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50 Samples Positive Feedback For Trainers or Facilitators

One of the things a trainer needs from the trainee is quality and detailed feedback. Through honest feedback for trainers, they would know how well they are doing and what areas they need to improve. You did pay for your training and you deserve to get the best of it all. However, after the training, you should not forget to reach out to your trainer through your feedback.

In your feedback, let your trainer know how impactful he was on you and if your expectation was not met, you should let him also know. This will go a long way in helping him get better at his job. One of the things that positive feedback does is that it motivates the recipients to be more effective in their jobs.

Do you need some honest feedback for trainer to reach out to your trainer on your just concluded training? Find well-constructed feedback about the trainer here. I’m sure this will gladden the heart of your trainer.

Feedback About Trainer

Here you have feedback for trainers to let know how well they have done and where necessary they should make adjustments!

1. Thank you very much for giving us more than we expected. You have made us believe in humanity again. Thank you for being the best trainer we have met in recent times, nothing compares to the training you had with us.

2. This training package was worth the price we paid for it. You brought your excellence and delivered perfectly to the satisfaction of everyone who participated. Thank you for meeting our demands.

3. You can see how happy everyone is by looking at their faces and interacting with them. All because you always exceed the expectations of people at your training. You are very superb in your presentation.

4. I don’t think anyone knows the amount of preparation you put into your work before coming out to train people. I know you always go through rigorous practices to put yourself in shape. You have delivered quality training already. Well done!

5. Look around and see the number of people you have attracted to this training. Your fame is growing and your price has gone up. Your dreams are coming to pass in portions.

6. No matter where I travel to in the world I will always connect with you for my regular training. That is how much I believe you are good at our job. It is not just me that thinks you are a very good trainer. Other people also think you are good at your training job.

8. One key reason that makes your clients return over and over again is your tenderness. You are very tender in the way you relate with your clients.

9. You are doing a wonderful job with your training and mentorship school. All your students admire you so much. They are always eager to learn.

10. Your excellence is golden. Your training gives people the privilege of learning from the top coach. On behalf of everyone that you have trained, I celebrate you for being an excellent trainer.

Positive Feedback For Trainer

11. There is nothing you have that you can’t use to help anyone in need. The training you organize is great and we all enjoy it. Thank you for being a help to humanity.

12. You keep your word every time you train us. When you say you will do something, you keep your promise. We have learned so much from you. May your knowledge be replenished.

13. To train people takes a lot of commitment to see others become better than they are. You give your best while training people. God bless you.

14. I wish you all the happiness in the world for training us to manage our businesses better. You have impacted us to grow in business and in other areas of endeavor. Thank you!

15. All the people whose lives you have touched are always happy to express their gratitude to you at any given opportunity. That speaks well of you.

16. To grow, you get trained. This is why you have hired me to train you. Now, you have been trained. You’re responsible for what you do with the training you have received.

17. We all get equal opportunities of having twenty-four hours daily for usage. I hope you all practice what you have learned regularly, the training would benefit you much more than others.

18. It took a lot to organize this training and eventually train you all. Please, make the most of what you have received so that my labor in training you will not be in vain.

19. I know the training is not what you were used to. It was tough but you can prove to be tougher by practicing at your phase. In a short time, you will see positive changes in your life.

20. You have what it takes to become anything you can dream about. That is the essence of this training. If you can dream it, you can have it.

21. On a final note, there is nothing too strong to stop anyone of you. With this training that you have received, the world is yours. Take charge!

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Trainer Feedback Comments Examples

22. After the class today, I expect every one of you to stay back and practice the dance moves either in small groups or individually. Make the most of the knowledge you have garnered.

23. Nothing worth doing as much as investing time in learning. If you can humble yourself to keep learning at the right phase, you will finish this training early.

24. It took a lot of thought for me to consider training people again. I will not allow any of you to mess up my hard-earned good reputation.

25. You need to come for training often. Coming for training once in a while will not help you learn accurately, nor will you become an expert over time.

26. Today is another day to be trained. You were trained yesterday but that was not enough. Open your heart and mind to receive fresh instructions to guide you.

27. Don’t allow anyone to distract you during training. You know why you are here. You are expected to achieve the purpose you started attending this training program.

28. Only those who are hungry for more practice heavily even after the classes are over. Practice helps you perfect a lot of the things you are learning.

29. All your efforts won’t be wasted if you are committed to finishing what you have started. Make up your mind to finish the training rather than stopping halfway

30. You should come for training when you feel like coming and when you don’t feel like coming. It should be a discipline based on what you want to achieve.

31. How you see yourself goes a long way to shaping how you respond to training. If you think you can’t, you won’t. If you think you can, you will.

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Positive Comments For Facilitator

32. Just like everyone you trained, I am better after getting the opportunity to be trained by you. Everything about me has changed positively.

33. Where would I have been now if not that I came across the advert for your training and chose to participate? Thank you for the training.

34. My life has more meaning now because you have trained me to think and talk positively. I know that better days are ahead of me.

35. Accepting my abilities was very tough for me. You changed the way I think about myself with your training. Now I see things differently.

36. I wish more and more people would come to know you and be trained by you. You can help many more people attain their full potential.

37. There are skills I have now that I did not know I could develop. You have helped me grow and develop greatly. I am forever grateful to you.

38. Thank you for doing what you know how to do best which is training people to be at their highest performance level very well. You are the best facilitator in the world.

39. No one can facilitate as you can. I have not seen anyone who can train people like you can train people. You are a rare gift to this world. Thank you for being such a great mind.

40. The best thing to ever happen to me was to be trained by you. You became my biggest blessing when you became my teacher. It was a privilege to learn from you.

41. Looking back at the rigorous training, I can boldly say that every moment of training was worth it. I have no regrets. I only have things to be grateful for.

Thank You Message to Training Facilitator

42. From the depth of my heart, thank you for an awesome session. I learned from the best trainer. You are certainly the best trainer anyone could ever have.

43. It was good learning from the ever-amazing training facilitator. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have been a part of this training that you organized. Thank you!

44. Over half of what I learned from this training threw me out of my comfort zone. This is the biggest training I have ever been a part of. I am grateful!

45. Oh, my goodness! This training was worth my expenses. I traveled a long distance to participate in this training program. Thank you very much.

47. I want you to know that I appreciate you for having us attend your training in your office. You are a very good person.

48. How can I pay you back for this kind gesture? You allowed me to be a part of the training at no cost. Thank you so much for believing in me.

49. You have always been very kind to me from day one. Thank you for making it easy for me to join the training you facilitated.

50. I like how you made sure I did not miss the training. What would I do without your sacrifices for me? Thank you!

51. My friend, thank you for making it possible for me to attend the costly training you organized. You are an unmatched training facilitator.

52. Your uncommon kind heart ensured that the training was bigger than the money attendees paid. Thank you very much.

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