Tribute To A Daughter Who Passed Away

50 Goodbye Quotes and Tribute To A Daughter Who Passed Away

Losing a loved one is difficult to bear, but losing a daughter to whatever form of death is never an easy and painful experience. Hence no parent or family will ever accept the fact that they lost their daughter no matter the position or the age of the baby girl.

The bittersweet truth is that we all are going to die one day just that no one wants to die premature death. Whatever the situation, a female child is very precious. They come with all kinds of love atmospheres and hold a special place in our hearts. There’s nothing compared to a female child everywhere who is always colorful and beautiful around them.

Tribute to a daughter who passed away either biological or not must be done in a memorable, respectful, loving, adoring, and beautiful way. Your tribute can be about anything based on your relationship with your daughter. Writing a tribute to a daughter who passed away is a painful exit. The great loss itself creates a heavyweight in your heart that seems unbearable, yet the act of remembering her results in complete Joy and comfort.

Are you struggling with words of tribute to say as a mother, father, or anyone in a position to call her daughter, here are simple comforting words to help you express yourself and how you feel about that daughter of yours.

Tribute To My Daughter In Heaven

1. I miss you every second of each day. I take peace for I know that the few years you spent on my heart were impactful. It hurts me to know that you will never attend your first school graduation. I wonder how peaceful that place would have been and how happy you are over there.

2. I think the thought of you will always haunt me but I take console because I know you are in heaven, a place of harmony where there’s no cause for alarm or thinking about the challenges of life. Rest well, my beautiful daughter.

3. You are the most beautiful, loving, compassionate daughter anyone could ask of, your hospitality is superb, your wisdom and moral lessons are unquantified, and your humility is worth awarding. Is always a remarkable moment whenever you are around. Rest in daughter.

4. The world still grieves for your absence, my Baby girl. You are irreplaceable, your level of wisdom and understanding is compared to none. What a gracious life spent on earth. We will continue to talk and emphasize your good deeds to us. We miss you, Baby girl!

5. Death is the only inevitable thing that comes with grief and sorrow. Your sudden death only ends your life, not the love I have for you and the things we shared. I found it hard to let go of your belongings, especially your picture frames. They remind me of places we visited and the dresses we have in them. I love you forever baby girl.

6. My dearest daughter was the most precious of all the treasures that I possessed. Words are not enough to fully explain my love for you baby girl. It’s been 20 days now since I lost you. I’m sure you are enjoying the angelic assistance and songs of Joy in heaven. Till we meet again my Love.

7. Even when nobody seems to understand my grief I will not stop grieving and mourning until I find peace in my heart and comfort in my abode about your death. You were the best gift ever from heaven and now you have gone back there to rest. I will always remember you at all times. Rest well, my daughter.

8. Your years in death were a depth of life. You worked so much to make a living and to impact the lives around you. You are never tired of making people happy and helping the needy. Nothing in this world will erase your love and memories away from me. Love from mummy.

9. I can confidently say that I am proud of you even in the grave. It’s been 3 years now since you left this world and your good deeds still speak of you. What a beautiful soul you are! Nothing will separate me from your love because I love and cherish you more than you could imagine.

10. I’m so lucky as a mother to handle a beautiful and genius daughter even though you are no more. Your name and love still exist in the lives of many. They won’t stop singing the praises of you. How I wish you had stayed a little longer to do more but God knows the best. Saying goodbye is so hard, but I wish you an eternal rest.

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Missing My Daughter In Heaven Quotes

11. My special Dearest, you made me the woman I am today because you are my womb opener and I have never for a day regretted giving birth to you. How I wish you could wait a bit longer to see you grow and prosper. Your influence has inspired a lot of your peers and they now follow in your footsteps. I miss you, my little princess!

12. Dear daughter, mama misses you so much. How I wish I could take your place then and leave you to enjoy these sweet things in this life but I couldn’t help it. I would give it all it takes to never forget all we shared and how you make me feel loved and blessed anywhere I go.

13. I thought of you today and all I could say is thank you but tears row down my eyes when I remember I can’t see you no more. Many of your friends struggle with their assignments when there’s no one else in the neighborhood to help them with their homework. I miss you so dearly my genius daughter.

14. Nobody can replace your space in my heart and the family, your good spirit assures everyone that all is well, and may it not depart from us. We will always remember your days with us on Earth and we will cherish those beautiful moments.

15. How I wish you were here, a lot of gist on how you have been doing so well after harkening to all your advice. You are everything a mother could ask for. I sincerely miss having you around, but who am I to question your maker? I miss you so much, Darling.

16. I never knew I loved you this much as your mother until I felt an empty place for you in my heart. I cried all night hoping you could come back to me but to no avail. I’m sorry if there’s any way I have treated you badly. I just want you to know that you mean a lot to me.

17. My sweet daughter was truly one of a kind, no one can listen as she does to her siblings, you are such a wise young lady. Everyone wants to be like you, you are just a wonderful creation. But so painful you are no more. We will keep you in our hearts forever.

18. I wish I could turn back the hand of a clock, my sweet baby you are a wonderful, loving, and amazing daughter everyone would love to have. How I wish death could give you room to bear a child just like you before your departure.

19. Losing you my princess is the most painful experience that has ever happened to me, but I won’t allow grief to break and I won’t give room for bitterness to make me shy away from the love and legacy you left behind. May your love continue to be in our hearts.

20. I clearly remember what it felt like to be hugged and loved by you, the way you pat my back when I am down and tired of the situation around me, and you tell me everything’s gonna be alright. I know you are with me always but I miss your presence, my dearest.

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Message To My Daughter In Heaven

21. To my amazing daughter. I will always write to you every day. Just a life well-lived is like a significant work of art. Beautifully created and wonderfully made, also remembered by all. No one can snatch away your significant work of art from us. We can’t and won’t forget all you did for us.

22. When the journey of someone’s life comes to an end most especially your loved ones, words of goodbye are just a pause. The ones we love are never far from our hearts or their memories. It will always live through us. We miss you so much.

23. Only your love, kindness, and the memories we shared can bridge the gap between your departure and your passing. what I feel even as I say goodbye, will lift my life as an inspiration of love, grace, and wisdom. You will be forever missed, daughter.

24. You were the beautiful melody in the rhythm of my life. I enjoy the tempo of your quiet rhythm. It makes my day. The music of your life lives on and through us. Yet the beautiful memories bring comfort from the pain. We will always cherish all of that till we meet again.

25. It might be goodbye to the world, but to us, your story and legacy live on. Your love is written on my heart forever. I’m sorry to hear of your loss. It was such a painful exit but we were happy that you lived a good life.

26. The hours and minutes tick by slowly, and in the twinkle of an eye, it’s finally time to say goodbye. It hurts to realize that you are more and we cannot get to do all the lot of things we do together. You will be so dearly missed, no one else can take your place in our hearts.

27. A remarkable farewell to a handsome person who left us infinitely better. It’s time to finally say goodbye, but I will keep our memories close and intact forever. You are like a river that flows around that many benefits from it.

28. Your life may be over, you may not be part of us again, I may not see you again but it’s never truly goodbye as long as I have our memories. Saying goodbye to me just means the memories become more meaningful each day.

29. I will miss not having you here so much, but I know a lot of lessons about life I’ve learned from you will keep me steady and focused. I will continue to cherish you and every of what I have learned through you.

30. Your words encourage me and lift me in life, even after the final farewell. Anytime I open my diary to read up I see a lot of our conversation that reminds me of you. We are encouraged in a new way each day through the way we live.

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Tribute From Father To Daughter

31. Hello my beautiful Daughter, the day you were called to glory shattered my heart into pieces. I wish you could have stayed a little longer with me, you left me with a lot of memories. You were a very special angel with love and kindness in your heart. I wish I could bring you back and it hurts every day that you are not more. Rest well, Mom.

32. There are not enough words to describe how special you are to me, dear daughter. You gave me life, you made me the father I am today, and you nurtured and cooked for me while my mother wasn’t around. Dear Princess, I will never forget your unconditional love. Always in my heart, till we meet again.

33. It saddens my heart that you are no longer here with me, but your memories will forever be cherished. Now that you are out of the sight of men and their troubles. You have fought a good fight and you are now at rest in the Lord’s bosom. I’m so sure the host of heavens is happy and ready to receive you. Love you, my Big Baby.

34. I so much appreciate the fact that you were born and I was able to bring you up in the way of the lord and you never digress from your tender age till you took your last breath. Your kind of devotion to your skills and talents draws many to Christ and the goodness of the earth. You have lived a good life and I’m happy you are called to glory. Till we meet again my sweet Angel!

35. Dear Daughter, it’s been 3 weeks since I lost you and I grieve every day and night. Your smile brightens my world. I am always eager to close from work to be with you but why do you have to go so soon? I enjoyed every place we visited together. You will always be my one and only daughter. Keep resting darling. Love from your Father!

36. Your act of giving and sacrifice to people around you was exceptional and this is what I cherish about you the most. I blessed the name of God for giving me you as my daughter. I wouldn’t have known how blessed I am to be your father but the lives you’ve touched wouldn’t stop calling your name. I will never forget you. You changed my world.

37. My beloved daughter, I thought of it all through the night how you keep trusting God when things are not going well with me and your mother. I can boldly say you are a woman of faith, your consistency is what baffles me a lot. I’m a living testimony of your relationship with God. Thank you for your constant prayer. I will always pray for a child like you over and over again. You will always be in my heart.

38. I’m so glad the day you were born into this world. You look so pretty that everyone wants to carry you. I watched you grow till you became a Barrister and you were fair and just in your judgment. Your death is nothing but courage to stand for what we believe anywhere we find ourselves. Thank you for your love. Forever in our hearts!

39. I have never seen a child who is full of joy and generosity. You appear to everyone with a cheerful and happy face, no one runs to you for help you won’t bless. You grew to become a lady of influence and a carrier of God’s presence. We love you but God loves you the most. Rest on Daughter of Zion.

40. You may have gone on earth but never from your father’s heart. Your legacies and impact are still very much alive. Your good works will continue to speak for you here on earth even as you go to rest with the Father. We are honored to have known you. I keep rooting for you even in the grave. Rest well in God’s bosom.

Tribute To Daughter Quotes

41. I know we will all remember her even though she’s no longer with us. We can see her impact on the lives of many around us at home, workplace, in churches, and even down in orphanage homes. Let’s make sure she’s never forgotten. Let’s gather and continue to embrace her good works, husband, children,n and other members of the family she left behind.

42. Good day everyone, thank you all for joining me to celebrate the life of my daughter. All of us here know how humble and devoted she is to everyone in her circle. They said the first impression lasted longer, the very first time I met her I felt loved. She was the first to tell me how beautiful I am even though others do mock me with my disability. If I keep on talking I won’t leave here. I will miss her so much.

43. Dear Daughter, you might have grown away from my cuddle and pampering but you can never outgrow my love for you in my heart. Your ability to do many things, how beautiful your smile is, and your kindness and generosity make me happy and I am super proud of you.

44. My beloved daughter, I’m so glad that God gave me a daughter like you. I watched you grow so much that you became my friend. You are my biggest achievement. I will always be grateful for that. I’m indebted to you for all I am and hope to be.

45. Your daughter was such a great inspiration to me. I cherish everything about her so much, academically, spiritually, and physically down to career-wise she’s a great influence. I love the push she gave me during my last semester examination in school and I graduated with distinction. I’m honestly sorry to hear about her passing.

46. Celebrating the life of my beautiful daughter and mourning her passing all alone because I am supposed to have passed over your death. It is not easy of course, children of your kind are meant to live long and rule the world a better place. I miss you so deeply. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

47. Every time I wake up I’m always grateful for the life that you live and the legacies you left behind. You were loving, amazing, fantastic, and compassionate. I celebrate the grace of God upon your life and every other God-given skill that surrounds you. I’m thankful for the time we spent and the memories we created. Sleep well!

48. I’m glad and there’s a melody in my heart to write this tribute to you, a loving daughter who is the epitome of love, support, kindness, and generosity. You have to depart this world after you battled with long-term sickness. May you and your legacy live on with us.

49. There’s no more painful thing than experiencing the death of your daughter, her death left me with no words, I can’t imagine how you feel in this difficult time. My heart mourns with you at her loss. She was a very special little angel who loved to greet people as many times as she could. Her absence is so much felt. Keep resting Baby Girl!

50. I’m grateful for the good path you left behind, it was a good legacy to fall back too. I will smile and find comfort through the tears. Losing you is so alarming that I can’t believe you are gone. The pain is unbearable. To my beloved daughter, we shall see again someday in heaven.

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