Thank God It's Friday Blessings

41 Thank God It’s Friday Blessings, Prayers, Greetings and Quotes

Yes! Indeed Friday is blessed and I’m sure you’ll get all the blessings hidden therein. Nothing will be impossible for you and you on this beautiful Friday. The blessings of the Friday are highly desired and needed by everyone who has worked through the week. The only enjoyable thing from all the work you have done throughout the week is the blessings in it. I’m excited, thank God it’s Friday blessings.

Whenever a Friday comes, everyone gets highly excited because it’s time to stay back home and enjoy your labor. Those who have worked hard during the week always can’t wait for Friday to come especially the weekend.

Oh, beautiful! What’s beautiful about Friday! Everything is beautiful about it! You cannot deny that Friday is very special, especially for a special individual like you. Look through these thank God it’s Friday blessings and quotes and there you have an amazing Friday experience!

1. A bundle of blessings and joy shall fill your household, you’ll see an abundance of blessings from above this Friday. Thank God you made it to this beautiful Friday.

2. What you could not get done from Monday to Thursday shall be fully executed today. Nothing will fall short in your life. Have an amazing Friday and a restful weekend.

3. This day will be the best of the week you’ve ever had. You’ll shout for Joy and the name of the Lord will be glorified in your life. Amen. Happy Friday, friend.

4. I want you to believe that God is very strong in your life. He will do exceedingly beyond your imagination. You have made it to this beautiful Friday so that you can enjoy everything beautiful in it. Have a happy Friday.

5. May you be positioned to get the best life has to offer you. You’ll not miss out on any profitable things this day has to give you. Thank God it’s Friday, enjoy it.

6. In blessings, you’ll be blessed. In multiply, you’ll be multiplied. The Lord will make His name great in your Life and multiply your success. This Friday and the entire weekend will usher you into peace and prosperity.

7. This Friday will bring sweet relief to your worries. Every worry of the week transported to this day shall not proceed further with you. You shall be more blessed today than you have ever been.

8. Wherever you step today, God’s blessings step in there with you. He will be magnified in your life now and ever. Amen. Today shall bring you multiple blessings.

9. May God protect you from hazards that take the lives of men. Nothing will be strong enough to disrupt your life. Thanks to God almighty who has made you see this beautiful day called Friday.

10. I decree that the pleasure and counsel of the Lord shall be done in your life. The plans of the enemies are frustrated for your sake. Have a happy and fulfilling Friday!

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Friday Morning Prayers And Blessings

11. God’s abundant grace and mercy will never depart from you. His blessings will overtake you and crown your efforts. Have a blessed Friday experience!

12. The Lord will make you an embodiment of blessings to your family, relatives, loved ones, and passersby. He will lift your head above all your equals. Happy Friday, my friend.

13. May every moment of this Friday be filled with amazing blessings from the Lord. Nothing will stop the benefits the Lord is bringing your way. Every good thing that you have been expecting shall flow in your direction with ease. Have an awesome day!

14. May you radiate God’s glory and beauty in your life. No shame of any sort will be identified with you. Your life shall be overshadowed by God’s glory. This will be one of the most beautiful Fridays you’ve ever had!

15. May God’s grace be visible to you, and may He overwhelm you and take over every segment of your Life. You shall not miss every good thing that you have been anticipating. Have a joyful Friday experience!

16. Thank God you have reached the end of the working day of the week. This is the beginning of rest for you. Maximize this rest period. God Himself shall give you rest on every side today and beyond. Amen.

17. May God gives you absolute rest from all your burden and gives you absolute peace. This is one of the most peaceful weeks you’ve ever had. Have an amazing Friday!

18. I wish you a mind free of sadness, a heart free of sorrow, a body free of sickness, and a life filled with peace. You deserve to be happy and your joy shall never have a limit in the land of the living. Have a beautiful Friday!

19. May this Friday be filled with Mercy, love, and goodness. Your life will not be short of anything good. God Himself shall decorate your life with beauty and glory from His throne. Amen. Have an amazing Friday.

20. May your hope for life increase exceedingly, and may you enjoy success in all your works. You shall not labor while another person reaps the fruit of your labor. Blessed are you in all that you do.  Have a beautiful feeling today.

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Friday Blessings And Prayers Quotes

21. Your enemies shall not rejoice over your Life. The Lord will shame your enemies. You have the victory all the way and this Friday shall be a special one for you and your family.

22. What lies ahead of you is greater than what you have left behind you. Do not sorrow over the past, only rejoice in what the future holds. Blessings of the Lord are all yours. Amen.

23. All your past prayers and supplications to God shall be well attended to. Havens will give you a swift answer to your cries. Have a beautiful Friday! Enjoy it to the fullest!

24. The Lord will bless you richly both with physical and internal riches. You shall experience no lack of all the beautiful days of your life. Today which is Friday shall accompany you into absolute rest on every side.

25. Keep doing good, the Lord will reward all your good works. Your Hands shall not grow weary nor tired, God will send you destiny helpers and lift your head above challenges. Have a great Friday experience.

26. Comfort, peace, joy, abundance, and courage will fill your heart. You’re lifted above discouragement and disappointment that bring down the heads of men. Have a beautiful Friday!

27. May the rain of blessings fall upon you and wash away your struggles. There shall be no sorrow nor grief in your life. This Friday shall be one of the best Fridays you have ever had. Have a blessed Friday!

28. Good tidings are on the way for you and your household. Stay expectant, the beauty of the Lord shall be seen in you.  I am glad you made it to this Friday and I am sure that you will see beyond.

29. The Lord will send you help from above. The goodness of the land is on the way coming for you. You shall not labor in vain and you shall eat the fruit of your labor.  Have an awesome Friday rest.

30. The hand of the Lord will help you and make your path flooded with light. He will lead you on the right path and you shall have to walk in darkness any day of your life. Amen.  You’re blessed in all that you do.

31. The Lord will stand by your side and give you every backing that you need to actualize your heart’s desires. Your life shall not be short of divine blessings. Have a fruitful Friday.

Friday Greetings and Blessings

32. Ensure you do have a colorful day today, allow no anxiety of the weekdays to rob you of your joy and peace. You’re simply blessed and lifted. I expect good news from you today.

33. The Lord is with you, I can assure you. Do not be afraid of what makes other men fear. Be strong all things are working together for your sake. This Friday has been assigned for rest to you by God and I pray that you have rest indeed. Amen.

34. May your light shine in the middle of the darkness of this age. The gross the darkness, the brighter your light will shine. You shall understand that will make you excel beyond your equal. Amen.  Happy Friday!

35. Thank God is Friday! How amazing it is to start the weekday and come this far. You have a reason to rejoice and enjoy your labor. Make sure you rest well today!

36. May your life glow to the levels where everyone admires it. A blessing that will make you become the talk of the town shall tabernacle with you. We shall remember this Friday for a notable miracle for you. Amen.

37. My heart desires for you is that your blessings shall not be shortchanged. Everything you’re expecting shall come through for you. You shall receive blessings both from the people you are expecting and the people you are not expecting. Surprises await you today.  Be blessed!

38. God Himself will release fresh favor and grace upon you. He will give you ease and peace coupled together. Everything that you have tagged impossible shall be made possible today and beyond. Have a good Friday!

39. May God open His hands and satisfy your heart’s desires. He will bless you beyond your efforts and multiply your prosperity. I shall hear great things about you today in the name of Jesus Happy Friday my friend!

40. Here you are on this precious Friday. It’s truly precious and different from all others. Your experience shall be different today altogether. Happy Friday!

41. May I say congratulations because you made it this Friday? I rejoice with you. You’ll see more of it on Earth. Make sure you take some time to rest this weekend.  Stay blessed today and enjoy your Friday.

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