Wishing Someone A Speedy Recovery

64 Ways to Say I’m Wishing Someone A Speedy Recovery for Him or Her

Unavoidably, people go through health challenges at one time or the other. This could be the body’s reaction to stress or the infiltration of some foreign entities into the body. This is often inevitable and when such happens, it’s important to extend your goodwill to the ailing person.

Wishing someone a speedy recovery is your way of contributing to the healing process of the person and making the person respond to treatment faster. Your wishes can initiate joy in the heart of the ailing person which will make him/her get better on time.

A recovery process is the time it takes for someone to get back in shape, heal, or become what he/she used to be before an incident. It is truly good to help people get better. This is why wishing someone a fast recovery is consequential.

No need to worry about the right wishes to send or use. Here are words for wishing him/her a speedy recovery.

Wish You A Fast Recovery

Find ways of wishing someone a speedy recovery here!

1. I wish you a fast recovery from what you are going through. You will triumph through this no matter how serious it is. You are ordained a winner and you will win in this case.

2. Trust God now more than ever before. You will survive this. I wish you the most realistic fast recovery that you need now. The healing hand of God is with you and will never leave you alone.

3. You are going to recover fully sooner than you can imagine. I wish you the best and the fastest recovery. You will be fine soon and we are coming to celebrate it.

4. You are a good example of great minds. You have done well for others and for yourself. I am here wishing you a fast recovery.

5. Your recovery has not been entirely slow. However, I wish you a very fast recovery that will help you get back to doing what you’re known for.

6. It feels really good to know that you are recovering already. I wish you a better and faster recovery onwards. I can’t wait to have you back.

7. I have missed you so much. You know how I love you with all my heart. I pray that you recover fast so that you can be here with me again.

8. I have no one in my life like you. You are awesome in your own way. I want you to heal quickly. I wish you fast healing for your body.

9. Thank you for being the person that you are. There is no one as good as you are to me. I love you so much. I wish you a fast recovery, my friend.

10. Everything about you is great. I enjoy your company a lot. I wish you a fast recovery as you return to the base soon. My prayers are with you and I am standing strongly with you through these challenges.

Wishing Her A Speedy Recovery

11. My love, you are the best part of my life. Since you were sick, I have been feeling the same. I am praying for you to have a speedy recovery. You have all my love and support.

12. I have the rare privilege of being your lover. I do not take it for granted. I love you and I wish you a speedy recovery faster than you expected. I love you very much!

13. Your full recovery is my daily biggest expectation. I know you will recover soon. I will always be here to help you, my Love. Gather strength and recover very fast.

14. You are going to get well, my love. Believe in yourself just like I believe in you. All will be well and you and I here will be able to do what we love to do. I wish you a quick recovery.

15. Your health challenge is also mine because we are one in love. I will always be there to help you till you are back on your feet. Don’t be afraid, my prayers are with you.

16. Having you in my life has made me a better person. I will keep doing all I can to make sure that you recover fully. Get well soon, my Love.

17. You are the one that I can’t live without. I will never leave your side in these trying times. I will be here till you are better. I wish you a speedy recovery, my lover and best friend.

18. Only you have my heart. My entire heart is yours because you are the love of my life. May you recover soon so that you can be fully back in your position. I trust God to heal you.

19. I love you so much. My biggest desire is to see you healthy again. I know you will be whole soon. Your quick recovery is certain by the grace of God.

20. It is a tough season for us but I know you will be well. My love, you will be perfectly whole soon. I pray your healing happens fast.

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Wishing Him A Speedy Recovery

21. You are going to get well soonest. I am praying for you and I believe others are praying for you too. You will recover quickly and get running in your daily business.

22. As everyone is doing all they can to help you recover quickly, the least you can do is to be optimistic. You will recover all you have lost including your health. I am sure that God is willing to restore you.

23. Choose to be happy so that you can exude the right energy. You need to be mentally fine to heal completely. Think right of yourself at this critical time. I wish you a quick recovery.

24. Your life is only just beginning. You have a very bright future ahead of you. Keep working on your recovery and you will recover totally.

25. Soon you will be fully healthy. Keep doing the right things that you have been doing to help yourself recover. All will be well soon and your beautiful smile will be restored very soon.

26. Your journey in life has been great in every way. You are a solid warrior. I hope you have a speedy recovery that will lead to a new beginning. A better beginning is waiting for you, my Dear.

27. God has never failed anyone in the past. There will never be such a record now or in the future. I trust and hope in Him to grant you a very quick recovery.

28. Every day of your life allows you to rise above challenges at least one step at a time. You are going to recover completely. I have good hope and I trust my instinct that you will get well soon.

29. I’m praying for you to have a speedy recovery from all that you are faced with. I hope you come out of all this bigger and better than you went in. We are coming to rejoice with you very soon.

30. You can go through the worst situation and still be optimistic. What you are dealing with is not higher than you. Have faith in God and in yourself. I hope you recover soon.

May She Get A Speedy Recovery

31. My heart’s desire for you is that you will get a speedy recovery. It is my heartfelt prayer for you right now. I wish you the best of health and soundness in your body.

32. Your health will improve and you will be happy about it. May you get that recovery that you desire strongly in your life. The mercy of God will recover your health very soon.

33. Don’t feel sad, you can conquer the situation with positive energy. I am here to give you every courage you need to go through this. May you get better soon with the help of God.

34. You are not going to always be sick and needy. Your recovery is already ongoing. May it be speedy and complete in a short time. Be assured that I am praying for you.

35. If you can endure till this moment, you can get the result you seek. Keep your hope alive. You will recover everything that you need to recover. Healing is your portion.

36. As you make efforts to recover daily, may your efforts lead you to have the recovery you expect. Anything is possible. You can have a speedy recovery and get back to your best state. Just believe you can!

37. No matter the mountain standing before you as a lady, you can recover what you have lost. May you have the courage to recover what you lost and laugh again.

38. Your quick recovery depends on you largely. Wake up with a positive perspective and do all that you should to aid your recovery. While I am praying for you here, please adhere to medical directives.

39. When you lose something, you can still recover it. I wish you a quick recovery from that which you have lost in any area of your life. Keep trusting God and adhere to medical instructions.

40. Your need right now is a quick recovery. By the grace of God, you will recover not partially but completely soonest if you believe. You will have a great testimony very soon.

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How To Say Speedy Recovery

41. May your recovery be faster than the doctor and nurses suggested. I have a strong conviction that you will be out of the hospital sooner than the physicians predicted.

42. Every step you take going forward will add to your recovery. I pray nothing stops your recovery process onward. Get well soon and let’s continue the journey of life!

43. May God bless you with sound health amid this ongoing health issue that you are experiencing. You can win over this with the help of God. I wish you a speedy recovery from the crown of your head to the soul of your feet.

44. What you’re dealing with now is not bigger than you. I see you recovering quickly from it. Focus on the help you are getting, this is almost over.

45. Keep smiling and always focus on doing the little things that make you happy. This is not the end of your life. Better days are ahead and you will recover from all that has happened to you.

I Wish You A Speedy Recovery

45. From the depth of my heart, I wish you a speedy recovery. May you have what you seek as you experience the quick recovery you desire. The hand of God is with you and He will help you recover very fast.

46. You are an awesome personality that is loved by many. Your presence among us is needed. Please, fight this sickness and get back to us. I wish you the best and a quick recovery right this season of your life.

47. I have you in my prayers and I trust God strongly to help you out of this situation. I wish you the speedy recovery that you can get. All is going to be well with you on every side.

48. May you have the attention that you need from those who can help you recover quickly. Your life will not be shortened, you will fulfill the number of your days on earth. God will see you through.

49. I’m not happy knowing that you are not 100% fit to do anything on the training ground. I hope you get better and recover fully soon.

50. Always see yourself fully recovered and you will recover fully soon. I know you will be back bigger and better. While you go through this season, have the right image of yourself. I wish you the best.

51. You have always made me proud. I know you will return to compete again. For now, I wish you a speedy recovery as you spend time getting better.

52. Everything you have done has made you a better person. You have grown and you will keep growing. This sickness will not stop your advancement. I wish you a speedy and adequate recovery.

53. There is nothing strong enough to keep you down. Nothing and no one can keep you down. You will rise again after you recover. I wish you great rest and a quick recovery.

54. You are the best. You always give the team your best contributions every time. We all wish you a speedy recovery. We know you will be back here.

Speedy Recovery Message For Him

55. You are already receiving treatment. I am very certain that you will have a speedy recovery. I know you will be very fine soon.

56. It has been a while since I saw you. I know that you have taken time out to recover as much as you can before you return. I wish you well.

57. This is your golden opportunity to rest your body and ensure you are healthy before the next season. Recover quickly, great mind!

58. Your absence is highly felt and we miss you. Good to know you are already recovering. Get well soon and we hope to see you soon.

59. I will never give up on you and neither will I leave you to yourself. I will always be here for you. Thankfully, you are already having a speedy recovery. This makes me very happy.

60. You can get better. Pay attention to yourself and do the needful. I will always tell you the truth. I believe you can get better if you do the needful.

61. Having a speedy recovery is possible if you do the right things with the support of the right people who can help you. You have the right people around you. I hope you get better soon.

62. Everyone deserves a second chance and so do you. You will surely recover from this injury to play again for your beloved team. We all miss you and need you to be back!

63. Not having you onboard is not a good feeling. You are priceless to us and we know it. Right now, we are all praying and wishing you a rapid recovery. God’s hands are upon you.

64. You will recover. I will be one of the first people to congratulate you when you do. May it happen quickly so that you can get back to work and fulfill our pending dreams together. You are very important here.

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