest members in high esteem and we want you to know that you are cherished and loved and you have our full support.

Welcome Message For Church Whatsapp Group

31. Good day beloved brothers and sisters, we are glad you chose (church name) to worship. We welcome everyone and we pray that the Lord continues to bless you. This platform is created to keep in touch with everyone and also communicate with you regularly, we hope we will get to see you on another sabbath day like this

32. I welcome our beloved brothers and sisters to this group, we pray that the Lord dwells within us. This group was created to give room for everyone who wants to give out their ideas or suggestions towards the growth of the church.

33. I say a big welcome to my brothers and sisters in the Lord, thank you for joining the group, we hope to achieve great and better things in the house of the Lord.

34. Welcome everyone to this group, this is a holy gathering so I will urge everyone to be on their best behavior and know the right words to use in this gathering, may the Lord help every one of us.

35. Welcome aboard, great ministers of God, this platform will enable us to connect properly and will be a good way for everyone to share their bright ideas and innovation on how to grow the house of the lord.

36. I welcome everyone aboard to this group, thank you for honoring me. This group is to enable each and every one to grow in more depth spiritually as it will be a platform to share the word of the Lord.

37. Thank you for joining the group my beloved brothers and sisters of Christ. It is great to have you all here in one accord. This group is created to help proffer solutions to all the problems and challenges we are facing as believers in the house of God.

38. Thank you all for joining this group, Thank you for also making me worthy of your presence. As you have all honoured me the Lord will honour you too.

39. Welcome to this group, I believe we are all children of God and we are all here for the same purpose. I will urge us to show our hundred percent participation and be positive-minded. The Lord will help us all.

40. It is my pleasure to welcome my brother and sisters to the Lord, we thank God for bringing every one of us together in his holy house. We are one big family and I would want us to always relate as one.

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Whatsapp Group Welcome Message Sample

41. Welcome to ( Group Name), we are extremely thrilled to have you here. Get ready for amazing and educational interactions amongst bright minds. Feel free to ask questions or drop a suggestion.

42. Welcome to the (Name of the brand) family, it is an honor to have you. Thank you for joining our community, we will keep you updated on the latest developments on this platform.

43. Thank you for joining this group, we will be sharing ideas, important facts, and everything you need to know about this group. Once again, thank you.

44. We are glad you have decided to join us on this platform, we look forward to having a wonderful journey together.

45. We welcome you to this group, we are super excited to have you on board, and we can’t wait to start sharing ideas and making a change in the community together.

46. Welcome to ( Group Name), it is a pleasure to have you in this group. Get ready for a great experience with us, please don’t leave the group. We have a lot of amazing offers to share with you all.

47. Welcome aboard to our online community, we appreciate you so and we celebrate your presence. You are in the right place.

48. Welcome to the family, we are delighted to have you as a part of this group and your presence here is very valuable and you are our greatest asset.

49. Hello, thank you for joining this community, we say a big welcome to you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need help with anything or our services.

50. Thank you for joining ( Name of the group), we are more than delighted to have you, and we will be updating you on our services and everything you need to know about our brand.

Greeting Message For Whatsapp Group

51. Hello, welcome aboard to ( Name of the group). We are super excited to meet you all and we can’t wait to know you more. Let’s get started by introducing ourselves.

52. A big warm welcome to every individual on this platform. We are a small community and we relate as families. Please we need your total concentration and commitment so that we can achieve something extraordinary.

53. A massive welcome to everyone joining this group, we are pleased to have you. Trust us that you will have a wonderful experience during your stay in this group.

54. Welcome everyone, you have arrived at the right destination. We say a very big thank you. We are here to help you with whatever you need.

55. Please receive our warmest welcome on this platform. Thank you for gracing us with your presence, you are highly honored.

56. We are excited to have you all in this group, we are committed to ensuring your journey with us is worthwhile. We are honored to have you all, please don’t hesitate to text us if you have any questions or complaints.

57. We are thrilled to share this group with you, thank you for honoring us with your presence. We look forward to achieving a lot together and hope to always meet your expectations.

58. Hi everyone, a big welcome to you all in this group. We are all here for the growth and development of the community so I will urge everyone to be committed to every information or update sent to the group.

59. We say a big welcome to our online family, your presence is worth celebrating. Thank you for choosing to join our group, we are very delighted to have you.

60. Welcome aboard crew, let’s dive into another realm where we can share ideas and have healthy arguments and conversations on controversial issues. Thank you for joining us.

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