Prayer For Souls To Go To Heaven

60 Eternal Rest Prayer For Souls To Go To Heaven and Rest In Peace

No matter how long we stay on earth we will still go back to our maker. Death is a painful necessity that is inevitable in the lives of humans.

No one prays to lose their loved ones or people around them to death but we can’t avoid such occurrences. If you are currently in such a moment where you have just lost your loved one, then offering prayer for souls to go to heaven is a necessity.

When our loved ones are gone the only thing we can do is to render prayers for their soul to rest in eternal peace, for them to be received warmly in heaven, and to enjoy everlasting goodness in God’s paradise.

Praying for your departed ones may be a necessary service you offer them throughout your life. This is a token of your love for them. Here you have beautiful prayers to help you pray efficiently.

Prayer For The Soul Of A Loved One

1. Father, grant the souls of the dead eternal peace, let your light shine before them, and by your mercy let their souls rest in perfect peace. Amen.

2. O Lord, we thank you for the life of our brothers and sisters while they were alive. Father, we commit their souls into your hands, keep their souls safe, and let them enjoy eternal rest.

3. Father, welcome the souls of our loved ones in your abode, let them dwell in your paradise where they will be free from sorrow, pain, and suffering and be filled with joy, happiness, and tranquillity. Amen

4. Heavenly Father, I pray the soul of our loved one that they return to you. I pray that the soul experiences freedom and peace forever. Amen

5. Father, I thank you for the life of Mr. John, I pray that you forgive all the sins this soul might have committed while on earth, forgive all the sins that might prevent him from entering paradise. Amen.

6. Dear Father, I commit the soul of our loved one in your hands, I pray that her soul gets to see you face to face and enjoy your sight and presence till eternity. Amen

7. Eternal God, thank you for your love in our lives and that of those we have lost. We pray that the angels and saints welcome the soul of our loved one into paradise and may the Lord embrace his soul into his kingdom. Amen.

8. Father, I pray that the soul of our loved one finds mercy and grace in your sight. May his soul find peace like never before and rest in God’s presence till eternity. Amen

9. Dear God, you brought your son into this world to die for our sins and gave us the grace of eternal peace when we die. Father, I pray for the soul of the dead to never part away from you, and may your power give her light, freedom, and eternal peace.

10. Father, grant the soul of our loved one eternal rest. He was faithful to you in his lifetime. Lord let this faithful soul through your mercy rest in peace in your kingdom.

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Prayer For Departed Loved One

11. Death is inevitable and we shall all die one day and go back home to our father in heaven. We are broken and sad about the untimely death of our beloved. We pray that his journey in the afterlife ends up in paradise where he will enjoy eternal freedom and peace. Amen.

12. Almighty Father, the only source of forgiveness and grace. I pray that the soul of the departed through our Lord Jesus Christ have a share in eternal happiness and peace. Amen

13. Father, the creator of life and death, I ask that in your infinite mercy, please show compassion to the souls of the departed and embrace them so that they may experience eternal joy through our Lord Jesus Christ.

14. Death snatched the life of my beloved and left me to be alone In this wicked world. Father, I pray for strength and grace to heal from the grief and I pray that the soul of the dead finds solace in your arms. Amen.

15. Father, we exalt your mighty name. In your infinite mercy answer our prayers on behalf of the souls of our loved ones, grant them entrance into your kingdom, and let them sit and fellowship with thy saints in heaven. Amen

16. Father, we pray to you today for the souls of our loved ones who we will no longer see again. Please grant them eternal rest, by your mercy, and let their souls rest in perfect peace.

17. Almighty Father, in your infinite mercy, cleanse the sins of the departed souls and grant their souls peace in your arms. Amen.

18. O Lord, we come before you today with a heart filled with sadness, grieving the death of our beloved who has gone back home to you. Comfort our hearts and heal us of this grief. We pray for the soul of the departed that she is accepted into your kingdom. Amen.

19. Father in heaven, we thank you for your wisdom and for placing these wonderful people in our lives who have now been called to glory. We thank you for the impact they made in our lives and those around them. We pray that their souls have eternal rest.

20. Father, I pray for the soul of the deceased, may their soul rest in your care in your heavenly kingdom. You are the only source of peace, Lord let their souls find eternal peace in the mighty name Jesus.

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Intercessory Prayers For Departed Souls

21. O Lord, we come before you with a heart full of grief and also of gratitude for the life of your own who has left us in this world. Father, we ask that you welcome your child in your warm embrace and grant him everlasting happiness and peace.

22. Heavenly Father, even after our journey here on earth. You will call us home. You have called your son home, receive him into your arms. Let him rest in your presence and be free from all tribulations and suffering.

23. Father, our hearts are full of hope that the soul of the departed is in your care and we are certain he will find everlasting peace and happiness in your kingdom.

24. Almighty Father, we pray for the souls of the departed. purify their souls by your infinite grace and mercy, let them be led into the light of your kingdom, and grant them eternal peace. Amen.

25. Father shower your mercies upon the souls of the departed, may they find their way to your heavenly kingdom and also find eternal rest. Amen.

26. Eternal rock of ages, I pray this day that I find comfort and solace knowing that the soul of our departed Uncle is resting in your abode and his soul has found eternal peace. Amen

27. Your death has rendered me and everyone close to your heart broken and sad. We pray that you continue to rest in peace and may we find solace in the memories we have shared. Amen.

28. We are celebrating your lifetime because you indeed impacted the lives of many and you made a difference in our lives and the community at large. We pray that God gives us the strength to continue the legacy you have started and may your soul experience happiness in God’s kingdom. Amen

29. You are gone, never to be seen on earth again. We pray that this will not be our last meeting, we will all meet and reunite in God’s kingdom, till then may your soul experience eternal peace.

30. Your son was committed and dedicated to the works of your kingdom, he faithfully served you for all of his days on earth and his faith always inspired me, Father I pray that his soul is received into your loving arms and he enjoys eternal peace and joy. Amen.

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Prayer Message For Departed Soul

31. Father, I pray for the souls of those who have departed us to be in a better place. God welcome them with open arms and let them enjoy the fullness of your presence. Amen

32. The death of a loved one is devastating and heartbreaking. Father, we pray that we find peace and comfort knowing that the final destination of the soul of our Sister will be your heavenly kingdom.

33. Father open our hearts to your grace and your mercy. Comfort us of our grief and protect us from all evil as you will keep safe the soul of our friend in paradise. Amen.

34. He accomplished a lot in his lifetime and made a significant change in the lives of many. Father, I ask that his soul finds rest in the comforting embrace of your love. Amen

35. Father, I pray for the family of the deceased, that you give them strength in this time of mourning and let them find comfort in the memories they shared with the deceased. I pray that the soul of the deceased finds eternal rest. Amen.

36. Father, I pray that you comfort the hearts of the family and friends mourning the departed soul. Let your peace be with them and let the soul of the deceased continue to rest in perfect peace.

37. Father, we ask that you grant peace not only to the souls of the departed but to the family and everyone around, and let your love prevail over every life.

38. Father, we place our hope in your word believing that the soul of the departed will rise in glory and abide in your presence till eternity. Amen.

39. O Lord, give the soul of the departed the grace to be led by the light of Jesus Christ to eternal life where there won’t be death, pain, and sadness ever again.

40. We thank you for the life ( name of departed soul) lived here on earth. Thank you for letting him experience eternal life there in your kingdom. Amen.

What Prayer Message Do You Say When Someone Dies

41. God of mercy, in this time of sorrow, I pray for the family of the deceased that you help them and bring peace to their hearts. I pray the soul of the dead is granted peace in the name of Jesus.

42. This is a terrible time for the family of Mrs. Jane. Losing a part of the family is a terrible experience, I pray that such an occurrence never happens in the family and grants the soul of the dead eternal rest.

43. Heavenly Father, we come to your presence today because of the death of Mrs. Julieth. We pray that you grant the family of the deceased grace to heal from the grief. Let your angels accept the soul of the dead into your inner chamber.

44. The death of Mr. Way is shocking and devastating to the family. Father in heaven I pray that you strengthen the family in this time of mourning and help them find peace within themselves.

45. Experiencing such a tragic incident will affect the family. Father, I pray that this incident doesn’t completely break the family, I ask that you be with them and comfort them. Let them find happiness knowing that the soul of the departed found peace in your kingdom.

46. Father, I ask that you forgive the sins of the departed soul. Purge his soul of all impurities and let him abide in your kingdom to enjoy eternal rest.

47. The loss of someone to death is the most terrible thing for someone to experience. Father, I pray for the family and loved ones of the deceased, give them the grace to move on and heal from this tragic incident, and help them have faith in you even after this incident. I pray that the soul of the deceased continues to rest in tranquility.

48. Our only source of peace and strength, strengthen and comfort those mourning the death of our beloved. I pray that the soul of the departed finds peace and comfort in your heavenly kingdom.

49. Father in heaven, I pray that you abide with the family of the dead in this difficult time, and help them navigate through this terrible experience. I pray that the soul of the deceased is resting in eternal peace.

50. O Lord I pray that you shower your love upon the lives of the deceased family, protect them from all evil, and help them find peace in the memories they have of the deceased.

All Souls Day Prayer For Loved Ones

51. Father in heaven, we pray that you forgive and have mercy on all departed souls. Let your angels guide them into your presence and let them enjoy everlasting peace and happiness.

52. Dear God, we commit the departed souls of our loved ones into your able hands, welcome them into your paradise, and let them dwell with you till eternity.

53. O Lord, when it is time for all souls to rise to glory, don’t let the souls of our loved ones be found wanting. Let them be called to glory in the mighty name of Jesus.

54. The giver of life we bless your name, Father we ask that you the departed souls of our loved ones sleep in your heavenly bosom. Amen.

55. Gracious Father, thank you for the journey the deceased lived here on earth. May their eternal journey be filled with grace, love, and eternal peace.

56. Father, I pray for all the souls of the departed. May their souls roam in the beautiful gardens and corners of your heavenly kingdom and may you grant them eternal peace. Amen.

57. Father in heaven, today I come before you praying for the souls of the departed. I pray their souls find eternal light and peace and may they sleep peacefully in your bosom.

58. Their time on earth has come to an end but their memories will forever linger in our hearts, Father we pray that the souls of the departed forever remain blessed and happy in paradise.

59. Our hearts ache that we will never get to see them on earth again but we are also happy that their souls will find peace and will forever not experience the cruelty of the world.

60. We lose part of ourselves when we lose someone. Dear God, I pray that the souls of the departed gracefully sleep in your presence and may their souls find peace and comfort in your heavenly kingdom. Amen.

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