Good Feedback Comments For Teachers From Parents

50 Positive and Good Feedback Comments For Teachers From Parents

Feedback from parents is not a new thing to teachers and they are aware of it but sometimes knowing what to say and how to say it may be found difficult. However, no matter the challenge encountered in passing your thought as a parent, you must be able to reach the teachers of your kids through your feedback.

It’s important for parents to provide both negative and good feedback comments for teachers from parents to ensure the best education possible for their children, feedback also allows teachers to have a deeper understanding of their student’s needs and strengths.

By sharing feedback regularly and openly, teachers will be able to create a supportive learning environment for children and make some adjustments to their teaching approach, in such a way that the children will be more engaged, motivated, and successful.

Therefore,  feedback is a very powerful tool for enriching the educational experience of children ting a better learning environment that allows every child to reach their full potential.

Feedback For School From Parents

1. I like to use this medium to appreciate the management of the school for its infinite labor. I’m proud of all the teachers and the school at large.

2. Well planned worksheet provided by your school for practice has helped my child reason beyond just the recommended textbooks, your curriculum, and team teaching monthly, your school is the best.

3. I’m very thankful to the principal, coordinator, and all teachers, your school’s academic program is nicely premeditated and structured, my child is being groomed well and I never regret enrolling my child in your school, keep it up!

4. I have come to say your school is doing excellently well in all aspects especially giving a lot of exposure to the children, I’m impressed with the co-curricular activities organized by the school, it has helped my child to overcome fear and gain confidence.

5. Your school has been thriving in bringing a befitting balance between academic and Co-curricular activities, you are simply the best.

6. The pain taken by the teachers for academic improvement and boosting the confidence of my son is highly appreciated, and I pray God will reward them.

7. I want to say a very big thank you to the teaching staff of this school for making my child progress well academically and having his confidence boosted a lot as very earlier he was barely talking to people or speaking up.

8. I’m very happy with the kind of activities organized by the school management. For children’s physical, social, and intellectual development, it has helped my child to be well-focused and smart.

9. I commend the teachers for their excellent teaching methods and for their support in helping my child to overcome emotional stress, it’s great to know there are specialists in school if needed.

10. I’m satisfied my child’s communication and social skill has improved a lot due to a range of classroom activities, and the cooperative attitude of teachers for making my child self-assured to participate in a lot of school activities.

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Good Feedback About School

11. My daughter loves this school, she attended the school for five years now, her teachers are of great value and the academic program is coring. It has been such an excellent job you’ve been doing. Keep doing your job!

12. My children love everything about this school from the head teachers to the students, though the school isn’t big, the teachers are committed to seeing their students excel.

13. I was a student of this school five years ago, and I have nothing but great things to say about my witness in this school, shall I talk about how awing the teachers are, or how all the students are well treated? Every experience in this good is a great one.

14. Our experience at this school has been uncommon, the teachers have put so much effort into our children’s education and their maturation as learners, they always try to do everything needed to make sure the needs of students are met.

15. The management of the school never leaves any stone unturned, they don’t teach just how to read and write, they teach valuable lessons, communication, and leadership skills, which will make the student exploit in all aspects.

16. This school brings out the very best in all children by tapping from individual strength while producing an environment of thoughtfulness, obligations, and leadership.

17. What a great school! My daughter was born with a passion for learning and she was getting along with the school, her love for learning was doubled, and my daughter is very happy to be in this school.

18. The teachers in this school are very prissy and assistive, they did a very good job in challenging my children to admit their individuality and lead them to do the right thing.

19. I’m so thankful I took my child to this school, it’s an endearing place to be, the environment is conducive to learning, and it’s always sparkling clean and tidy all the time.

20. The teachers in this school are piquant, scintillating, and industrious, they are super sweet and awesome, and they are very good at encouraging both children and parents. If you are looking for a school for your child in this general area, I highly recommend this school.

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Parents’ Feedback For Teachers

Find good feedback comments for teachers from parents here:

21. Our son has matured into a surefooted competent child. I appreciate you for being such a consequential part of our child’s development.

22. We want to say a very big thank you for your diligence in supporting our child as he develops, love and investment in our child’s life mean a lot to us.

23. You have been of such great importance to our child’s development, with your help and kindness our child has become a clever and smart child.

24. We are so grateful to you for being an unchanging and substantiation part of our son’s life your great teaching put our minds at peace.

25. It’s a glaring thing that our children’s literacy and numeracy skills have so much developed when they are under your care. We are thankful to you for helping her acquire all she needs to proceed to the next level.

26. It has been a great comfort watching our child grow in your care, your play-based learning skill is incredible, thank you for ingraining the passion for learning into our child.

27. You are truly a godsend, you have shown great concern and kindness in our child’s academics and invested so much effort in his upbringing, thank you so much.

28. We have always wanted a teacher who is available for discussion about our son and we are glad we found that with you, it’s great to see how overt and approachable you are around the school.

29. You didn’t just educate our child but you care for her, show her love, help her develop her social skills, and feel confident in your classroom. We couldn’t be more grateful that you are in our lives.

30. We appreciate you for going above and beyond for our son, thank you for trying your best in helping him become a better person, you are such a loving and important part of our community.

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Parent-Teacher Meeting Feedback

31. Your daughter’s performance is consistently up, I’m glad to tell you that she is doing excellently well in her academics.

32. He is a very calm boy, he does pay rapt attention to what he is being taught and carefully listens to every instruction given and obeys it.

33. She is such a well-mannered and ingenious child. She is respectful and act attentive in connection, and comprehends everything she is being taught.

34. Though he happens to be talkative and doesn’t disturb him from doing well in his studies, he always focuses and gets along very well.

35. Her kindness to others is one of the things she is known for, she is always ready and available to help everyone in her classroom.

36. Your child is always paying attention in class and also in other extra activities in school, he is a very smart boy, and I’m so proud of him.

37. This boy is very bold, he listens to the teacher carefully, asks questions when necessary, and doesn’t play too much in school, he is always neat.

38. Your child is very good at providing a hand to other kids and consistently supporting others, he also has so much belief in working with others.

39. You have got such a levelheaded child, she is doing well in both study and behavior, and she is such a loving and brilliant child.

40. Your child has very good communication skills, he is never shy to speak up when there is a need for it, and he is so curious to learn.

Negative Feedback For Teachers From Parents

41. We noticed that the assignment our child is bringing home this day is so easy and it’s making her bored, we would like you to please be giving her more stimulating work that will make her move forward in her studies.

42. I’m sorry to say this, the students are not well disciplined, every time we come around the school or enter a classroom it’s very noisy, raucous and not concentrated. I will love you to do something about this.

43. We will love you to work with our child’s seating arrangement. He has been complaining about the children he is sharing seats with being a distraction to his learning, and we won’t want his learning to be disrupted by anyone.

44. I have come to realize that what the children are being exposed to is not age appropriate and I’m not pleased with my child being exposed to that kind of thing at his age. So I would love to respectfully suggest the content is taken away from their classroom.

45. Since my child joined your class, he hasn’t been performing well. I will like to book some time to meet with you and discuss what might be the cause and the solution to the problem.

46. My child came home very sad today and it appears to me that he was been bullied by his classmates. I’m concerned that the classroom is supposed to be a safer and more comprehensive space for our children, and this case of bullying in the classroom needs to be addressed.

47. The homework coming home for our child has been so difficult to the extent that he has not been able to do it by herself as she does not understand it. We would love you to be breaking it down to their level and make sure they get it well before given to them to bring home.

48. Our child complained to us that she has not been allowed to take part in the quiz for the last few weeks. It’s so demoralizing hearing this from her, please try and do something about this.

49. There was a day our child sustained an injury on the school field, and he complained to us that he wasn’t given first aid treatment, which aggravated the sore on his leg. We will appreciate it if the children are been taken care of.

50. It has come to our notice that our child’s stationery has been getting missing this day, we implore you to always look after the children’s equipment.

Good Comments For Teachers

51. You are one of my forever role models, you have made me acquire a better well developed knowledge and understanding, I appreciate your help.

52. You have put so much effort into our development, you did all it takes to make sure we are always in school, your investment in our lives is even greater than that of our parents, and we will be forever indebted to you.

53. I have learned a lot from you one of which is going above and beyond my comfort zone to do what is needed to be done, your part in my life can never be forgotten.

54. You have gone beyond your responsibility as a teacher, you have actuated a new visual sense in my life, life is more beautiful with lucidity and you have assisted me to get it.

55. I’m grateful to you for teaching me good things and inspiring me to do good, your impact on my life is worth more than I can ever repay.

56. You cared about me and not only about my academic ability, your pertinent guidance has saved me from making many wrong decisions, and your kindness overwhelmed me.

57. Thank you for never looking at me like I was a bane of the earth, even with my uncanny doings, you have a great influence on the kind of person I’m becoming and it’s a coring one!

58. I’m so grateful to you, even when I didn’t know the career path to take, you were always there to guide me in choosing the right path.

59. You are the most supportive teacher I know, it’s astonishing how you are always ready to help your students, you are one in a million.

60. Since you became my teacher, I have become bold and my trust in God far better than before, thank you for innovating a great vision in my heart.

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