Feedback Participants After Training

50 Examples of Feedback Participants After Training Sessions

Several people host trainings that many people subscribe to but unfortunately many did not get the value for their subscription. If you have registered for a training and you have gotten value for your training, then you should give helpful feedback after such a training. Feedback participants after training is required to make your mind known to your trainers.

Excellent training deserved good and positive feedback. This will go a long way in encouraging the organizer to continue the good work and organize a better one in the nearest future. If you want to commend your host for the beautiful session you have with them, you find beautiful feedback here for your use.

Your feedback is important, you must not hold back from you projecting it. In your feedback, ensure you appreciate the organizer and the trainers who have ensured that you get the best out of the session.

Find beautiful comments to project your feedback here.

Participant Feedback Examples

Consider these feedback participants after training to appreciate the effort of your trainer.

1. This training is one of its kind, I must confess. I want to commend the effort of the organizer of this beautiful program, it was worth all the sacrifice. Thanks for all your input.

2. I would not have forgiven myself if I had missed such a training as this. I was exposed to new information different from all I have known before and this will make me more efficient in my field.

3. Truly, the structure of the training was straining but highly impactful. I’m glad all the stress was never in vain, I got great value from it all.

4. There is no way I would have known how to handle the issue at hand at my workplace without having attended such a training as this. I’m really grateful for this initiative.

5. I came to your training with some doubt in my mind but before we finish up the program, such mindset was corrected. Thank you for proving my doubt very wrong. I am glad I came around.

6. When I saw your advert placement for this training, I thought it was just to cajole people to come for the training. But on getting here, I can see the authenticity of your advert in the training.

7. My heart is filled with so much joy because I have never been left the same way I was after this training. This is an experience everyone should have. I’m glad I came.

8. To the organizer of this highly impactful event, words are not beautiful enough to communicate the depth of my gratitude to you. You made my day already. Thanks for that information, they will be useful for my life.

9. Every facilitator discharged their duties at their best. There was never a dull moment from the beginning to the end. It was indeed a time well spent.

10. My participation in this meeting has changed my paradigm about some key issues in my profession. I’m surely leaving this place a better person.

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How To Describe A Good Training Session

11. At first I was reluctant to come to this training because of some bad experiences I have had in recent. But yours is entirely different and I must let you know I’m glad I made it here.

12. Every participant is exceedingly joyous for making it to this great program. You can literally see joy permeating the atmosphere. It was indeed a great time.

13. The facilitator took us through a lot of rigorous exercises yet we didn’t feel it because it was fun all the way. Thank you for giving us those excellent trainers.

14. Having such qualitative training as this shouldn’t be taken for granted. I deeply appreciate the effort the management board has put together to give us an awesome experience.

15. Nothing made me excited at this season of my life like participating in this program. What an awesome moment we had fantastic trainers. I’m glad I came.

16. At first, it looked like things weren’t going well but all of a sudden, everything synchronized. I really love the time spent under your training.

17. I must appreciate you for not being a time waster. You really made my solid 10 hours under your training worth it. I really wish we could continue but we had to bring everything to an end because of time.

18. Today is one of the days I will never forget in the history of my career. I came here confused about so many things but thank God I’m now super informed about what to do next.

19. Nobody has ever trained with you and didn’t get great value. You have a track record of consistent excellence in all that you do. I love your excellent training.

20. No training has ever left me changed like yours. I was exposed to things I never knew before which has made me a better person in my field. It was great being here today.

Session Feedback Examples

21. There is no way I could communicate my depth of gratitude to the organizer of this workshop. It was indeed a time to be challenged and get prepared for the task that lies ahead of me. Thank you for the session well utilized.

22. I’m amazed at the dexterity of each facilitator, everybody was at their best. The knowledge easily flows from them like a fountain. It was a great session together with graphical memory.

23. I strongly desire that this workshop should take place as often as it can. Many people will need to the exposed to the information you supply here. Our generation needs to hear you.

24. One of the things that caught my attention about your organization was your reception. I was a student yet I was received like a king into your environment. You made me feel great about myself

25. Everything about your workshop was fascinating. Your orderliness was top-notch, none like it in town. I’m sure by this time next year, you’ll not have enough space to take in trainees. I love what you do.

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Thank You For The Excellent Training Session

26. The generosity and good sense of humor of the facilitator were delivered with great expertise and it had a great effect on all that was taught in the session. Thank you for the excellent training session!

27. The tools I was provided with will help me a great deal with my staff and team in my faculty. Thank you so much for making the session so lively and lovely.

28. This session was indeed a remarkable and memorable one I won’t forget for years to come. The impact on my mind is indelible and I am deeply grateful for it. Great work and kids to the organizers.

29. When adverts and word got around about these sessions I was skeptical at first and doubted all that was enlisted to go on in the classes and didn’t fully and dutifully spread the word about it. But right now I regret not doing so for it was much more than expected. Every goal was met and every facilitator was time conscious and worthwhile.

30. Thank you for organizing an excellent training session with good and experienced facilitators and enough facilities to go through. The classes were engaging and much-needed value was gained by all who attended. I hope you see more reasons to organize more sessions like this as you read through.

31. A job well done should be treasured and appreciated. The session showed your adequate preparation accompanied by an excellent delivery. This is great, I must say.

32. Nothing makes me happy like knowing that my time was well utilized in doing the right thing. I felt accomplished as the training went on today. Thank you for such an opportunity.

33. Even though I paid for this training yet I felt like I was given a gift. This is obviously more than what I paid for. Thank you for investing so much in this training,

After Training Feedback

34. With all sincerity, I want to say this was by far the best training I have ever gotten in the last decade. The teachers were amazing at their jobs.

35. I can now say I understand this topic well cause of the fantastic teachers put in place for the training. Thank you for the class!

36. I am indeed satisfied and happy about taking this training under your firm even though I had a lot of doubts initially. My doubt has been cleared and I am now a better personality in my profession.

37. The experience was thrilling and exciting. I will expand my horizon and career from the experience gotten from this training. I will surely let others know about it.

38. This training has improved my understanding to a whole new level. I commend the teachers for a job well done and the organizer for the resource well invested.

39. During this training, I have unlearned some wrong concepts and learned new methods on how to go about them as well. Thank you, teachers.

40. The amazing way you break things down for us all and make sure everyone understands is awesome and fun. I love the experience and I would love to have it again.

41. I would recommend the teacher to another institute for her patience and method of teaching. This is a teaching profession at its best.

42. The trainer makes it easy to contribute in class and entertaining feedback makes his job easier too. Everyone would surely love to be part of this class.

43. Your thoughtfulness in your work is appealing and encouraging. You have made your session always appealing. Thank you so much, teacher.

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Feedback After Training Session

44. The whole session had a very good balance of theory and practice too. This is truly a place to be. Thank you for valuing the time of your participant.

45. Each session had something unique in the presentation which was quite captivating. You have been of huge impact on us during this session. In no time, this institution will make a great name.

46. I missed a session for an emergency at home but was glad when I was informed of how I could get a video recording of it. Thank you so much, it was impactful from the beginning to the end.

47. Any situation that comes knocking at my door will be approached confidently cause of these training sessions. Thank you for adding value to me and giving me the guts to face challenges with a winning approach.

48. This training was so valuable and fun that I loved every bit of it. Nobody would have done better than you. Thank you so much for putting this together for us.

49. The avenue for feedback after each session was quite interesting and the facilitators improved before the next one.

50. These training sessions helped me understand how to manage responses and conflicts tactfully in a work area. Very helpful indeed. I am excited to attend this training.

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