Positive Overall Performance Comments

60 Negative and Positive Overall Performance Comments for Employees or Workers

Saying positive things to employees helps to boost their confidence and work efficiency. Positive overall performance comments to workers are a great way to give employees an objective view of how well they have been performing at the company.

It is always profitable to let your workers know your perception of their performance. This has overall positive effects on the general outcome of your industry. Every worker can get better provided that the environment allows it. Giving a constructive comment to your will surely improve their performances.

When an employee is corrected in the right way, it increases performance, as well as engagement with the company. No one likes being judged, but it is necessary to put employees under scrutiny at all times as this will help them work efficiently.

Employee Overall Performance Comments

1. Arrives at work early, dresses very well, but never finishes tasks given to him. He has a good sense of humor too and knows how to make people feel better.

2. Often finds new and innovative ways to handle issues, but is never bold enough to lead. He also has good listening skills.

3. His ability to lead is highly commendable. He has been able to do several great works leading his team. He is a very wonderful employee.

4. Unable to come up with creative ideas which makes him avoid projects that require creative thinking. We need someone better, someone, who can handle the burdens that come with the position.

5. Very sound and efficient worker, a pro at her job. Does her job without stress. Never afraid of taking risks.

6. She’s able to think outside the box and come up with very creative ideas. Often sleeps on duty, but is still very efficient.

7. Her creative skills and mind are a great asset to the company. The company has gotten recognition all over the country due to her innovative ideas.

8. Your approach to issues is often rigid. You are always unwilling to listen to anyone or take any input from any of your team members. You need to learn to work with your team members, no one knows it all, never forget that.

9. Too afraid to take risks, she prefers to sit back and let someone else take the lead. She definitely cannot lead a team, she doesn’t have what it takes.

10. Very good at keeping her work tools neat. Has a good relationship with co-workers and employees. She is always ready to work.

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Overall Comments For Performance Review

11. Treats everyone fairly with no favoritism. Has the ability to bring people together and help them work together.

12. Has been lagging in productiveness. Hasn’t been meeting up with targets for a while. She seems to be too relaxed.

13. Always reluctant to do what is right even when she knows it. Disobeys her superiors and uses insulting words against them.

14. Has been performing wonderfully well. He has also been able to increase the company’s production rate by 5% a job well done.

15. Can come up with very effective ideas at very crucial moments, never afraid to take risks. This is what we require in this organization and he should be considered for a higher position.

16. Always meets up with tasks. Has a knack for excellence, and he sure knows how to handle a production line. What an efficient worker he is!

17. Very shy, she fails to communicate her thoughts and ideas with her teammates. She needs to build confidence and good relationship with other workers.

18. Highly spoken of by his colleagues. Has a good relationship with co-workers, and he can communicate effectively with them.

19. Your communication skills are wonderful, you are adept at communicating difficult messages skillfully. Keep representing us well as you have always done.

20. You are able to make your colleagues understand your point in a very easy way. You simply just always find an easy way to perform tasks. Keep warming up for leadership.

Overall Performance Appraisal Comments

21. Good job! Your overall performance is great. You have shown yourself to be a great supervisor. We are glad to have you here, keep doing great.

22. You have been able to draw the attention of many to this business with your amazing communication skills and wonderful sense of humor. We are extremely glad to have you here with us.

23. Well done, you have been doing a great job. The board is happy with you, and we are glad to inform you that you have been promoted.

24. Very good at his job and does very satisfying work. He also knows how to handle very tight situations and remain effective.

25. Ensures to be at work regularly and also inspires others to do the same. He has the right attitude to work, he can work for a very long without getting tired. He will always have my recommendations any day

26. Has a high level of regard for his bosses and colleagues. Relates so well with everyone, giving regard to them.

27. Always follows the company’s schedule, he also makes sure to put a call through whenever he will not be present at work for an unforeseen reason.

28. A very cultured young woman. Respects everyone, and is always on time for meetings and conferences. She also has a good relationship with her bosses.

29. Achieved perfect attendance for over 3 years. Never comes late to work, and always delivers on time. He will be fitting for the vacant position that we someone to fill up.

30. Has a great and positive attitude to work. Was able to discover why the company has been making losses, and also came up with a very effective solution to turn things around.

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Comments For Overall Performance

31. You are great at communicating your ideas. Your ideas are also always unique and have helped move this business forward. We are glad to have you here!

32. Your managerial efficiency is top-notch. We have watched you closely and have seen how great you are at your job.

33. You ensure employees adhere to company rules. You are also able to keep a good relationship with them and ensure they work efficiently.

34. Your willingness to listen to your colleagues and understand their points of view is highly appreciated by your peers and very commendable. Keep up the good work!

35. You are a very attentive person. You listen to instructions and follow them duly. You have been able to do great in your first year, we look forward to working more with you.

36. Your attitude to work is not right. You are always unwilling to take instructions nor do you listen to the advice of your colleagues who have been here even before you joined this company.

37. Prompt and on time for the start of each workday, understands the job very well and does it correctly. A priceless employee!

38. Always active and ready to take on tasks. Never shies away from a challenge, has a strong will, definitely fit to be a leader.

39. His uniqueness and sincerity have been an inspiration to his colleagues. He still needs to work on delivering tasks early, that’s the only issue I have with him.

40. He never agrees with anyone’s ideas. She feels her ideas are superior to those of her colleagues, obviously not a team worker. I don’t think we should have her here.

Overall Comment On Goal Achievement

41. You have been able to meet the goals set before you. You have been able to increase our sales in a short time. You have done a great job, keep up the good work.

42. A very reliable employee. Always ensures to do just as he is asked to. He never does anything contrary to the rules of the organization.

43. Gave the business a brand new name before the general public. Was able to bring back massive sales of our products.

44. Has been able to grow our social media handles. We now have 3× the number of followers we had before he took charge of our social media handles. Amazing work!

45. Has a positive attitude. He always sees a way where others don’t and he is a very creative thinker and deserves to be in the A team.

46. His creativity is unique. We have seen many like him, but he stands out. Very a wonderful and consistent performance.

47. A huge asset to this company. He has been able to handle many of the company’s issues since he took over the managerial position, and he handled those issues well.

48. Congratulations! Very wonderful performance. You have been able to meet all of our expectations, we are so glad to have you here.

49. Your ability to bring out the best from little is amazing. You have done outstandingly well and you very well deserve a promotion.

50. Our goods are now unique and easily recognized by our customers. Your idea of the new design was a wonderful one. Thanks to you, we have made more sales in the last three months than we made last year before you came into the team.

Overall Performance Comment Examples

51. She is precise in giving out directions and effectively communicates what she expects from her team members. A good and effective leader.

52. Her willingness to listen to others and understand their view is highly commendable. This shows her regard for her colleagues

53. She has been taking an accurate inventory of the company’s expenses since she took over. It has also been observed that she doesn’t tamper with the figures. We made the right decision to hire her.

54. Amazing attitude to work, never comes late and also keeps her workspace spotless at all times. She is given to excellence and should be considered for a leadership position.

55. Relates perfectly well with everyone. Understands the job and does it perfectly well. She will be a good supervisor.

56. She can be relaxed in the most difficult situations and make good decisions. She is also bold about making her thoughts and ideas clear. I am sure she will be able to do well if she is placed in a leadership role.

57. A very intelligent and responsible lady. Always intentional about the way she works. Can never be caught off guard.

58. Does his job perfectly well, but doesn’t relate well with his colleagues. He feels superior to them. He should kindly work to build good relationships with colleagues.

59. A great team worker, but not a great team leader. Making her the team leader was a mistake, it seemed like we took the air in her lungs out. She is too timid and softhearted to lead this team.

60. She Doesn’t know how to communicate effectively with her colleagues. She needs to know that it is important to work with colleagues.

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