Good Fake Reasons to Call Off Work

50 Emergencies and Good Fake Reasons to Call Off Work

The feeling of needing to skip work on some days is not far-fetched for everyone. Sometimes, you just wake up tired while other times you just crave a life outside your normal routine but what are the best ways to put your excuses for not making it to the office on a work day?

If you think that you have exhausted your wealth of excuses or you no longer have new and convincing ones to tender again, don’t be perplexed, there are still more than one billion Good Fake Reasons To Call Off Work. We’ve put together some tangible Good Fake Reasons To Call Off Work that will win over your boss’ heart and gain his or her trust to even extend your normal request of staying at home.

Now, let’s ride!

1. I might have been caught with food poisoning, no food seems to be going down, the indigestion is so terrible, so, I need to take the day off to get myself pulled back together. Thank you.

2. I ate out yesterday ‘cos I was too tired to cook but it seems that I’ve contracted food poisoning. I feel weak in my entire body. Since my productivity is paramount to the company, please, permit me to take a day off, hopefully, by tomorrow, I will have gained enough strength for maximum productivity. Thank you.

3. This morning during breakfast, I broke my teeth and felt pain all over. I need to go see a dentist right away. Hopefully, I will resume work tomorrow. Till then, my team head will continue my task.

4. My ophthalmologist called in for an alteration in my appointment with him just this morning on my way to work. This will prevent me from making my shift today. I’ve contacted Tonia for shift swapping and she agreed.

5. I slid on ice while trying to catch up for work this morning, my arm got dislocated and two teeth got removed. I’m presently being rushed down for an emergency at a neighboring specialist hospital and can’t come to work again today.

6. I’ve got a terrible migraine today which has been affecting my coordination since I woke up. I’m afraid I won’t be able to make my shift today. I can be reached through my phone. Thank you so much ma, for your motherly consideration.

7. My migraine has gone far in affecting my ability to work with the computer, everything seems blurry and it gives me more headaches trying to strain my eyes to see clearly. I’m calling off work now and taking a sick day off tomorrow.

8. I’ve been feeling horrible back pain since morning, I can’t come in for my evening duty because it doesn’t appear to get better any moment from now. The other nurse will stand in for me.

9. Over the weekend, I stumbled from my daughter’s Lego Spaceship and broke my ankle, I can’t lift my leg, so, I called in a doctor to take care of me, I will be off work til the ankle heals. Please, pray with me for a quick recovery.

10. Sir, my knee was twisted while on my daily night workout yesterday and it’s swollen and aches me this morning. I need the day off to get it checked out by the doctor. Thanks for your understanding.

Calling Off Work For Personal Reasons

11. I cut my hand deeply while peeling the yam this morning. I lost so much blood already that I need to quickly get it stitched as soon as possible, I won’t be able to reply to the office today. You can reach me via phone call.

12. I hurt my back at the gym this morning, and presently, I can barely move my body or feet. I need medical attention as soon as possible. Please, help me to delegate my work to someone else in the office, I will make it up with the person when I resume.

13. My back got dislocated yesterday while trying to lift some heavy appliances for my kitchen renovation. I will be taking a day off work today for proper rest and medical attention. Before tomorrow, I will work from home.

14. My daughter resumed university yesterday and needed to move her things into the car, while helping, I wounded my arm and since then can’t be lifted to do anything. I need a day off to get it treated before the pain gets out of hand.

15. I’ve been getting stressed in the last lap of my wedding preparations coming up next weekend and I need one day off to get myself rejuvenated. Please, graciously grant me this request.

16. Since I heard about the good news from my colleagues, my anxiety level has doubled concerning what will become of me. I’m taking a personal day off today to take care of myself emotionally.

17. Without digging too deep into my feelings or mincing words about my mental health, I know that I require a Counsellor or Therapist and need some time off starting today.

18. I just realized that I could contract COVID at the family function I went to yesterday. Though there are no symptoms yet, I would like to be tested negative before I resume work again. Thank you.

19. Madam, I never knew that I was in close contact with someone who had COVID yesterday until now. I need to get quarantined right away to be sure that I haven’t fallen victim. Till then, hell me to delegate my duty to someone else.

20. I was exposed to COVID recently, ran some tests and the rapid test wasn’t positive, I won’t be coming to the office until I receive the PCR result. Thank you for all your consideration.

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Fake Excuses To Get Out Of Work

21. My immediate sister came into town from abroad yesterday, it was a surprising and very pleasurable visit. Please, permit me to spend some memorable moments with her by taking a day off today. I will attend to all emergencies in my email.

22. I forgot that tomorrow is the birthday of the one and only family member that I grew up to know as a child. I will be calling it off at work tomorrow to get together with him again, please, permit me to work from wherever I am.

23. Oh my God! I already planned a hangout with my mother so that I can’t meet up with the sudden rescheduling of work duties for the next two days. I hope you can understand me perfectly and you’re going to consider that.

24. The lady who took me in when I needed shelter is pretty sick at the moment. I’m afraid I won’t be making the office today because I might have to stay with her till she recovers. My departmental head has permitted me to work from home.

25. My symptoms show that I’ve caught the flu, I might need to stay low until I know I’m no longer in danger that can be spreading it to other colleagues in the office. Thank you, Ma

26. I had a very long emotional week, I haven’t been able to heal from the sudden depressing news I heard. It will affect my productivity at work. I’m going to have to cancel my work schedule till I’m in the right state of mind.

27. My friend just asked me for help to move her things into her new house and then arrange them. Do I get any chance to reschedule my appointment with the client? If not, please, put another person in my stead.

28. I have so much to do around the house in preparation for my husband’s homecoming for the past 5 years. Permit to take a day off to get ready for this big moment of my life. I will attend to all emergencies in my mail by the grace of God.

29. There’s a family emergency back at home. I need to be there as the eldest of my siblings, this means that I won’t be coming to work for the next 4 days. My number will be available if you need to contact me. Please, try to understand my swift decision, I didn’t see it coming.

30. I hurt my head at the swimming pool. I will have to call in sick today to get maximum treatment and enough rest. I’ve reached my head of department and she has promised to put all things in place in other not to affect the normal routine at work.

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Good Fake Emergencies To Get Out Of Work

31. I received an early morning disappointment from my airline. They canceled my flight on short notice for a reason best known to them. I’m afraid that I will not be able to resume work again tomorrow until next week Monday. Thanks for your understanding.

32. My driver won’t stop looking for my trouble. He suddenly came up with an excuse to not make my time of arrival to the airport for pick up again. Can I call today an off day already because I’m so exhausted right now? Thank you.

33. It’s my first seed’s graduation tomorrow, bi have never done this before. Please, I need a day or two off to celebrate my daughter’s big win on earth as her dad might not be able to make it. I promise to resume back more effectively than ever before.

34. My husband’s retirement comes up in less than 72 hours, I almost forgot this. Allow me to celebrate this great feat with him I promise to extend a bit of the celebration to everyone in the office on my return. Thank you for all you do.

35. My friends and I are going to be hanging out tomorrow. I need this timely event to regain my psychological health and overall well-being. Please, grant me my humble request, I believe it will heighten my productivity level at work

36. I need a work day off to just wind off from all the stressful weeks in the office. Permit me to attend my brother’s 50th birthday anniversary. I will return swiftly after the party. Till then, put someone else in charge of my duties. It will be appreciated. Thank you.

37. I got attacked by the armed robbers yesterday. It was a very scary experience, till this morning, I was still off balance. I need a day off to get over all the painful sight and regain my emotions back to life. Thank you, for your understanding.

38. My housewarming comes up in the next 1 week. Grant me some days off in other to put major things in place, during this period, I will be working from home dutifully. Thank you so much. Celebrations like this will not cease in our camp. Amen.

39. I was called upon from the police custody that my belongings that were hijacked by the robbers last week had been recovered. I need to be excused from work tomorrow to get them all. I will update you about my movements. Thank you.

40. My grandma’s 90th birthday anniversary came with other family celebrations that I can’t afford to miss. I need a two-day off to travel down for this beautiful once-in-a-lifetime moment. The Head of Operations is aware already and has promised to put everything in place till I come.

Best Fake Excuses To Get Out Of Work

41. Dear Boss, I’m not in a good health state to type this to you as I haven’t been able to stand since my fall at the staircase yesterday, please, grant me enough off days to take proper care and recover. Thanks for your consideration.

42. I have been stooling, vomiting, and feeling weak since my last visit to the company’s canteen. Their food keeps irritating my body system. Now, I need to visit the doctor to get treated today you grant me a day off? Thank you so much ma’am, in anticipation of my leave.

43. Hi Boss, it’s so pathetic that I’ve contracted food poisoning in my very own house. I need two days off, firstly to take care of myself and then the whole house at large before it extends to all the members of my family. Thank you, Sir.

44. I received an urgent call from my son’s school not quite long ago that he fell at the playground and has lost two of his teeth. I need to get out of work now to attend to him. I will also need to stay with him tomorrow in other to take care of him.

45. I feel indisposed since I came back from the company’s trip to Ghana, and this has reduced my activeness in the office. Please, permit me to take a few days off to treat myself. I will be glad to continue working from home as I’m aware of the limited number of staff.

46. I don’t know what brought about this terrible backache, I guess I will find that out when I visit my doctor tomorrow. Please, I will be taking an off day tomorrow. Thanks for granting my request.

47. That time of the month is here and my functionality is affected as a result of some menstrual period and the funny but painful feelings that come with it. I will be getting treated again tomorrow, I hope to resume back to work on Wednesday. Thank you, sir.

48. Our account officer just granted me the request to meet with her concerning the company’s account issue. I will be seeing her tomorrow, so, I request that you grant me a day off.

49. This morning, I woke with a very high fever, everything seemed cloudy, and couldn’t get my balanced movement. I’ve made a last-minute appointment with my doctor and I can’t make it to work today. I’m so sorry for the late notification.

50. I got a call from my hospital informing me about the change in my appointment with the doctor, I’m so sorry that I have to leave work immediately after I’m done with this assignment. Thanks for your understanding.

I hope you got your appetite satisfied and your stomach filled with all these excuses to call off work last minute. As we always say, don’t forget that we are your go-to for all kinds of content creation. We don’t disappoint!

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