Remembering a Friend Who Passed Away

60 Missing My Best Friend Quotes and Remembering a Friend Who Passed Away

Friends are great capital in life, without them, the journey of life will be like wilderness and many projects will be impossible. Friends make life very smooth and make dreams and visions very achievable. There is no amount of friends that are enough, losing one can be very devastating. If you have just lost a friend, remembering a friend who passed away is very important.

Remembering a friend who died is not just a time to cry but much more a time to remember the years of friendship and the impact he/she made in your life. The lasting effect of those impacts makes it impossible to let go of the memory of your beautiful friends.

Look into these amazing articles to find words that help you express the depth of your emotion to your departed friend and give yourself a sweet relief.

Best Friend Rest In Peace Quotes

1. You were not only my best friend, you were my sole confidant in times of trouble. I wish I could continue to be your best friend even in death. rest in peace, my friend.

2. Best friends are hard to come by today, but you’ve shown that best friends still exist. it breaks my heart that I lost you to the cold hands of death again. rest in peace.

3. Death took away my better half and left another half in me. I don’t know how I would survive without you, my best friend. Keep resting in peace.

4. From our very tender age, up till now that we are grown, it has always been you by my side as my best friend. It hurts to see your cold body lay in the grave. I miss you, dear friend, rest in peace.

5. You were my shade during sunny days, and my shelter on stormy days. Alas! Death snatched you away and exposed me to the harsh conditions of this world. Rest in perfect peace my best friend.

6. You were everything I could ever ask for. It’s so painful you didn’t stay long enough for me to express how much you mean to me, my friend. Till we meet again in God’s bosom, rest on!

7. Best friends are meant to fill the gaps in our life. You walked into my life and filled every loophole I have, and now you’ve left me again in my imperfections. I hope you find perfect peace in heaven.

8. Rest in peace my best friend. Everything I ever wanted in a friend was embedded in you and I never regretted having you as my friend. Please don’t stop watching over me when you get to eternity.

9. I wish you eternal bliss wherever you are my best friend. Rest in peace my friend, you have lived an impactful life here on Earth. Till we meet again.

10. May you find eternal peace in your journey to eternity. Now that you’re gone, there won’t be anyone to call my best friend again, for no one can be like you. Rest in perfect peace.

11. Your love and kindness were everything I could have asked for as your best friend. The way you looked out for me was exceptional. I hope your journey to the eternal is a blissful and peaceful one.

12. You took away loneliness in my life and replaced it with life and vigor. I know you’re in a better place my friend, and that your soul has found peace in God’s bosom. Rest in peace, my friend.

13. It was a painful experience when I heard you were dead. How was I supposed to live without my best friend? Please continue to watch and guide me from heaven my friend. Keep resting peacefully.

14. It occurred to me that our friendship was for a short time, but it was everything I could have asked for. May you find bliss and peace in your eternal journey. Rest peacefully.

15. Thank you for a life well spent my dear friend, in my next life, I’ll still choose you to be my best friend. May your soul rest in perfect peace best buddy.

Best Friend Rip Quotes

16. In the luxury of memories, your laughter produces the best time to be remembered. rest in peace my best friend, you have left an everlasting legacy.

17. As the pages of time flip, your presence remains a loved chapter in my heart. Rest in peace my friend, your story is a glee of hope to us.

18. As every day passes, I find peace in the warmth of our friendship’s embrace. Rest in peace my dear friend, our memories are forever intertwined.

19. Even though the stars in the sky are dim, your light shines brighter in the galaxy of our memories together. Continue to rest my friend.

20. In the garden of remembrance, your spirits sprout eternally. keep resting in peace my friend, till we meet.

21. When the season changes, your absence feels like a missing note in sweet and melodious harmony. Rest in peace my good friend, your harmony and bond were felt in every way.

22. Like a beacon in the dark cloud during heavy rain, your friendship guided me through every wavy night and dark time. Rest in peace, my friend.

23. Your time together on earth might have ended abruptly, and our friendship ceased, but you’ll always have a place in my heart. Keep resting in peace.

24. With every year drop, a garden of memory is being raised in your honor. I hope you keep resting in peace my friend even as your spirit waters this garden.

25. Found in life’s symphony, was the melody that your laughter made, which is etched in my soul every time I think about you, my friend. I hope you rest peacefully even as I remember every melody of your laughter.

26. As the sun sets every passing day, I find warmth in the depth of the friendship we had, and it comforts me to know you are in a better place. Rest in peace my friend, our friend will be forever remembered.

27. Though you do not have the avenue to speak again, your voice echoes loudly and deeply in my soul every time. I miss you a lot my friend, rest in peace.

28. As the wind blows gently, I feel your presence flashing past and your voice whispering. I hope you’re in a better place because you lived a life of simplicity.

29. Rest in peace, my dear friend. Life without you has been somewhat difficult, our memories are forged on the sands of time, and never will you be forgotten.

30. Only time will tell whether our paths will cross paths. I hope you’ve found the peace you deserve wherever you are. Rest in peace, my dear friend.

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Missing My Best Friend Who Died Quotes

31. Not even death can separate the bond we share. The love I have for you transcends life and death. You will forever be in my heart. To my friend for life, I miss you so much.

32. Every time I look up to the sky at night and see the stars it reminds me of the light, love and good fortune you brought to my life and I can’t trade that for anything. I love you and I deeply miss you.

33. I miss you so much, my friend and confidant. Your absences evoke in my heart. In the hall of memories, I will always cherish you. I miss you more than words can ever describe. Forever in my heart.

34. I honestly miss the fact that you are no longer here. Not seeing you around lately reminds me of the precious moment we shared and the sweet friendship story we created. Even though you are gone to rest till eternity I will always cherish you.

35. Your love I see guiding me through my darkest days of grieving your love. I will never let go of the sweet ship we built. Till we meet again. Keep resting my dear friend.

36. You will for life hold a special place in my heart. The fact that I can’t do without thinking about you and missing your presence left me speechless and shows how deep our friendship is. Rest well, Dude!

37. Every time I find myself staring at your picture in my gallery and at times unconsciously find myself calling your number only for me to remember that you are no more. Missing you so dearly. My sweet friend!

38. I find comfort in the memories we create as I journey through life without you. You are such a sweet person with a good heart even to the point of death and I do not take that for granted. I miss you more dear friend.

39. I am sober all the time and am reminded of your demise. Then I wonder who else can be like you and then I check no other version of you. The bond we shared will never be separated. I miss you, my friend.

40. Only a fool will not appreciate the legacy you left behind. Every bit of you reminds me of the beautiful life you lived. Many might have gone before and after you but your departure is like no other because you are extraordinary. I miss you, my wonderful friend!

41. I hold tight to every joy, happiness, tears, laughter, misunderstanding, sadness, and all as I miss you. But you are not forgotten, dear friend. Keep resting in God’s bosom.

42. Each day and night passes by but the vacuum you left remains unfilled. I will never allow the grief to weigh me down. I will always cherish everything we shared till I am better.

43. I can’t get rid of the pain I pass through whenever I’m reminded that you are more and for that reason, I can’t go for adventure, cinema, and other beautiful places alone. But your memories remain in my heart.

44. Words that cannot fully explain how I missed you. Your smile brought joy to my heart and your laughter brought good luck to me. How I wish I could get to see you whenever I miss you but I know you remain in my heart forever. Rest well!

45. Your good spirit moves around and keeps comforting me even though you are no longer with me in this beautiful world. Though I feel lonely without you in my world I know we shall meet again.

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Missing My Best Friend Quotes

46. Every day I wake up I miss you dear friend even more than ever. Your laughter evokes in one corner of my heart but the silence is clangorous without your presence.

47. Your life alone is worth imitating and the legacy you left behind is extraordinary. You have been my beacon of strength since the day I met you. You might be gone from this world but not from my heart. I miss you so much!

48. The fact I lost you to a chronic ulcer is still a dagger in my heart and I keep having constant aches. But I will keep reminding myself of the happiness and beauty you brought into my life. I love you so much!

49. Your absence has left an everlasting void, I will forever cherish every moment we spent together. A part of me is forever missing. Rest in perfect peace. My very good friend.

50. I’m very sure your spirit lives in the beautiful moment we created. Though it is so hard to accept that you are no longer here with me I will forever reference every tour we embarked on and the sweet memories we shared. Missing you terribly.

51. So painful you are gone from our sight but always in our hearts. Your good legacy shall never die but live on to the next generation. With each day passing I miss you so much, dear friend.

52. The absence of your warmth makes the world around me colder, and a bit dark without your beauty that glows like light. I miss you double my gist partner. Keep resting!

53. Can there ever be a friend like you? Have seen it all and there’s no one to replace you in my heart. Your painful tragedy left a vacuum that no one can fill. But our sweet memories fill my heart with love and laughter. Your love is endless in my heart.

54. What a world without you around, everywhere feels so empty without you in the picture. But I will always make myself happy remembering the beautiful moments we had together. With every beat of my heart, I miss you so much, friend.

55. How can a beautiful so like you be forgotten of course not. You are not in our midst anymore but we find joy and happiness because we know your presence is with us. I miss you with every breath that I’m able.

56. Your absence continually brings a gentle reminder of the bond we shared, the love we had and the memories we created. Missing you deeply and dear friend.

57. The grief of losing you is proof and a bedrock of our friendship and how I cherish you even more than a friend. Always in my heart my dear friend!

58. Your smile still whispers in my ear and your laughter still resounds in the castle of my memory. I will cherish both the sweet and bitter melodies of our friendship. I miss you more than words can fully explain.

59. Had it been I know it would be this sooner I would have hung out with you more, taken pictures, gone to the cinema, and visited the amusement park and zoo just to have enough of you. But God knows the best, continue to live on in my heart. Keeping resting, Bestie.

60. Though you are no longer with us physically I can testify that your good spirit keeps hovering around to guide and smile at us. With everything within me, I miss you so much, my love!

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