Positive Comments For Teacher Evaluations

70 Students’ Positive Comments For Teacher Evaluations and Observation

Teachers are always been observed to know if they are working effectively and if their teachings are effective on a child’s performance. If a teacher has done well, he/she should be commended and these observations are to be stated if there is a need for improvement or if the teacher should be removed. With positive comments for teacher evaluations, you can freely express yourself.

Teachers who have been observed and have done well for impacting students and working tremendously on their performance are to be appreciated and given positive comments. Appreciative evaluation and constructive criticism will help a teacher get better and help the student to get the best.

Giving written evaluations to teachers for the work done by them is a required one but must be done in truth and not in mediocrity as it is in the culture of some people. How do you give an evaluation to a teacher? Below are proven ways you can project your intelligent evaluation and observation for your educator to keep them inspired.

We have written quite several positive comments for these impactful teachers

Student Evaluation Of Teaching Example

1. Dear Teacher, I appreciate your effort on me. However, I would like you to change your mode of teaching, if you could explain in detail and a simple form for better understanding, it would be great. Thanks for understanding!

2. Your teaching skills are incredible and how you teach is so interesting, I would love to be in your class every time to listen to you. Thank you for making the class very interesting.

3. You are the best teacher in this school, because of how you teach and how you accommodate questions and give prompt and understanding answers. Thank you for being intelligent for us.

4. Your passion and excitement for teaching are incredible, if only we had more teachers who can be as enthusiastic as you are, our school would have been the best in town. I appreciate you Sir and I will encourage you to continue in this intensity.

5. I’m always looking forward to your teaching, you have a way of explaining the most difficult topic to be very easy. You are a teacher not so common, I will always appreciate you, Ma

6. Your teaching method should be inculcated by other teachers, you have tremendously helped the student elevate their grades and improved greatly in their overall performance. Thank you very much, my dear teacher.

7. Your excellent performance in impacting us with knowledge is exceptional, you deserve all the accolades and awards for being the best teacher. I remain grateful to you both now and beyond.

8. My observation about your teaching is about the way you challenge us to do better, giving us unexpected quizzes and tests, this has made me invest more time in studying and gaining more insights.

9. I appreciate how you sacrifice your time in teaching everyone, you make sure everyone understands before you leave, such an act deserves accolades. You are the best teacher so far.

10. I have always observed how you take your time in counseling and comforting students going through bad times. No teacher has done that before. Thank you.

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Teacher Evaluation Comments Examples

11. Dear Teacher, I love the way you taught us in the classroom, Ma. You are always taking us back whenever you take us on any subject and matter. Thank you for being an inspirational and impactful educator.

12. Good day, Sir. I’m using this medium to show forth my love for your act of teaching us. The manner of your approach towards us in the classroom is exceptional and it is honestly an interesting one. Thank you, Sir, for being a unique teacher.

13. No one can track us the way you have been doing for us. You did not only understand your subject, you also understand your students which has enabled you to pass the lesson with ease. I am grateful for the manner of teacher that you are. Thank you, Sir, for your impact over the years.

14. I will never forget the impact you have made in my life since I joined this school, you made coming to school very interesting. I love your class more than any other. Thank you for everything you have been doing for us.

15. Your class added a lot of good benefits to my learning world. I have become an outstanding student since you became my teacher. I am glad I joined this school. Thank you for the sacrifice and audience.

16. I love your class and you have done wonderfully well in passing the lesson. You are one of the best teachers I have met. Thank you so much for being vast and sound in your subject.

17. No words can adequately describe how much I have learned from your class within the space of one hour. You are an embodiment of useful information in your subject. I’m grateful for the impact I receive in your class.

18. My dear teacher, you are just the best teacher in the world. This is nothing but the truth, the rest of my colleagues can attest to this fact. You are amazing. I love the way you teach with passion.

19. Dear Sir, you are exceptional and a great teacher indeed. The way you disseminate information is unique and superb. I value your worth, Sir. Thank you for your sacrifice and investment.

20. Any other teacher apart from you Miss Priscila is a counterfeit. You are the best match for us in the classroom. I honor you, Ma, and especially what you represent in our school. You are the joy of every student.

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Student Teacher Evaluation Comments Examples

21. Dear teacher, it has been noted among the students that since you joined this school, the assimilation rate of the students has been on the high side. Well done, Sir for taking out time to teach us well and showing us those that will change our lives aside from education.

22. Your style of teaching has made it possible for even a slow learner to comprehend. I was enlightened by those teachings of yours. You have communicated the right words to our brains. Thank you, my great teacher.

23. I will never forget your kind gestures during all your classes. Your act of teaching is very genuine and sincere. You have practically made us the best students among our peers. We will continue to love you, Ma.

24. Your class was full of impactful words and the right words of knowledge. I will surely do well in my exams because of the things I have learned from your class. Well done, Sir.

25. Thank you for choosing to teach us this course. We are awesomely informed by your teaching skills and great delivery of vital information. Keep doing such great work on the students!

26. I can’t explain how much we have impacted knowledge by your teachings. I love the way you could be funny and yet pass down the right values to us You have always done the right thing each time you come to our school.

27. We are sure to get 100% in our upcoming exams. You have taught us excellently well. Your explanation of any subject matter is just too perfect for anyone to forget. See you in the exam hall.

28. My dearest teacher, thank you for taking us well during all the classes. The confidence with which we approached our last papers was instilled in us by you. We are grateful for your life.

29. The way you explain your lectures sounds awesome to us. You carefully select your words excellently with wisdom. We love your classes, Sir and we strongly wish you will take us on all the subjects

30. We hope that you will be the one to take us in all nine courses for this session. We love your teachings. You are just an exceptional teacher with the sense of impacting the understanding of your students.

Good Comments For Teacher Evaluations

31. Being a teacher is a great career, we are incredibly delighted that our son is being taught by an incredible teacher who has more than 20 years of experience and knows all there is to know about teaching. My son has been having difficulty understanding mathematics. Kindly focus more on that for him so he can do better.

32. Teachers are to be celebrated every day, you have done a wonderful job taking care of our wards and impacting them on the right proportion of knowledge. My daughter could not write her name before and now she can write them very well. Thank you for your effort.

33. Thank you for your immense contribution to the growth of these children, you have done a good job grooming them to be a better version of themselves. You have helped me identify their talents and nurtured them into something useful for them and society at large.

34. I must commend all the teachers in this school, you all have great teaching skills, especially the diction teacher. My daughter speaks English so fluently, she corrects me anytime I speak vernacular, you all have done a good job.

35. Teachers’ patience and effort are duly acknowledged. Thank you for taking all your time to impart knowledge and discipline to these pupils. I know you are doing a great job, my son has always been so disobedient and stubborn, but lately, he has been obedient and attentive to my instructions. I must commend you for a job well done.

36. My child has been to quit several schools so I have met a lot of teachers and I haven’t met one as zealous and talented as you. These students and school are lucky to have you, my son so much likes to be creative, and I would like you to help him groom that talent, thank you.

37. This school is one of its kind, it is distinguished not only because of its structure but because of the professional and skillful teachers they have. These teachers invest their all in making sure students understand all that is being taught, they are the best in all standards and I’ll recommend this school to any parent.

38. You have positively influenced my child’s life not only academically but also morally, you are worthy of being called a teacher. Thank you so much, you are simply the best.

39. I know teaching can be strenuous and hectic but your passion for impacting these wards has not made you realize the amount of every you use in making sure these students get better in every subject. Thank you for your hard work.

40. I noticed my child is always frightened anytime he goes to school, his teacher has instilled fear in him. It would be so kind if teachers could be more friendly and accommodating, it would make learning fun and enjoyable for these pupils.

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Sample Comment For Demo Teaching

41. I like your engagement with the pupils while teaching, you listen to their opinions and suggestions which is very good, and we would love to retain you as one of our staff.

42. Your teaching tactics are worth emulating, you communicate with the student with confidence and a proper understanding of the subject. Your performance was beyond expectations.

43. The teacher was charismatic and smart, he was able to get our total attention and deliver the given topic excellently. We would love to have him continue teaching us as one of our teachers.

44. A question in mathematics has been a hassle for us for the past week, the new teacher came in and solved it effortlessly and it was well understood, he is the perfect teacher for us and we would love the school management to retain him.

45. I observed that for the little time you spent teaching the pupils, you carried everyone along and you made all of the students attentive and serious. I must commend you for a job well done. You are indeed a great teacher.

46. Being the first time among these students, I thought you will feel intimidated but you proved me wrong and taught the student well. You are tremendously Incredible.

47. You knew all the ethics of teaching and did well in creating a good atmosphere for your student, you prepared well and I must commend you for the great work you did.

48. With the little time you were given to teach, you were able to impact them with the knowledge that will last them for a lifetime, you are an exceptional teacher in your delivery and we would love you to be retained.

49. While teaching you took your time to understand the students, you knew their deficiencies and helped them improve, thank you for a job well done

50. Teaching for the first time in a new environment and new ambience might be quite challenging because you don’t know what you are up to, your performance was brilliant and it’s exactly what we need in this school.

Sample Teacher Evaluation Comments

51. The students in your class all passed with distinction in their mathematics which hasn’t happened before in all my years of teaching in this school. Your teaching has been very effective, I commend you for your good work.

52. The school curriculum should not be based just on academics, other activities should be included, like debates and sports like basketball and printing activities like developing machines and so many more.

53. Some students need demonstration and illustration for better understanding and assimilation, the student should be provided with a projector to visualize everything they are being taught, which will enable exhibit excellence.

54. Apart from English, there are other languages that are generally accepted in some parts of the world, these languages would be introduced to the school curriculum to heighten the knowledge of our students. This will help them not just on the school premises but in the outside world.

55. Being excellent is not just in academics, but being able to balance excellence in academics, sports, and other school activities. I want my child to be able to compete with colleagues both within and outside the school.

56. Grooming our students to be the best has been our top priority and we are ready to use all our resources to make sure we achieve that goal. Parents can be rest assured that we will give our very best

57. This is a new age and a new generation, new techniques should be incorporated into the school activities, especially the method of teaching of all teachers. Teachers should be trained on how to effectively deliver and impact knowledge.

58. The school has always produced one of the best students in the local government, now we are determined to make sure the best student in the state comes from this prestigious school.

59. Students in primary schools are mandated to study several subjects and most of them fail all the courses. The school has cut down to the subjects, students will only be taught the major subjects which is very vital in every course of study. This will enable one to know the strengths and weaknesses of the student.

60. This school has always been consistent with bringing our game to every competition, this year is not going to be any different, we are going to improve and become better, we are made for winning and that’s what we are going to do.

Good Evaluation Comments For Teachers

61. I observed that your child comes in so late, mostly after the first two periods and that’s two subjects. When a child misses two important lectures, it will affect his performance and his result. I’ll advise that he is dropped in school before any activity you have planned for the day.

62. Your daughter’s attention is majorly on social media and it’s affecting her studies, her test results were really poor and if it continues like this we will be forced to cancel her scholarship.

63. I remember when your child was first brought to our school, he could barely speak English fluently, and now there are drastic changes. His spoken English is eloquent, he has always been an exceptional student and now he stands the chance of becoming the most outstanding student.

64. I noticed your child’s books are always stained with oil from food, please ensure he doesn’t eat and do his assignment simultaneously, table manners are very important. Thanks for noting this ma.

65. Your child’s grade has drastically reduced and I think it’s due to the situations happening at home. Please keep away from every situation or quarrel happening at home. It is not only affecting his education but his mental health too.

66. For the past few days, your ward hasn’t been attending to his assignment and this is giving me so much concern because this doesn’t happen, please ensure he does his assignment before any other activities.

67. Your son hasn’t been vibrant and responsive in class, he barely plays with his friends and talks to his peers, this is unlike him and I have tried every possible means to get him to engage with his friends but all efforts have proved futile. I want you to look into this matter.
68. I have been tutoring your child for the past 3 months and he has tremendously improved in all of his subjects, I am proud of his improvement, you should be too.

69. I know your child is super brilliant and he had it in him, he only needed a push and I’m glad I was able to help him reach this peak of success. He is winning competitions and all his exams.

70. Your daughter has great leadership skills, she was able to gather her peers and instruct them to be cooperative and work in unison, I admire these traits she possesses and I am proud of her.

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