Condolence Message To A Widow

54 Words of Sympathy and Condolence Message To A Widow Who Lost Her Husband

No woman wishes to be a widow, especially if she has an awesome husband that she loves with all her heart. However, like they say; life happens to people. Death is not what we expect to visit us but people die. It could be very traumatic for a wife to wake up one day and see her husband disappear without prior notice. If this has happened to anyone around you, you will need this sympathetic condolence message for a widow to comfort her.

In the time when someone very close to you is feeling down and discouraged, you should be there for her, cheering her up and making her see the hope of a bright and glorious future despite the demise of her husband.

A good condolence message to a widow can go a long way to help her grieving process. With the right words she will feel loved, encouraged, and inspired to be the best that she can be. Below are great messages you can use to express your heartfelt condolences ls to a widow.

Words Of Sympathy For Loss Of Husband And Father

1. Hello ma, I really hope you are taking care of yourself after the loss of your wonderful husband. Please do take good care of yourself. This is not the end of the world for you. Better days are still ahead of you.

2. I still remember how you and your husband would gist for long hours together as you carried out domestic activities together. I can imagine how lonely you might be feeling right now. Accept my heartfelt condolences.

3. You are a good woman. The last thing a good woman like you deserves is the loss of your husband. I wish he was still here with you holding your hands. I wish you God’s grace and mercy as you keep trying to move on with your life.

4. Hello, accept my deepest condolences. It is not easy going through each day without him but you can make it through this difficult time of your life. Have faith in God and have faith in yourself.

5. If there was something you could do to reverse the situation, I know you would waste no time doing it. Here we are wishing the worst did not happen. Accept my condolences for the loss of your husband.

6. You never planned for all this. There was no way you could have expected this will be your reality because you had the perfect marriage. Life was going on well for both of you. I pray you receive divine strength to cope with this situation.

7. It breaks my heart to a thousand pieces seeing you have lost your great husband. I know you are much more heartbroken than I am. Please accept my condolences. May it be well with you.

8. Today, I pray that your heart will be mended in bits by God himself. Losing your life partner is very devastating. I can only imagine the many plans you both had together for the future. May his soul rest in peace.

9. Just like yesterday you had your husband with you loving and caring for you and your kids. May your broken heart be healed and may your kids grow up achieving great things. May the beautiful soul of your husband rest in peace.

10. Everyone who knew your husband still has something great to say about him. He was the man of the people. Let the fact that he lived a great life comfort your heart every time you think about him.

11. If only we could see everything the future holds before we get there, we would avert everything that can cut short the lives of our loved ones. Sadly we don’t have much of that liberty. My condolences!

12. There is nothing he did not do for you that was within his reach. That was proof of how much he loved you with all his heart. Now that he is gone, may his soul rest in peace. Cheer up!

13. From the depth of my heart, I wish you every good thing that will help you defeat the sorrow in your heart. I pray you find peace here on earth. I also pray that his soul finds eternal rest with God.

14. Your husband left you in this cold world, not by choice. It was a situation beyond his control. I pray he can do from heaven what he could not do for you while he was on earth. May his love and protection be with you.

15. Life is a journey. We hate to admit but at some point, we lose people in this journey of life. As you mourn the death of your husband, remember him for all the good he was to humanity. I hope those memories make you smile daily.

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Condolence Message To A Wife Who Lost Her Husband

16. My heart aches knowing the level of pain you are going through due to the demise of your husband. It is thought but you will overcome this pain you feel in your heart. My condolences to you.

17. Words might not be enough to take the pain away but please feel free to always talk to me any time. May God keep comforting you. Accept my condolences, my dearest friend.

18. I know that in your heart the world feels less vibrant without your darling husband. He was there for you for a few decades but now he is gone. May your heart feel all the love we are giving you during this period of your life.

19. His love for you was the most beautiful thing you ever experienced in life. He was too good to leave you alone in this crazy world. I promise to stand by you, my sister. It is well with you by the grace of God.

20. Words can’t fully express the sorrow I feel for your loss, but please know you are not alone even though your husband is no longer alive. I and your friends are all here to hold you up, to share your memories, and to offer whatever comfort we can till the end of time.

21. I’m a witness that the bond you shared with your husband was a testament to true love. Though he may be gone, his spirit lives on in your strength, your kindness, and the light that shines from within you day to day.

22. I pray for you today that the memories you shared with your amazing husband be a balm to your heart, a source of laughter even in tears. Kindly hold them close, for they are a testament to the beautiful life you built together as a couple.

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Condolence Message To A Friend Who Lost Her Husband

23. The love you shared with your husband was brighter than the brightest star in the sky. Both of you loved each other beyond words. Sadly he has passed away. I pray you hold cheerfully every beautiful memory of him in your heart.

24. In this tough time of your life, may God give you the grace and strength to bear this loss in your household. I and my family will keep praying for you and your children. My friend, no matter the situation, all will be well with you and yours.

25. True love never dies. Even when death separates you from the love of your life, the love you shared lives on till eternity. Regardless of his departure, the love you shared is going to last forever.

26. My beautiful friend, life has been very unfair to you lately. We all thought your husband was going to recover from the sickness but he did not. Accept my heartfelt condolences for the demise of your husband.

27. The sorrow in your heart is justifiable. Who would not be pained to lose a loving husband? I wish you a quick recovery as you manage all he left behind for the well-being of your family.

28. With time I know you will feel better than you do now. Now that you are mourning his death may God help you through it all. His grace is all you need to go through this phase of your life and come out stronger.

29. Life is full of upward and downward movements. Sometimes it seems like you have everything figured out and then suddenly it feels like you have lost it all. No matter the situation, you can come out stronger than you were. May his soul rest in peace

30. This was not the future you prayed for. You two had a good plan but life has taken another direction. With all the love in my heart, I pray that God will encourage you to leave without your purpose.

31. Your decisions in this trying time will determine what becomes of you in the future. Please don’t give up on life because you lost your husband. This is not the end of the world for you at all.

32. Believe that you can rise above your current predicament. Believe that he is happy where he is. Believe that God knows best. Let your faith come alive and let your heart be comforted to keep moving forward.

33. What was meant to break you can be a source of inspiration. As you pray and get all the help you need from people this season May life truly get better for you. Be assured that he is resting in peace where there is no sorrow.

34. The day you met him was the beginning of a great love story. Both of you shared your lives together in peace and harmony. I wish you all the strength in the world as you mourn him. God is with you.

35. One thing is sure; you were truly loved by a man who gave his world to you. He sacrificed everything he could to see you happy. That was how much he loved you. May you continue to make him proud even in his death.

36. As you wake up every morning, keep thinking of all the beautiful times you shared together. Occupy your mind with only the good times and smile day to day. May his soul rest in perfect peace forever.

37. You are a warrior. You have fought many battles and won all of them. Losing your husband is painful. I know you can overcome this pain as you keep in your heart the love he shared with you when he was alive.

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What To Send To A Friend Who Lost Her Husband

38. If you could bring him back, you will. But that is sadly far-fetched. I hope and pray that he is happy day to day wherever he is now. I wish you the best of life ahead of you and the rest of your family members.

39. The day you met him was the beginning of the world both of you built together. The two of you were an unstoppable force raised by God to bless humanity. You both did your part together. May you continue from where the two of you stopped as a team.

40. Moving on without him will be hard. You literally did everything you could together, day to day. You have to learn to walk without him with you physically. His spirit will guide your every step.

Words Of Sympathy For Loss Of Husband After Long Illness

41. Life is not a bed of roses. Life is full of beauty and ashes. Death is sometimes unexpected but it is the reality of mankind. We only pray that God will give us the strength to handle the unexpected. Accept my heartfelt condolences.

42. I need you to trust God in this dark season of your life. Believe things will get better even though your husband is gone. Have faith in God that you will have reasons to smile endlessly and you will cherish the beautiful memories of your husband.

43. There are things that we all wish life never takes away from us. One such is a loving life partner. Your husband was a perfect loving life companion to you. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

44. I still remember how you were doing all you could to help him recover when he was terribly sick. You sacrificed everything for him to be well yet he did not make it. You are a good woman. May his soul rest in peace forever.

45. The two of you were a perfect match. A match made from heaven. It breaks my heart to see that he is no longer alive. Ma, May you live long enough to fulfill the dreams you shared with your late husband.

46. Sickness affected his body to the point that he became bedridden for a long time. You were there for him all through. Take heart as you mourn his departure. May life never be too difficult for you.

47. You are a virtuous woman who was her husband’s delight day to day. He loved you because you were and you are still the most amazing person. God bless you for being there for him when he was sick and alive.

What Do You Say To Someone Who Lost Their Husband

48. This is not the end of the world for you. That you have lost your husband does not mean you have lost everything worth leaving for. Your husband is in a better place and he would want you to achieve more with the life you still have.

49. Sadness has taken over your soul due to the death of your husband. I want you to know that there is a reason God is still keeping you alive. Put yourself together and continue to do what you know how to do best.

50. You have options no matter how bad the situation might seem. You can either allow this pain to hold you to a corner or convert this pain into the fuel you need to do more with your life. I think your late husband would prefer that you move on to achieve greatness.

51. This lemon life has been thrown at you and can be used to make lemonade. Losing your husband has made not just you sad but also others like me who are close friends with your family. Be strong and courageous.

52. I pray for you daily. May you feel loved as you go about life without him by your side. I wish you the best in all that you do no matter the situation. God bless you and your precious children.

53. In my heart, thoughts of you are strong. I keep thinking of your well-being all day long. That is how much I care about you after the death of your husband. You are loved and you will be fine with time.

54. I hope you keep your head up as you try to move on. Your husband has left this crazy world. It’s painful not having him around but you can’t deny the fact that he is in a peaceful place forever. May his beautiful soul rest in peace.

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