Good Morning Prayers And Blessings

90 Powerful and Positive Good Morning Prayers And Blessings to Begin Your Day

Good morning prayers and blessings messages are messages for favor and possibility that will tremendously launch you and make you have a better day. Even if the day is going the other way around, trust me you can handle it. The best way to start your day is to thank God and ask for leading on every side.

What’s on your mind every time you wake up to see the people gifted to you by God? Be it your family members, friends, colleagues at work, and lover. These people need to be appreciated and prayed for. One of the ways for them to know that you have them in mind is via beautiful positive good morning prayers and blessings messages.

Sincerely you don’t need to panic or lost in thought on what to write your loved one. We got you covered and we are here to render help on what to text your loved ones. Below is a powerful collection of positive good morning blessings and prayer quotes.

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Positive Good Morning Blessings And Prayers

1. Beautiful morning to you blessed one, it is a beautiful day bagged with favor and goodness to you and your folks. I pray for you that everything works in your favor today. Amen.

2. ARISE! SHINE! It’s a new day. You are blessed, just as others call you blessed. I believe more blessings are divinely available for you today because you have been a blessing to others.

3. Every day you wake to see a new day, imagine it and make it real to yourself that each day of 365 days is the best day. You shall have an awesome experience today by the special grace of God.

4. May your life be filled with God’s overflowing and unspeakable blessings. Speak it, believe it, and live by it day by day. Your day has already been made awesome.

5. What a Joy and gladness it is to remain blessed, all sides with pleasure and peace everywhere you go today. Have an amazing day!

6. No matter the days of the week, in as much you wake to see another breaking of the day, it shall be well with you. Go with confidence, you are a success.

7. For every weather forecast of each day, make sure you enjoy every moment of each day. Fewer warranties, and lots of smiles. Good morning, Beloved.

8. Good morning, what a day full of possibility. I can see it, I can feel it, and yes it is possible. Say no to negativity and zero your mind from impossibilities.

9. The more you go, the more you see, don’t be discouraged, and always feel good about every step you take and decision you make. Make the most of every opportunity. God bless you.

10. No matter how life is packaged with ups and downs, the rising and the setting of the sun will surely occur each day. Good morning.

Good Morning Prayer Wishes

11. May the Grace of God rest upon you as you step out today, you are distinguished for signs and wonders. You are unstoppable, unquenchable, unmatchable, and unbeatable. Beautiful morning to you.

12. Just as no one knows the number of strands of our hair, nor can anyone knows where the river flows from. So shall the Lord load your today with uncountable benefits.

13. Today and beyond, the hand of God will continue to rest upon you. He will hold, walk with you and work in you. And the world shall see that truly you are a child of the highest.

14. You will not suffer, the Lord shall supply all your needs, and you will never be stranded. You will continue to enjoy God’s unmerited favor.

15. As you step out today the Lord be your refuge and fortress, under his wings shall you find rest, no more struggle, nor more disappointment, no more delay. Blessed morning to you.

16. Good morning! It’s my sincere prayer that the Lord prospers you on every side. You shall not lack anything good. You will continue to have it till it overflows

17. Wake up, it’s a beautiful morning to walk in God’s love, sing of His faithfulness, and proclaim that He is Christ the Lord. He has done that which no man can do for you.

18. Today is the day the Lord has made, go in His might and do exploit because he has fought your battle and His with you, for you and in you. Good morning Beloved.

19. Every day by day, you will not miss out on God’s plan and purpose for your life. You will continue to dwell in his presence, you will not be swayed away by the things of the world.

20. And so I speak over your life this morning that no weapon wage war against you shall prosper, whatever gathering against you shall be crushed, all agenda of the wicked ones is nullified, the Lord will fight your battle for you and you shall overcome.

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Good Morning God Bless Your Day Messages

21. Good morning! Just as you wake to witness another new day, may new things never elude you. Your day shall be filled with glorious things.

22. Each day always starts with a “MORNING”, and we say “GOOD MORNING” a new beginning to kick off on something fantabulous.

23. On this day, may the Lord bless you and prosper you and your endeavors. God bless the works of your hands and all that you set your heart to do.

24. You cannot tell what is packaged for you daily, but I am very sure they are of good tidings. Go with joy, the Lord has blessed you abundantly. Enjoy your day.

25. Day by day you will continue to see God’s mercy and enjoy God’s grace. You shall have great testimonies today. Amen. Good morning.

26. Just as the flowers possess their beautiful petals and are they are visible to all. So shall you bloom all over the earth. Everything you do shall be gloriously prosperous.

27. Good morning! In the morning you are blessed and highly favoured, your noon will speak of God’s love and your night shall show of God’s glory.

28. May you feel blessed today just as the sun rises to give a loving brightness to the world and no one can stop it. Your success and greatness shall never be stopped.

29. Put a smile on, dress in happiness, wear your good luck, spray your gladness, and shine like a diamond, because it’s a new day. You shall have everything become new for you today in Jesus name.

30. May you find love and be loved today. Everywhere you turn, you shall receive favor from God. Good morning! God bless you.

Christian Good Morning Blessings

31. Doors of blessings are open to you today and they will never shut. Nothing will stop you from being blessed and being a blessing today in the name of Jesus.

32. I pray that it shall be well with you, you will not faint, you will not fall by the roadside, you shall not be wearied, you will never get tired. Have a good day.

33. You will never experience setbacks as you set on looking for your daily bread. The Lord will bless all that you do today. Good morning.

34. Every of your losses shall turn to huge profit, your sorrow to joy, your failure to success, your insufficient to plenty, your shame to glory, and your disgrace to the celebration. Amen.

35. Let your soul rejoice for God has done great and wonderful things, that which no man can do is happening already. This shall be your testimony today.

36. You will desire to honor Him and worship Him, nothing stops you from praising Him. You will sing a new song and you will shout for joy at the end of today in the name of Jesus.

37. May your light shine before men, may you draw from the well you didn’t dig, and may you eat from where didn’t sow. May you enjoy blessing unspeakable, your household shall see and testify. Amen.

38. I can see everything turning around for you, no more delay, no more rejection, no more stagnation, no more disappointment, no more obstacles. Your heavens are open today.

39. What seems difficult for others becomes easy for you, what others try hard to achieve is unleashed upon you, what takes away others will pave the way for you, and you will fly while others are running. Have a splendid day.

40. Hello! Good morning! A fresh and clean day. God will hold you, walk with you, carry you, back you, and shower you with his divine blessings all over you and you will not run out of God’s favor.

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Blessed Good Morning Wishes

41. Wake up, it’s a new day. You are blessed, blessings follow you all around and in extension, you will be a blessing.

42. All I wish for you today is laughter that won’t end in sadness, joy that doesn’t lead to sorrow, and blessings that don’t expire. Good morning.

43. Now as the sun is about to rise, I say rise in a new dawn and while the sun sets, make sure your goals are set properly for a greater you. You shall greatly emerge today.

44. Good morning! You are blessed, you will become a blessing, you shall be called the Blessed one. God bless you beyond your imagination.

45. Hi! I do love to tell you that, your steps today are ordered by your maker and your path will continue to shine forth. Stay Happy.

46. Yesterday is gone, forget about what happened, focus on today a brand new day just for you to shine bright to right your wrong and not be discouraged.

47. I wish you a morning-filled cup of Joy, a saucer of happiness, and a spoon for peace. Enjoy the heart-warming tea of love and have a stress-free day.

48. Whatever the case may be, smile on, stay focused, do your best, and leave the rest. God shall fight for you today and you shall hold your peace.

49. Everyone sees how the river flows, the bird flies, hear the bird sings, so shall the sound of your success be seen and heard today in all places. Amen.

50. This I know and for sure is a great day, I wish you a day full of comfort, joy, peace, happiness, greater opportunities, and benefits on all sides and you shall enjoy all and more of this till our last breath. Good morning!

Good Morning Wishes And Blessings

51. Good morning, with a cup of tea sipped gently down the throat is so easy, so shall today go easy on you in the name of the Lord.

52. As bright as the sun so shall your days, as beautiful as the peacock is among the bird, so shall your moment on earth be beautiful.

53. Live, love, life. Live it to the fullest, love it to the moon, and enjoy your life to the best. The best of God shall easily locate you today. Amen.

54. Today! it’s a new dawn, Carry on and say no sadness because today is gonna be a good day. The goodness of the Lord shall be your portion today.

55. Beautiful morning to start a good day, focus on your goal and correct your mistakes. Don’t let your failures knock you down. You can! God will enable you to succeed today like never before. Amen.

56. Wishing you a lovely morning that can never be regulated by a traffic Warden, Don’t stop when you are not done, get ready to give it your best. Go and do it. God has enabled you.

57. May you find your morning happy and full of joy, your afternoon stress-free, and your night glow like an ant that glows in the dark.

58. Wake up, wake up, wake up, it’s time for a good meal because it’s a good morning. Follow your to-do list and achieve them all.

59. Be Good, Feel better, and give it your Best. You are a success no matter what comes your way. I wish you well in all your doings.

60. A sweet morning, wear a bright smile, make it spread across whoever you come in contact with, and make the world a better place. Smile on, and worry less.

Good Morning Blessing Messages

61. Good morning blessed one, by the special Grace of God today will not end without you being blessed. Blessings will locate you from the north, southwest, and east in the name of Jesus.

62. Your day will be filled with peace, love, happiness, and a lot of goodies, you will live to enjoy today as planned. Good morning this is your best day.

63 God bless you, especially today, there shall be showers of blessings on everything you do today. The anointing of favor shall rest upon you in the name of Jesus.

64. It’s about time you enjoy God’s blessings that add no sorrow nor exchange. It shall be well with you and your household and your blessings are permanent.

65. Your healed, strength tracks you down. you are forgiven, you are loved, you are blessed, blessings pursue you. You are an overcomer. You are more than a conqueror. Amen.

66. Shout for joy and be glad because today is the day the Lord has blessed and you are tremendously blessed in your going and coming nothing will hinder you.

67. Poverty sucks and wretchedness can take the life out of someone. All I wish for you today is that you are blessed beyond measure, it will be full and overflow.

68. Hi! Good morning I do wish you this morning that you will overtake, you will outrun and your day shall be loaded with plenty of benefits and it amounts to something that will make you marvel.

69. May evil be far from you, danger will not come near your dwelling, and the blessings of the Lord will make way for you. Today you are blessed and highly favored.

70. You will succeed where others are failing, you will not be disconnected from your source of blessings. Favor will speak for you out there, mercy will vindicate you, and you shall experience all-around joy and fruitfulness.

Happy Morning Messages

71. Am so happy that you made it to another beautiful day, all I want from you is to stay focused and let nothing affect your happy mood.

72. Always happy never sad that’s the core strength to keep you moving, I know is not easy out there but do well to laugh over it and be happy

73. Happy people attract good people, take them to good places, and connect them with people of good influence for the best offer and it’s all booming. The joy of the Lord shall fill your heart today in the name of Jesus.

74. I cannot deny the fact that you are going through a lot right now, but all I wish for you is unending happiness that will make you feel better to fight your ups and downs.

75. G-O-O-D morning! It feels so good that you have received my lovely happy message to you. I want you to make sure you are fine and you have to stay happy throughout the day. God bless you abundantly.

76. The promised day is here, I can see it, I can feel it, I can perceive it, is strongly upon you. Just stay focused and be Happy.

77. Not now, not ever will something ruin your happiness. The joy is yours, the happiness is meant for you. Don’t let go.

78. H-A-P-P-Y! Come get up and be happy. Don’t ruin your day by looking sad. Let you control the atmosphere and make it a better day just for you and your loved ones.

79. There’s nothing bigger than you, your happiness is very important to you, your families, your colleagues, and other loved ones out there. Wake happy, walk and work happy, eat happy, and sleep happy.

80. The road might be very hard and also not fair enough and here you are despite all the odds still Happy, Happiness is just the antidote.

Good Morning Wishes And Prayer

81. May the Lord bless you, may He shine his light upon you, keep you safe from danger, and may you never walk or work in darkness in the name of Jesus.

82. It’s not about the finish line, it’s about the steps to take to get there. May the Lord order your steps today and forever. Good morning!

83. Hey listen, whatever life throws at you make sure you win. Don’t quit! Don’t give up! You got this! You can win it over and over again.

84. May your days be filled with everything you have been praying for, you will not by yourself ruin God’s plan and purpose over your life in the name of Jesus.

85. Trust God He’s at work. Even when you can see it he’s working it out. Even when you can’t feel he’s working it. He has never failed and He won’t fail you. Ever faithful Lord.

86. Whatever you lay your hands on today shall prosper, nothing will go dormant in your hands. Every of your delayed progress and success receives life. Good morning!

87. It’s my sincere wish for you that, surely God’s goodness shall abide with you, His mercies distinguish you for greatness among your peers. Have a nice day.

88. Your heavens are open, your success has come, your source of happiness overflows, your greater height is here, and it is your time to shine. Go forth this day and shine!

89. May the Lord open your eyes to see that goal, He will grant you the insight and wisdom to pursue them and the knowledge to achieve them. I see Him helping you scale through.

90. Whatever challenges are hovering around you like a storm be it your health, career, family, or your loved ones out there, May God calm them for you today and you shall see them no more.

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