New Week Prayers and Blessings

60 Good Morning Happy New Week Prayers and Blessings

Entering a new week doesn’t mean all the troubles we had in the past week will not enter into the new week. We just have to be positive and keep hope alive, and that’s what new week prayers and blessings are very essential to start the week. A new week is supposed to bring new energy, and with this new energy, you can tackle those challenges and develop new strategies to go about the week to make it productive.

Sending uplifting new week prayer messages to your loved ones is a great way to keep their faith alive. Do not let the issues of life overwhelm you, do not stop praying, and do not stop speaking into your day and week. We program our future with our words, be intentional.

What determines your victory every day and week is your energy. Every new week, you should work hard towards achieving your goals. Here, you will find the right prayers and messages to encourage yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy!

Good Morning New Week Blessings

1. Good morning dear. Happy new week! With faith and not sight, walk and work in this new week and victory will be yours. Have a blessed new week.

2. It’s a blessed week already. All things are working together for your good this week. Lines fall in pleasant places for you. Nothing is impossible for you!

3. Keep your spirit unshaken. What troubled you last week will not trouble you this week for the Lord has given you victory over them. Have a blissful week.

4. This new week will be a memorable one for us. We forget the past and move on to achieve greater things. If you can be focused, you can achieve everything you set to. It’s a blessed week already.

5. Keep the past failures aside, they are passed already. Focus on the present and see what God desires to do. Work with Him and see how beautiful life can be. Happy new week.

6. With faith and courage, navigate through the new week and you will end up at the shores of victory. You are more than a conqueror. Enjoy the new week.

7. To be victorious, you need focus. Focus on what God has for you this week. May your path be illuminated by His light. Good morning and have a happy week.

8. Good morning dear. You are like a tree planted by the river of water that brings forth its fruit in due season, whose leaves do not wither. In this new week, you bring forth fruits. Amen.

9. Good morning sir. Embrace the week with enthusiasm, and be expecting. The Lord bless your week greatly with all the good things of this life. Amen.

10. This week, your past prayers yield forth. It will be a memorable week for you, and you will walk on the path of Glory. Have a blessed week.

New Weeks Blessing Quotes

11. Remember, you can achieve what you have set your heart to. What you have proposed in your heart is possible with God’s help. Do not allow negative energy sets, keep striving hard towards the mark.

12 Just as the rooster crows at the beginning of a new dawn, so will you be awakened by elevation and advancement in the new week.

13. In you is the strength to do great things. Look deep into you and conceive that strength. Never allow any negative thoughts to overtake your mind. It’s a blessed week for you.

14. What stops others cannot stop you this week. Keep a positive mind and you will keep breaking through every barrier that broke others. I believe strongly in you and I know you are having your greatest victory this week.

15. Your limitation is majorly a factor in your mind. Set your mind far ahead and keep working towards it. It isn’t easy, but it is possible.

16. Your capacity is not linked to your limitations but to the infallible possibilities of God that surpass all your activities. Greatness awaits you this new week.

17. You have to conceive the strength and tenacity needed for the manifestation of your reality in God. This is the only way to fulfill your purpose and walk in God’s pre-ordained blessings for you.

18. In this new week, you will make men marvel, keep going. No man became successful without having the ability to keep going even when it wasn’t looking well.

19. What you have proposed and planned will never be discarded because the Lord has sustained you and raised you higher than the tower of Babel. All your plans will be realized in this new week.

20. Anything that stops others will not stop you. Ensure to build value, your value is proportional to your impact on men. Keep working on yourself, global impact is yours.

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New Week Blessings Prayer

Below are powerful new week prayers and blessings:

21. It’s a blessed week for me. I pray for long life and sound health. My needs are met by the Lord for he can bless me in abundance. I will be above only, I will not be beneath. Amen.

22. The Lord is my shepherd and I will not want for He makes me lie down in green pastures. My week is super blessed, all things are working for my good.

23. This is the week the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad. The days of mourning are over. I look forward to seeing you again!

24. Your days of tears are passed away, and all things are new. Your joy is here, and it is like a flowing river. Happy New Week.

25. The goodness of the Lord is evident in your life this week. You bear fruit like never before. The Lord causes His face to shine on you.

26. As you enter into this new week, you enter into rest on all sides. You are like a tree planted by the river of waters, you bear fruit and your leaves do not wither.

27. The mercy of God will not depart from you in this new week. May you enjoy peace and favor like never before. Shine in this new week!

28. This is a happy week for you. The Lord wipes away your tears and causes you to smile again. Stay positive, God has got your back.

29. The Egyptians you used to see, you will see them no more. You have victory in Christ, you are not a victim but a victor in Jesus’s name. Amen.

30. I pray for grace and speed for you in this new week. Delay will no longer plague your life. You move on the wings of the spirit. Have a blissful week.

Happy New Week Blessings

31. It’s a new week filled with blessings for you. You are blessed on all sides. The Lord anoints your head with the oil of gladness. You shall be exceedingly joyful. Happy New Week.

32. Happy New Week, (insert name). I speak the blessings of the Lord over you. You shine everywhere you go for the Lord is with you.

33. Have faith, friend. You are in God’s hand, and He is directing you in the path you should go and He makes the works of your hands prosper. Have a great week.

34. Happy New Week! Look on the bright side, it’s a new week and a good time to start afresh for God is able to do above you ask and imagine. Men will rejoice with you this week. Have a blessed week ahead.

35. May the blessings of the Lord be poured on you this week. You dazzle with God’s glory. Breakthrough is yours this week and you shall live to enjoy it.

36. Your new week is marked with blessings without numbers. Throughout the days of this week, you will experience the Lord like never before. A blessed week ahead.

37. Have faith, He is still in the business of lifting people. May the Lord be your portion this week. He makes a way for you where there seems to be no way. It’s a blessed week for you.

38. The blessings that you will see this new week will be greater than the previous ones you have experienced. God is shifting you to greater heights.

39. God is about to do something new in your life this new week. He will cause you to walk in favor before men. Men line up to do you good.

40. This week, you will break forth, breaking new ground. Testimony will come from your mouth like never before. Have a blessed week ahead.

Monday And New Week Blessing

41. It’s another Monday and another week. A new week to do great things. God give you grace and peace this week. The week is blessed already.

42. Happy Monday to you. Even as you go out to work, the blessings of the Lord will follow you, causing your efforts to yield multiple fruits. You shall not labor in vain this week and beyond!

43. May the Lord go with you, His rain of favor comes on you heavily. Wherever you go, men will always favor you for God is with you.

44. The Lord will not let your feet be moved, you carry His presence everywhere you go, and you will always be helped by God and men.

45. On this day, Monday. I decree that you enter into your land of milk and honey. You will not know lack again. You are lifted by the hand of the Lord and you will enjoy the fruit of your labor.

46. No more pain, no more sorrow, no more disappointment. You are lifted by the Lord, He is your shield, your Glory, and the lifter of your head.

47. You have peace like a river. The hand of the Lord is seen mightily upon you. The Lord takes away your burdens and gives you rest.

48. Happy Monday and a happy new week. We enjoy peace and health henceforth because we are on the Lord’s side. No lack, no loss.

49. In this new week, God enlarges our coast. We are supernaturally helped, we are strengthened by the Spirit of God. We leap over walls, breakthrough is ours.

50. We enjoy divine appointments this week. The angels of the Lord are with us, making sure all things are working for our good. Nothing missing, nothing broken.

New Week Prayer Message

51. This is your week, your week for a miracle. May the Lord do great and mighty things in your life. You are highly lifted by the Lord. Amen.

52. May favor and prosperity follow you always. God will always be with you, giving you help in times of need. Enjoy the excellency of His grace and mercy.

53. This is your week of great achievements. You are strengthened by the Spirit to do more. Walk in wisdom and power for exploits to make difference in your generation.

54. This week is full of divine arrangements for me. The hand of God is heavy upon me, and I can only move forward. I cannot be manipulated by any demonic force on earth.

55. I grow from strength to strength, I move from glory to glory even as I behold the face of the Lord. This is my best week ever!

56. This is your week of possibilities. The power of the Lord rests heavily upon you, making the impossible possible in your life.

57. I pray for great grace and boldness for you this week. You will speak forth the word of God like never before. Men are compelled to listen to you.

58. Every closed door of blessings opens up to you this new week. You are divinely helped to move with ease. Your needs are supernaturally met.

59. Wherever you lay your feet upon, you possess. God will reveal himself to you and through you in a whole new dimension. Keep walking in love!

60. Wherever your name is mentioned, the mercy of God speaks for you. You are a flame of fire that cannot be ignored. You shine forth!

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