Attractive Short Welcome Message For Customers

100 Very Attractive Short Welcome Message For Customers and Clients

A welcome message is an important message you send to a customer to bring them on board with your platforms and to greet them for patronizing you. Without customers, a business person or anybody rendering service is as good as doing nothing. A customer adds life to a business and makes it flourish, without a customer the company is as good as not existing.

That’s why you must build healthy and good relationships with your customers whether is an online business or offline business. When your customers are pleased they patronize you more and can even make referrals to their loved ones.

Every business owner or someone rendering service should always make their customers feel a warm and welcoming impression every time they transact with them. Sending them lovely welcome messages via email, SMS or social media platforms will make them feel appreciated.

A positive attitude will not just keep your customers but will keep them coming. To help you foster and strengthen good and lasting relationships with your customers we have created a lovely attractive short welcome message for customers below that you can share with your customers/clients.

Attractive Message For Customers

1. Welcome to [company’s name] we appreciate you and we are glad that out of your countless choices you chose to patronize us. We want you to know that we are ready to serve you.

2. Thank you for joining our team, we love you and we are so happy to have you on board with us. If you want us to continue sending you lovely messages kindly drop your email address.

3. We appreciate your consistency on our upcoming small but unique brand. We love you and we want you to know that we are available to render services to you either online or offline.

4. Thank you for patronizing our services and let us know if there is anything more we can help you with to improve the validity of our services for you.

5. Thank you for choosing our product and services! Please feel free to let us know if you have issues or difficulties with the proper effective use of our product.

6. As the saying goes the customer is always right, here we offer our customers a platform to let us know how we can help and treat you rightly in the way you should be treated.

7. Welcome love! We have business plans that help in shortening the expenditures and expenses of customers’ daily lives. Therefore we offer discounts and place affordable prices on our goods and services. Thank you.

8. ‘’If you want it or need we have it here”. As our slogan says, we are happy to have you at our store and appreciate your desire to shop with us. We want you to feel secure that you’ve come to the right store.

9. Welcome to this great company, we have been expecting you and we are glad that you came. You can use our promo code[101101] to get a 10% discount on any goods you want to buy when you order from our social media platforms.

10. We are glad to have you at our store, we welcome you even with numerous stores offering the same service we offer you choose to patronize us. We love you and would love to give you a discount on every two pieces that you order.

Welcome Message For Customers Quotes

11. Welcome to [ company name] we are glad to have you join our community. Maintain your seat and relax, get prepared to access a world of ease and positivity with our [products].

12. We are thrilled to have you on board! We love you for joining the winning team. You will not regret making such a decision kindly subscribe to get notifications on any updates.

13. Warmest welcome to [company name]. You are a step closer to a swift and affordable shopping experience. Here you would enjoy seamless shopping with no network issues.

14. Congratulations love! You’ve been given a discount offer with [company name] kindly use the [promo code] to gain your discount. Welcome to the club, we are happy to have you.

15. [Company name] is happy you joined her community! Here, you would enjoy seamless customer service by surfing our website with less data and also exploring awesome discounts.

16. Appreciation!! Thank you for becoming a member of this wonderful and prosperous brand. We love you and assure you that our products and services will always be available in any part of the world.

17. Welcome to this wonderful and friendly store. And we couldn’t be more glad about your patronage, here at our store you can place orders in the comfort of your home and have them delivered to you.

18. Take our lovely welcome hugs and kisses, we are happy you joined the [company] family! We will continue to send you emails on our latest collections, but feel free to unsubscribe.

19. We are elated to have you here, you have been added to our first-class customer mailing list. To get current updates and special offers news from us, thank you, and have a good day.

20. Thank you for subscribing to get mail from us, we won’t be sending you long emails but simple emails. Thank you for joining us, as a new customer kindly click on the button below to get[%] off your first order.

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Welcome Message For Customers Online Store

21. You are here, and we are here let us connect! We are glad you decided to buy from us. Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions on how to place an order on our website.

22. Hello! We are glad to see your message. We will respond to you as soon as possible! In the meantime, you can surf our website to check on the designs you want.

23. Welcome! We are thrilled you reached out to us. We will answer every question and message once we get online, so be rest assured to get an answer to your message as soon as possible.

24. Thank you for reaching out, we sincerely apologize for the late response due to the countless messages we have received we are taking our time to respond effectively to our customers.

25. Welcome, thank you for contacting [company name]. We are happy to have you here, we will respond to your message in the next 10 minutes. For fast response kindly subscribe to get emails.

26. Hello [ customers name] thank you for following our brand on Instagram. We are happy to attend to you with whatever products you want to order. Wishing you a wonderful day.

27. Nice to meet you. Thank you for leaving your email address, it is the season of giving that’s why we want to give out a special discount offer for our new customers kindly click the link below to gain.

28. Good day sir or Ma’am [company name] welcomes you back to our website! We are glad to see you again and are eager to help you with any questions today.

29. Good to have you here again! It has been a while since you patronized [company name]. Is there any way you would want us to render services to you today?

30. Hello! Do you have any questions, inquiries, or feedback? Feel free to send us an email on such matters. Thank you for placing your order, your goods will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

Welcome Message To Customers

31. Welcome on board to the greatest brand ever!! Kindly leave your WhatsApp number at the reception. We will be sending you the latest news and you can view our status.

32. The store is elated that you have decided to join us. Kindly drop your request at the information desk so that we can make your onboarding experience free from stress and worries.

33. Thank you for selecting [company name]. We are glad to welcome you as one of our customers! We want you to have the best stay in our company. Contact us on our Instagram account if you need help.

34. We are truly honored for your patronage and we would like you to drop your email address to get more information regarding our [products and services]. Have a wonderful day!

35. Hi, how many of us be of help to you today welcome to our website. Our website is packed with new items and updated content ideas that you need in day-to-day life. Feel free to check for any offer of your choice.

36. Everyone who has visited our lovely website can attest to it. Welcome!! We have a wide range of goods and services that you can select from for any sewing recreation. Kindly let us know what you would want us to improve.

37. Thank you for visiting [company name] we are thrilled to introduce you to our best-selling products. We specialise in clean ready-to-wear outfits, for better information kindly follow us on Instagram to see more pictures.

38. Thank you for subscribing!! We thank you for joining our lovely community and promise you that you won’t regret it. Stay tuned for more information on our goods and services

39. We are excited that you have taken the bold step of subscribing to our videos. Not to worry as we will try not to bore you in any way but will provide you with special offers through our videos.

40. Congratulations as one of our luckiest new customers you have been given a bonus offer of [%] on any products you buy from our website hurry now and don’t miss this offer.

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Best Greeting Messages For Business

41. Dear customer, we are currently facing some technical problems. Not to worry our technical team is working tirelessly to get it fixed. Please leave your message through the link and we respond soon.

42. Hello dear, due to the upgrade done on our site we experiencing some little malfunctioning. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused and promise that in the next four hours, it will run smoothly.

43. Thank you for your persistent follow-up and comments on every one of our social media handles [ company name] love you and appreciate you. Kindly leave feedback on how you want us to serve you better.

44. Dear customer don’t be scammed by any fake agent that claims he or she is from our company. We are currently experiencing some glitches on all our platforms, we are deeply sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you

45. We appreciate your message! And will respond to it as soon as we are back. We are currently on the Christmas holiday break but not to worry our agents will duly respond.

46. We sincerely apologize for the frequent glitches you have been experiencing on our website, our technical team is working on resolving it. We will notify you once it’s fixed.

47. Dear [ customers name] it is the season of giving our company is offering [%] discount on every order you make from [ date] to [ date] please leave a message below if you need any help.

48. Thank you for contacting us. We are currently unavailable, but we will get back to your message in the next few hours. While you await our response check out our website for more information.

49. Hello, dear, we are sorry for any inconvenience but we are currently not able to respond to your message. Please leave your details and name so that we can reach out to you later.

50. Hi, we have received your message and we are currently looking for an agent to respond to your complaints. We will make sure that it is resolved as quickly as possible.

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Greeting Message For New Customers

51. Thank you for your message! We will respond to your message in the next three minutes. In the meantime kindly check out our brand catalogues to see more of our products.

52. It is the season of Christmas so [company name] is giving out [%] discount on all her products. Use the [promo code] to place orders. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

53. Hello [customer name] welcome to [ company name]. We are glad you chose our brand out of your awesome choices and thank you for leaving your email address for more catchy updates. Reply stop to unsubscribe

54. Thank you for contacting us. Please let us know what you want to effectively respond to you. Also kindly follow us on our social media platforms to see our latest collections. Have a great day!

55. Dear customer thank you for your message. Our agent will attend to your message as soon as possible and will make sure it’s forwarded to the right person. Wishing you a wonderful day!

56. Hi, we have received your order and are currently working on the order. Your order will be ready in the next three days in the meantime kindly check out our story on Instagram for more products.

57. Thank you for joining the winning community! We are so happy to have you onboard. Don’t be left behind on our Christmas offers, where you stand a chance to win prizes like iPhones and the rest on an order you place.

58. Warmest welcome we got your complaint and we are working towards it. Our support agents will resolve it soon, it might take up to an hour but not to worry it will get resolved soon. Thank you!

59. Good day [customer’s name]. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We received a lot of requests earlier this week but not to worry our agents are on deck to deliver a fast solution to you.

60. Dear customer due to the holiday season we have been receiving a lot of orders and are currently overwhelmed with orders but rest assured that we will respond to your order in the next 2 hours.

Greeting Messages For Customers

61. Happy Father’s Day! In celebrating the season of Father’s Day [company name] is offering a [%] discount on any products you buy from our website during this period to show your father love. Rush to our website and make your order.

62. Welcome to [company name]. we are here to assist you with setting up a flexible payment plan for any products or services that you want but can’t pay for at the right moment.

63. Thank you for contacting [company’s name]. We value your interest in our community and we are eager to hear your orders. Our team is available for any inquiries.

64. Our support team is committed to offering you exceptional service. Feel free to buzz us on any of our hotlines or better still you can send in your message through our social media handles.

65. Good day [customer’s name]. How have you been? We are eager to let you know about our black Friday discount offer, you can get awesome prizes on items like phone gadgets when you order now.

66. Hello there! We are thrilled to have you in our store. [ Company’s name] is a brand that is ready to offer solutions to every hair type and to help your hair growth. Kindly feel at home!!

67. Hi dear! hearty congratulations from [ company’s name] you have been chosen as one of those customers who get a free ticket from the raffle draw. Come and get your prizes, thank you.

68. We are excited to have you with us and to appreciate your long-term commitment to the brand, we are offering you gifts on any products you order from now to [due date].

69. Hello, esteemed valued customer. We are happy to have you on our team, we promise to give you a great stay here. Thank you for trusting this lovely brand.

70. Welcome to the family! [ Company’s name] is glad to have someone important like you patronize us. Continue shopping with us, we offer all you need and want at affordable prices.

Welcome Message For Customers Template

71. Hello dear!! Welcome to our website. If you need any help, reply to this message. We are always online and ready to help you have a smooth shopping experience.

72. Hi there! I am your shopping consultant today and I am ready to respond to any inquiry. Feel free to make your request known to me so I can work on it today.

73. Welcome madam, you are officially an [ company’s name] user now. Below are some helpful links to every question that you might have regarding our brand.

74. Halo! It is a great opportunity to see you. We appreciate your loyalty and feel honored to have you back. As a returning customer we have a special discount for you, are you interested? Kindly click on the link below to get verified.

75. Thank you for stopping by! Our team is currently unavailable but get back to your message within an hour. Did you know that we are currently running a discount on our products, click the link to get it.

76. Hello!! We’re glad you reached out. How can we help you? Kindly leave your message and our support staff will make sure you get the proper response to your message.

77. Welcome to [company name] we appreciate you taking the time to contact us. How can we assist you today? We are always ready to serve you better. Have a great day!!

78. Thank you for dropping by [company name] Instagram page! We love you and don’t take your love for granted. Our agents are available for any service from[ days of the week]. Please leave your message.

79. We have received your request and our support team has gotten to work and will respond to you sooner. We want you to know that we have a gift for everyone that joins the community.

80. Welcome again, darling customer. You came at the right time! To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, we would like to thank you for all your support with a free souvenir. Kindly forward your address to deliver it, thank you.

Short Welcome Messages To Customer

81. Hello and welcome to[ company’s name]. If you would like to see more of our products and services, please check and follow our social handles to see all our work.

82. Hi there! Welcome if you would want to know first about every upcoming event and update in your country, send us your email address and we’ll add you to the email list.

83. Thank you for leaving your email address behind, we appreciate your interest in our brand and we look forward to assisting you. Feel free to email us if you need to know more about our services.

84. Hello there, we are elated that you are interested in our community and promise that you won’t regret joining us. Please share your details and we will reach out to you soon.

85. We are here to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. Please send us a clear message with your concerns and our support agents will get back to you shortly.

86. Welcome to [company name] the able community that is ready to help! Do you have a question? Don’t forget to leave it here and we will do our very best to get it resolved.

87. Hi [ customer name] thank you for reaching out! We have received your message and we will get back to you within two days. For general issues, you can check our FAQ page via the link below.

88. Merry Christmas! Thanks for visiting us. May you experience peace this season. We are deeply sorry for the delay as we are busy preparing and delivering orders. Please check our page while you wait for your package.

89. Thank you for reaching out! We will review your message and respond soon. As Easter day is coming up, we have arranged a collection of Easter chocolate eggs that you can share with your loved ones.

90. Hi there, we apologize for any inconvenience, we’re currently unavailable. Kindly leave your name and email address, and we’ll get back to you within 12 hours.

Welcome Text Message For Customers

91. Good to see you here. Do you know that as a new customer, we offer a [%] on your first order? You can use the discount code[ code] to place your order on any products of your choice.

92. Welcome to [ company name] thank you for your message. We love to assist you but we are currently closed for the year. You can check our website to know our opening date.

93. Hello there! I am [agent’s name]. I am here to help you explore [ company name], how can I assist you today? Feel free to check out our website and explore more available offers.

94. [ Company’s name] welcomes you to her family! As a member, you stand a chance to benefit from a free delivery on your first order. Kindly email us your order and delivery details.

95. Happy birthday [ customer name]! As a first-timer [ company name] gives you a [%] discount as a birthday gift. We love you and appreciate your interest in our brand.

96. Thank you for subscribing! You will be one of the first customers to know about our new releases, special collections, and social updates via your email. Welcome!

97. Hi [customer name] I am so happy you showed interest in our world. We are packed with new features that would help you make better blogs and feel organized. Click the link below to get started.

98. You are now part of this beautiful global community. [Company name] is a brand that has talented stylists who provide and bring your imaginary styles to life. Check out our website for more information!

99. So maybe you have been having issues with your skin. We like that you have come here! Look no further, we have got a plan that works with different skin types either stubborn or eccentric skin. Click the link to book a slot.

100. Welcome to [ company name] you are now part of a community of people that renders help like listening to lonely people. Feel comfortable and our call agent will respond to your call soon.

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