Miracle Prayer For Exam Results

60 Miracle Prayer For Exam Results for Students’ Success

Exam periods are times when work and intelligence with time management are put to the test. Therefore every student is always under a certain pressure due to their inability or certain flaws they struggle with. For this reason, students try to secure their exams by praying and committing the whole process to God for a miracle and possible positive outcome. Miracle prayer for exam results is required to secure divine help.

Preparing and writing an exam for a short time for a course you read and have been taught for months can be stressful and overwhelming. These require students to pay absolute attention and recollect everything they have been taught. For the majority with trouble remembering and having difficulties with time management would require asking God for help in prayer.

The Joy of every student is reading accurately, writing exams successfully, and coming out with distinction. With the faith and belief that God can make every heart’s desires possible, students pray for breakthroughs and unbelievable miracles to occur in their exams and results too.

Prayer For Good Results

1. Dear Lord, your words for me have always been yea and amen. They also come to pass because you have said your words would not return to you void. Just as you have said I will prosper and succeed I pray that all my exam results are the same.

2. Dear Lord, we commit every paper and exam we have written into your hands because we understand that whatever we commit into your hands always excels. We ask for excellent results.

3. We prayed for excellent spirits at the beginning of the semester and we have seen this at work indeed. Now we pray that our results come out excellently and we only have cause to praise your name. Amen.

4. Father, I want to say thank you for your guidance all through my exam process, for standing by me and guiding me. Now I pray that I pass all of my papers and none is less than my expectation in the name of Jesus.

5. Dear Lord, I have done my best and now I lay the rest to you and ask that you handle it all. The markings and recordings of my scripts, none shall go missing or be marked wrongly in the name of Jesus.

6. Your word says, I shouldn’t be anxious but with thanksgiving I should make all my requests known to you. Therefore I sing praises to your holy name and bless your name for the wonderful things you have done, have been doing, and will still do in my education and exam results as well.

7. No matter my anxiety or fear, I know I have a Father who loves me and handles my affairs with precise attention and affection. Regardless of my expectations and plans for my results, I believe you have my thoughts at heart and your plans for my results will be the best so I leave it to you oh God.

8. As I await my results for the just concluded exams I ask that you bestow unto me your patience, teach me to be calm and still to trust in you absolutely in the name of Jesus.

9. Thank you, Lord, for everything that you provided me with while studying for my exams and for guiding me to read right and not amiss. Lord, just as you have helped me in the past, I ask that you help this time again and grant me success.

10. Dear Lord, my anxiety might be getting the best of me so I pray for your peace today, and the assurance that you are handling my exam results accurately.

Powerful Prayer To Pass An Exam For A Friend

11. My Father and my God, I know that exams are urgent and pressuring times for every student but I pray that as my friend begins her papers today, every spirit of fear is banished from her heart and mind. She is guided by you oh Lord.

12. The grace to function well and be time-conscious is bestowed unto her. She shall not fail to do whatever she is asked to do or get confused at any point in time.

13. Your word says you will stand by us every time, even in tough times, and there’s nothing too hard for you to handle, so we pray against everything that might seem tough in Charleston’s exams in the name of Jesus.

14. Oh Lord, your word says you will never abandon those who are devoted and obedient to you, Lawrence has always been a devoted believer of your word and so I pray that every one of his papers comes out with distinctions in the name of Jesus.

15. I pray that your daughter shall testify of your goodness and imminent mercies as she sits for this exam in the name of Jesus.

16. Your words say “Commit to the lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans”. I commit my friend’s exam in your hands oh Lord and pray that He succeeds and excels greatly. Amen

17. With a repentant heart oh Lord, I come to you drawing strength from your words of power and truth that no harm shall befall Silas as he takes these exams. He is helped and protected by the Lord mightily. Amen

18. Oh Lord, I remember your word that says “You are with us wherever we go” so I pray that You give my friend the courage and ability You gave to Joshua to face his exams thoroughly, let him take every exam with unwavering faith in you that you have everything under control in the name of Jesus.

19. Your word is a light unto our paths and a lamp to our feet, in this manner come and guide my friend to read aright and not amiss, see him through this academic journey and period of exams in the name of Jesus.

20. Oh Lord, come and be Loveth’s shield and buckler during this trying and testing period of exams. Let her see your hands move mightily from the beginning to the end and testify of your grace.

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Prayer For Students To Succeed In Exams

21. Our God, we pray for retentive memory to recall every past note and all we have read towards the preparation of these exams, surprise us beyond our imagination in the name of Jesus

22. Dear Father, come and be our partner as we read and study for our exams to succeed, for we know and believe that anything we do with you is always successful.

23. We pray that you open our hearts and minds oh Lord, to absorb and retain every aspect and topic we have been taught and all we have read with ease. Our minds are secure in your hands so you will speak to us and guide us to success in the name of Jesus.

24. Achieving academic excellence is every student’s dream and goal. Grant me favor with academic excellence so that all eyes may see and glorify your great name.

25. As my exams approach quickly Lord, help and strengthen me to overcome any challenge. Remind me that with you nothing is impossible and that success is mine.

26. Father Lord, I have true confidence and faith in you, and I believe in your love and support, With you I know I will emerge victorious and overcome every obstacle that might hinder my success in my exams in the name of Jesus.

27. Dear Lord, I am grateful for the times you brought your words to pass in my life and I am grateful because I know this time as well your words of success will come to pass in my life towards my exams in the name of Jesus.

28. I am confident in your guidance and words that no evil shall befall me, and every good gift comes from you. Lord, I believe that you have gifted me with wisdom and understanding to succeed in my exams in the name of Jesus.

29. We ask that your presence remains with us and never leave us as we take accurate steps that will determine our excellence and success in the name of Jesus.

30. There’s no other name under heaven that is greater than the name of Jesus, and that is why we call on you each day to always help us and sustain us as we go through our exams.

God Changed My Exam Result Prayers

31. I serve a God of impossibilities. There has never been a time he has short-changed me or made me feel less of myself and He has gone ahead and done it again with my exam results and for this reason, I say thank you oh Lord.

32. Dear Lord, I trust you with all my heart that you can make impossibilities possible, and with you my exam success is possible, so I commit it into your hands today. Do what only you can do in the name of Jesus.

33. I do not depend on my abilities and understanding to pass my exams but absolutely in you oh Lord. I know that depending on you will end me in success. So I pray that you help me in the name of Jesus.

34. Dear Lord, the fear of failure has enveloped me and my anxiety grows with each passing day as the day the release of my exam results approaches. Help me oh Lord to emerge excellent.

35. Dear Father as I pray, I believe that you have gone ahead of me, you are with me, you will never leave me, and you will help me with my exams this year just as you have done in the past.

36. My Father in Heaven I believe that my steps are ordered by You and You who have brought me this far in my education will not leave me to fail but to succeed in all that I have done.

37. Father Lord, I receive strength from you today to remain patient and trust in you. I know that you are handling my affairs with care and that my exam results are a success.

38. Oh Lord, I have failed before when I did not trust you and commit my exams to your hands. But now I have come to you in faith and you have promised to help me rise again. Let your counsel prevail over my papers in the name of Jesus.

39. Dear Lord your word says that you help those in trouble, I feel very troubled about my exam results. So I pray that you bring peace to my heart by making me successful.

40. You do not lie, neither do you fail and all your words would not return to you void. Your words for me are success and that is all that I receive in the name of Jesus.

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Short Prayer After Exam

41. Father Lord, I say thank you for the success of my exams. I do not see my results yet but I believe strongly in your words that they will come out great with flying colours.

42. For every paper, I had hard times and they were inconvenient but you made them easy, I am so grateful to you for bringing me ease during those exam periods.

43. Many times I had slept in and almost missed my papers and location but you helped me catch up at the nick of time and write it successfully. I receive divine intelligence to succeed beyond my equals in the name of Jesus.

44. I prayed for good health and you bestowed it upon me all through my exams period, I never had cause to use drugs or complain of bad health for this I am grateful.

45. Thank you, Lord, for sustaining me all through my exam period and even after. I can not imagine what I would have done without your intervention. Perfect all your works in my papers in the name of Jesus.

46. For all the help and assistance I got financially and emotionally to keep me going all through my exam period only you could have sent these people and let them remember me and respond to me duly. Lord, I am grateful.

47. My faith in you oh Lord wax stronger and higher because you have never failed in the past and you will not fail me even now with my exam results. Thank you for being faithful to me.

48. Burning night candles, staying up late under certain circumstances, and getting to the exam hall to see all I read for is certainly the delight of every student. Help me to read right for this exam in the name of Jesus.

49. Thank you, Lord, for holding my hand and guiding me through the period of writing my exams. Let efforts be crowned with success in the name of Jesus.

50. For every paper that seemed difficult and I almost gave up but cried out to you and you helped me at the nick of time, I am saying thank you, Lord.

Examination Prayer For Students

Below are miracle prayers for exam results!

51. Dear Lord, your children have studied and have been diligent with their school work, we ask that you crown their efforts with success in the name of Jesus.

52. Father Lord, we ask that we find favor and mercy as we sit for these exams. Let everything that is written down be written accurately and marked accurately as well.

53. Father Lord, we pray for clarity of thought and that the minds of the students be prompt to remember all they have studied. Let them put into paper all that they have garnered in preparation for this exam in the name of Jesus.

54. The heart of students is mostly troubled while writing their exams but we pray for peace and ease as they enter the exam halls. See the question paper, and begin to attempt them successfully in the name of Jesus.

55. Dear Lord, we ask that You walk with the students, help them all through the time of their exams, and let the results not be according to their performance but according to Your love for them.

56. We pray for the ability to focus, be calm and confident in their capability and strength, and have absolute faith in you. For we know that no matter what happens you are there with them.

57. We pray against any form of distractions or side attractions that will derail the students from preparing right for this exam and writing it well, and you help them focus and make use of the time available to them.

58. Thank you, Father, for the insights to further understand all that we read and remember, and the firm ability to study utilizing the gifts and talents you gifted me, to write these exams successfully.

59. We ask that the Holy Spirit sit and be with us all through our exams, calming our nerves and helping us remember all that we read to further express it clearly and answer them to our uttermost best.

60. Thank you for allowing me to learn new skills and guiding me all through my study times and exams now. For stretching my understanding too Lord you are great.

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