Prayer Message For My Helper

50 Powerful Prayer Message For My Helper to Get Blessed

If you have been stranded before where you needed urgent financial assistance and you got one or two people that helped you out, you should appreciate them and also pray for them. Such people must be prayed so that they can be encouraged to help more people. If someone helps you and gets blessed a few days after that, such a person will be willing to give you more help some other times. Hence, the need for a prayer message for my helper.

When you pray for someone who has helped you one way or the other, it is not because you have it in mind to seek help again but because you are grateful and you consider that person to be worthy of words of prayers from you. You don’t have to belong to a particular religion before you pray for your helpers, it just has to come freely from you.

Words of prayer are not enough to appreciate such people but it will surely encourage them to do more. Many people may not be expecting thank you from you not to talk of prayers, but you should do it to let them know that they are the best in helping you to achieve your goals through their financial help.

Prayer For My Helper’s message

1. I bless God every day for the kind of assistance He gave me through you. I also thank God for how He cares for you every day as He showers His love upon you. Divine help will continue to flow in your direction ceaselessly in the name of Jesus. Amen.

2. Helpers are scarce, I’m glad I have one that is more than a thousand. I pray you will never groan before you beam. May God grant your desires and bless everything you put your hands to do. You will be fruitful and increase greatly in your endeavors.

3. May your days be long and may you enjoy everything you have struggled for in life. You shall not labor in vain in the name of Jesus. Thank you always, Sir and the blessings of God abound in your life.

4. You are such a joy to me, I pray God Almighty will bestow you joy and satisfy your heart desires. A good report shall be heard about you all the days of your life! Blessings will break forth in your life.

5. My prayer to you is that, good things will not die in your hands, you will enjoy the goodness of God in this land. You shall remain a blessing to your world forever more.

6. May your life be overflowing with pleasant prizes and excess blessings, and may you never in life be stagnant in any area of your life. Thank you for each time.

7. I pray that you will not lack anything reasonable, whatever your hands find doing shall flourish. Almighty will increase and connect your business to the people that matter!

8. The Almighty will perfect your ways and direct your foot right, thank you for being a blessing to my generation. Good things shall multiply in your life until you have no room to contain them in the name of Jesus.

9. Your empathy will be repaid by God, keep being who you have chosen to be, you are a blessing to me and everyone that surrounds you. Stay blessed and helped by God.

10. Frankly, I don’t know what to say to equalize you, I just pray you will move from soundness to wellness throughout your lifetime. Thanks, God bless you graciously!

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Prayer For Someone Who Helped You Financially

11. My darling sister, God has done me well through you, you helped me not because it is convenient but because you love me and God also directed you so. I pray you will never lack anything good. It’s my pleasure to receive such help. God bless you mercifully.

12. I want to bless God in your life for your assistance and timely financial support, good things will not be far from your end. You will continue to enjoy special miracles from God. It is well with you in Jesus’ name!

13. You are such a gift to me, it is my prayer that you are endowed with every season of your life. The mighty hands of the Almighty will perfect everything that concerns you and He will make you a great blessing to your word. Amen.

14. For the helper you sent to me Lord I bless your holy name. When I was vulnerable, you stood by me and sent me help in incredible ways. Thank you my dear helper for delivering the message. You shall not also lack the help of any kind.

15. The divine provision of God be made functional to you daily basis because you have ever been a tremendous assistant. Your life shall be surrounded by numerous helps. Greater heights of prosperity in Jesus’ name!

16. Thank you for not giving up on me to be abandoned in this journey of life. Your helps was really timely. Thank you for always standing there when required. Jehovah will not give up on you.

17. May the mercy of God persist to work for you, and may you never be stranded whenever you needed help. Thank you for your investment in my life, you are lifted!

18. You haven’t given up on me, considering my needs and wants, you have been a blessing here and there. You are truly a kindhearted person. The good Almighty will shower you with love.

19. I’m grateful for your financial aid to me and my darling, may everything work jointly for your interest. The Lord will arise for you in all ways and give you a gift you don’t deserve. Thanks!

20. Thank you, dear friend, for being so friendly. The funds sent to me were so pleasing. Almighty God will raise helpers for you and you will not miss it in life!

Appreciation Prayer Message For Financial Support

21. Sincerely, I appreciate your support toward my tuition fee. If you were not in the picture, I don’t know how I would have scaled through. I pray that you will never be disappointed in life. Far above rubies is your name in Jesus’ name.

22. I appreciate you darling sister for your support at all times, those transactions make my mission fulfilled, and I pray that you will be lifted beyond measure.

23. Thank you so much for your cash support, I appreciate your heart of giving greatly. The Lord himself shall crown all of your efforts and you will not toil for another man to consume in the name of Jesus.

24. If you can read my mind you will know how grateful I am to God for what you did for me last night, I am deeply grateful for your kindness. Blessed are you among your folks. It shall be well with you in your going out and coming in Jesus’ name.

25. I’m glad I have the kind of brother that always care about me, I appreciate your support, and I pray God will give you a treasure that is worth your measure by divine mercy. Amen.

26. May the Lord Almighty reward you, you will see the goodness of God in all you do, I’m grateful that I have you as a benefactor. God bless you greatly and increase you on every side.

27. You have always been helping me and I appreciate your kindness. I want you to know that I didn’t take it for granted. Almighty God will nourish your vision and bring your dreams into reality.

28. Thanks a thousand for the support, you gave me that should have taken me a long time to get, You are considerate, thoughtful, and worth appreciating. No good thing will be withheld from you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

29. I will be unthankful if I don’t appreciate you for all your attempt to make sure things get reasonable. Please acknowledge my token of appreciation. God lifts your head above the challenges of life in the name of Jesus.

30. Thank you, Sir, you are so compassionate about my life, and I value it. It is my prayer that the mighty God will offer you mercy and keep His face shining on you!

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Thank You Prayer Message For a Gift

31. As great as your heart is, your gift was sent as shown by your compassion, I love it and God bless you. You will never know a better yesterday in Jesus’ name.

32. Your beautiful gift makes my day so glamorous, how will I thank you enough on this day in three words you are blessed. Good gifts shall be the order of the day in your life. Amen.

33. Thank you so much for getting that huge present for me, it adds to my value. Jehovah will recommend your life for a global connection and you will get numerous help from everywhere you turn.

34. I know that you put up with the idea of your duration before you can get me this gift, but I felt so distinctive when I lose it. Thanks so much for the beautiful gifts.

35. A big thank you for the special present sent to me yesterday, you a wonderful person since the day I know you, and the Almighty God will specially bless your life and fill it with good things.

36. Sweetheart, your gift has opened my eyes to being a giver, thank you so much for it, it has taught me a lot. May you find help in need also in the name of Jesus.

37. Gifting me this present shows that you always have me in mind, thank you for always being thoughtful of me. Almighty God will never forget you, He will give miracles that you don’t expect in the name of Jesus.

38. I have never in my life thought of receiving a gift not to speak of being gifted with the gift of this cost. Thanks for understanding me so nicely.

39. Thank you for this reasonable wonder gift ever. You keep shocking me. You are certainly the best thing that has ever occurred in my life. Your life shall equally be filled with surprises as well.

40. Oh, Appreciate this, those two words are loaded with all my affection, preference, and gratitude for you and everything you’ve achieved for me. And, of course, thank you for the gift! You shall remain a blessing to your world.

Morning Prayer For My Helper

41. Dear helper, I pray that this new day brings you value, greatness, laughter, pleasure, and approvals. Good morning God sent. Your day is greatly blessed.

42. Good morning, dear, may all your wishes come through, and may you not be abandoned, you will experience the power of God today. Have a blissful day. Thank you for being a great helper to me.

43. It is my prayer that as you start this morning. Everything works for your blessings, the Lord will guard you against every disfavor, and direct you by His light. Good morning.

44. May God’s favor go ahead of you on your journey, and no evil is allowed in your life. Where you turn, you shall be blessed in every way. Have a blessed morning and enjoy your day!

45. Good morning, sweetheart, I admire the little things in life! May you always be numbered among the blessed. Enjoy every good item that today brings and you will have motives to praise God.

46. My request to God is to allow you to witness His kindness as long as you see another beginning of the day, Good morning to you and yours.

47. Good morning dear, the goodness, and mercy of the Almighty are your portion today. Enjoy everything that the moon and sun will bring your way.

48. Begin today by thinking of God’s blessings and paying thanks to him, and stay blessed. Good morning to a good-hearted assistant. You shall receive multiple assistance today. Amen.

49. Good morning, You are a friend in need and indeed, I pray Almighty will bless you for that immaculate present. Enjoy your day and stay calm!

50. It’s a new dawn sweetheart, everything will be glowing in your life, and all things will work for your good in the name of Jesus. Enjoy your day to the fullness. Good morning!

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