Praying For You And Your Family Messages

60 Powerful Ways of Praying For You And Your Family Messages and Quotes

Praying for your family does not require days, weeks, months, or a specific year. It can be done at any time as possible until you notice changes and improvements because prayer strengthens the family bond. Every day is full of evil, but a prayer a day keeps the devil away. A family is a crucial and important unit that we have with us forever which is why we should stick together in love and prayers.

As a member of a family, making prayer your day-to-day task, habit, or lifestyle for your family and others isn’t a bad idea. Knowing fully well that every family experiences difficult times under various circumstances which can at times bring disunity and hatred in various circumstances like health, finances, work, childbearing, commitment, and so on.

You probably have a lot of concern for your family during this difficult time everyone is facing one thing or the other. At times finance has been the capital of all challenges either due to the country’s unstable economy or unemployment and this begins to spread down to the family and begin to tear happy families apart. However, your concern may be either general, individual, or specific, bring it to God in place of prayers.

Whatever your difficulties are, interceding in the place of prayer for your family and others can bring about peace and help you or them navigate through the difficult season. You can find below praying for you and your family messages to help the situation.

Praying for You and Your Family During this Difficult Time

1. Heavenly Father, I say thank you for the gift of life for myself and my family. You have been so wonderful to us over time and I know you will see us through this difficult time. We can not bear this anymore. Please help us not to say yes to the devil and let us not be swayed away by the things of the world.

2. Dear Father, it is a great thing to know and serve you. You are a loving father that cares about his children. Lord unto you I pray for my family that you make it easy for us during this hard time. Give us the strength to keep trusting you till the hardship time is over. May we not be put to shame in our dealings and doings.

3. My Lord and my Savior, it is a very challenging time for my family but I know that with you all things are possible. You have never failed and you won’t start now. Take away our pain and shame, Jesus help us to scale through this time, so that we may glorify your holy name in the highest.

4. Dear God, thank you for the honor of being in your presence, it is such a privilege for me as a living soul to praise, worship, and pray to you. Jesus my family has fallen into this financial crisis, I ask that You grant us peace, comfort, and wisdom to overcome this hard season. Let our mouths be full of testimonies again like before. Amen!

5. Lord Jesus, I know your name is a miracle and I know that calling upon your name will put an end to this struggle, distress, mistrust, tension, and disunity in my family. We put our trust in you for signs and wonders. I pray that this siege will be over and all storms are calm in the name of Jesus. Amen!

6. Jesus, thank you for my family, thank you for the good times and good times. I know your strength, grace, and mercy are made available for us. when all hopes are gone give us the strength to stand firm, that we may not compromise. Help us to recall all the ways you have come through for us. May your name be praised forever. Amen!

7. My Father who art in heaven, I’m happy to come to your presence because I know you will hear and answer my prayer. My family needs help right now. We have been battling with fear and confusion lately and it is becoming alarming. I ask that you grant us strength and power to overcome. Help us not be confused any longer. Surround us and fill us with your love.

8. Lord, I say thank you for my life and my family in general. I pray for every member of my family just as u know them by their name, their needs, and whatever they are going through that is not pleasing. My God, please supply all their needs according to your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Amen!

9. Dear God, I know you are for us not against us, we pray for the grace to trust you even when answers to our prayers are not immediate and grant us genuine hope to carry on no matter the circumstances around us. We also pray for wisdom to make the best choices in our family.

10. Heavenly Father, we thank you for your life and care towards my family. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers anytime we call upon your name. Lord in the difficult times when people are dying, falling sick, and finding it difficult to meet their needs, for me and my family help us to keep our eyes and faith on you, not our problems. Amen!

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Prayer for My Family in Difficult Times Quotes

11. God Almighty we come before you with heavy hearts, this difficult time is about to consume us. Lord, we pray that you take away this burden and grant us grace for ease, strength, power, and love. Help us to keep trusting you as the Jehovah Jireh and our only present help in times of need.

12. Lord I thank you for my family as such an Incredible blessing and a precious gift they are to me. I pray that you help us to put each other first during this difficult time and that your agape love strengthens us together to unite in whatever circumstances. Help us to always seek you at all times. Amen

13. Great God, it is a very difficult time for my family right now. This period seemed harder and more challenging than I expected. Before this situation turns our harmonious and peaceful family into something else. I pray that you remember us this day and have mercy on my family during this hard season.

14. Lord Jesus I put all my trust, hope, and faith always in such a time like this. Help my family to see through this difficult time. Lord, please relieve us from every pressure, tension, and oppression of this world. Guide our path so that we may walk right in your presence forever.

15. As you are the author and this finisher of our faith, I look up to you and I have come today with a burden in my heart. My family is going through a crisis and we need your tremendous help. Jesus please intervene, and be glorified. We pray for wisdom and strength to face and overcome this trying time. Amen!

16. Abba Father, you are worthy to be glorified. Thank you for how far you have brought us, thank you because you are aware of this situation my family is passionate about and I know you will help us through each day because we believe that you are in the boat of this hard time with us and it will not capsize.

17. Dear lord, I bring my family to you praying for peace and restoration during this hard time. You are the only one who can save us. Jesus please take every yoke of fear and struggles we have been facing lately and let your light shine and go before us, and make every of our crooked way straight in Jesus’ name. Amen

18. Dear Lord, I say thank you because I believe that you know every member of my family and their challenges apart from the ones we are facing generally. Lord, I proclaim a new beginning, a new dawn, from every crisis and help us to prevent the outbreak of more challenges in Jesus’ name. Amen!

19. Oh Lord our heavenly Father we praise your name and now before you, we ask that our heart cry be acknowledged in your presence. No man can help us in this situation except you lord, you know everything from the beginning to the end. Lord, we pray that you put a stop to whatever is challenging my family and let your name be praised.

20. Lord Almighty I come humbly before your throne that have mercy upon my mercy, show us your compassion, guide us, and lead us through this challenging time. We believe that we can overcome this with your help, give us the face not to lose hope, trust, and faith in you. Amen.

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Prayer For Family Strength During Hard Times

21. Thank you Almighty Father for my family for they are such an incredible blessing to me. I part for every member of my family that we are strengthened by your love to stick together no matter the circumstances. Give us the strength to put each other first without compromising and to avoid disagreement in Jesus’ name, Amen.

22. Sovereign Lord, I pray that you give my family strength. In difficult times and in good times. Help us to grow closer to you and your holy word. May we grow in your presence so that we become a better example for the next generation to know how great your love and goodness are towards us.

23. Our righteous Father, thank you for this day, thank you for my family. I bow before you precious God, as we speak my family is passing through this heavy storm and I know you can deliver us. You have never forsaken whoever comes to you and I trust in you to work out everything to the honor and glory of your name. Thank you for prayer answered our stronghold in such a time like this

24. Everlasting father, my great deliverer, thank you for the gift of life and your protection over my family. It has been such a hard time for my family but I ask for all of us that we are strengthened by your love, peace, and joy to stick beside each other no matter the conflict or tribulation.

25. Lord Jesus, thank you for your great and marvelous work. We know that it is only by your mercy we are not consumed. We come before you Lord, as a family and we pray that you watch over us and protect us. May we find strength to face whatever comes our way and the faith to trust in your plans for us in Jesus’ name. Amen!

26. Heavenly Father I come to you seeking your strength. My family is facing difficulties and we need your help. Grant us the strength to face each challenge and persevere through the dark times. May we not fall victim to going against your will due to our predicament.

27. Dear God, thank you for everything. I come to you at this moment to pray for my family. Please give us the strength to bear whatever comes our way. We pray for power and peace amid turmoil. May we continue to dwell in your presence and lean on you forever. Nothing will take us away from the path of righteousness.

28. Great God, we humbly ask for your help during this time of need. Please give us the grace to endure the challenges that we face and find comfort in your awesome presence. May we be strengthened amid all odds. Let your wisdom, love, and support guide us to the end.

29. Heavenly Father, please watch over my family in this time of distress. Give us the fortitude to face every difficulty that comes our way and help us to rely on your strength. May your light shine on our path and bring us to a place of peace and comfort in Jesus’ name. Amen

30. Lord Jesus, we have come to you with a heart full of gratitude for all that you have done so far. We pray that you give us wisdom and peace to sustain us through this hard time, help us to keep our faith intact, and trust that you will bring us through this trial. Even as we lean on you for strength. Amen.

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Prayer For My Family In Difficult Times Quotes

31. O Lord my father, we have come to you in one accord as a family and we ask for your protection and your strength in our downtime and when we are in need. Help us to find the strength and grace to carry on in this world without harming others. May your love and light surround us and be our guide.

32. My Father in Heaven glory be to your holy name in the highest. We come Sunni g to you with a heavy heart. We know that there are challenges and hard times out there but we pray that You give us comfort and strength as we go through it. At the end of all let your name alone be glorified in Jesus’ name. Amen

33. Great God, who seated upon the throne, you are worthy to be praised forever. Father please I ask that you watch over my family in this time of struggle and scarcity. Give us the strength to face each challenge and the grave to overcome it. Help us not to lose focus that you are always with us at all times. Amen.

34. King of kings I worship you, I exalt your name because there’s no one else like you. Jesus, I ask for strength for my family to keep going even when we can’t. Let your grace cover us and your love fill our souls. May we see your light during darkness? Thank you for your mercy and faithfulness.

35. Heavenly Father, here I am in your presence. My heart is heavy and my mind is racing toward the difficult time my family is going through. Please calm our spirit and grant us peace. Pour upon us strength and courage to trust in your plans for our lives.

36. Lord Jesus, I’m grateful for your grace and mercy. Thank you for helping my family through this storm of life. My heart breaks and I begin to lose focus seeing my family in this kind of situation. Lord, please help us to find strength and power in your loving arms at all times.

37. Heavenly Father you are so wonderful in your ways. Thank you for the lives of my family even amid these struggles and hardships. I pray that you give us the strength to keep moving. Help us not to worn out or turn back on your plan and purpose for our lives. Let your love and peace continue to surround us in our day-to-day activities.

38. Father, I’m thankful for your faithfulness even when myself and my family are faithless, you are ever righteous when we are unrighteous. I ask that we find joy and strength even in difficulty. Help our weak spirit to be renewed with strength, power, and love. May we not depart from your presence no matter where circumstances.

39. Lord of lords, I praise your name because you are good and kind. I bring my family the courage and strength to face our challenges during this difficult time and the patience to see them through. Glory be to your holy name for all your mercy and grace that we enjoy. Amen.

40. O Lord of host, I put my family before you, we are passing through a difficult time in life and we need your help to get through it. Father, we are lost and confused in this crisis, and show us the way forward. Grant us wisdom to make good decisions and grace to follow your commands and do your will.

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Prayer For Strength During Difficult Times For Others

41. Almighty Father, I pray for your son, I recognize this is a very trying time for him, and I understand how difficult it must be. I pray that he shall receive the strength to pull through and come out smiling in the end. I see God fighting your battles in Jesus’ name, Amen. Stay strong and keep fighting.

42. May the Lord hear your prayer in this difficult time, and sustain your strength so that you may not fail or be tired. He will send down his angels to watch over you day and night. May you have a cause to celebrate at the end of this tribulation. You will surely have cause to glorify his holy name. Amen.

43. Heavenly Father in heaven, I commit those that are into one challenge or the other than you help them. I will keep praying for you please do not be tired or weakened by these challenges, the Lord is fighting it out for you, and you will win. I pray for grace and strength to withstand this moment so that it may not overwhelm you. Amen

44. Dear God, I bow in your presence today worrying for others who are experiencing difficult times. I ask that you remember your child and loved ones, and grant them strength to overcome. Help us scale through this period so that we will praise your name in the end and have a reason to glorify your name. Amen

45. Dear Father in Heaven, hear our cry and plead in this trying time, grant us strength that we should not fail, and uphold our hands when we are tired. This is my prayer for you and your family, and I see God granting you the strength, peace, and you that you need in such a time like this. Amen.

46. This is just a period to move closer to God. I understand how difficult things must be for you and your family, and I tell you, God will not leave you. He will watch over till this siege is over. it is my prayer, that you obtain the strength to fight till the end and become a conqueror, and you will not be defeated, Amen.

47. The hand of the Lord comes upon you in these difficult times and heals every scourge in your life, may you receive grace, and may your strength be renewed afresh. Do not be disturbed, for the Lord is with you. Continue to trust in him and do not let your faith be disturbed. It is well with you

48. Oh Lord my God, I put your child in your hand, let these challenges not overcome him, and let him not be defeated. I know you are with him in this situation, give him strength to withstand and come out strong in the end, that he shall praise your name in the end. Amen.

49. Almighty Father, I know that I serve a living and a miracle-working God, therefore, I beseech you do not be weary, rather intensify in your prayers and trust Him more, and he shall do a new thing. The Lord will arise for you in this time and give you strength from Zion, Amen.

50. The Lord who can do all things, will answer your prayer. Your needs are supplied to you in abundance according to his riches in Christ Jesus. He shall renew your strength so that you shall not fail. He will uphold you in these difficult times and see you through these challenges, Amen.

Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times Message

51. Dear God, I’m here in your presence. Remember me in my predicaments I look up to the hills and I admit that only you can help me. I acknowledge that it is from you that I can receive help and I ask that you grant me strength to finish well. Quicken my mortal body to lean on you for power and grace to see through this time.

52. Lord Jesus, Even in my difficult times, I’ll cry to you and trust you, because I know only you can strengthen me, and turn my sorrows to joy. I pray dear Father, that you take away all my pains. Fill me anew with your strength all over me. Uphold me and make me strong to carry on.

53. When I am down, tired, and confused, everything seems to be over but I will keep trusting you. When I am weak, I look to you for strength, and when a storm hits, you’ll be by my side, upholding me. Be my guide in my difficult times dear Lord, and help me to face my challenges and overcome them. Amen.

54. O Lord in all the earth how marvelous is your name. You lift me when I am down, you fight for me when my strength fails me. I run to you again in my difficult times, strengthen me o Lord, and be thou my shield. Let not my enemies mock me, may I not be put to shame in whatever I do. Amen.

55. For I know I am not alone, and with you O God, I can win every challenge that faces me. I pray to the Lord, let me not be ashamed, do not allow the enemies to prevail over me, and grant me strength in my trying times to face this challenge that befalls me in Jesus’ name. Amen.

56. Sweet Lord, I have come humbly to your present with my heart full of burden. I have no power of my own, you are my help in ages past let not my heart be dismayed and grant me strength from within that I may withstand every storm that comes my way. Help me to be able to see through this darkest time men.

57. Fear not, and do not be afraid, for the Lord is with you, under his wings shall you find refuge and comfort. He will deliver you from your difficulty and give you strength and hope in the face of tribulation. You will be refreshed with help from above, Amen.

58. You have been very strong since time passed and I understand how difficult this time is for you. I pray the Lord will bless your heart and renew your strength, may you not crumble in the face of difficulty rather, you will triumph with God’s strength, Amen.

59. Dear Lord, I have tried by my strength, but I have failed, now I turn to you for new strength to replace my weakened body. Let me not be defeated by my challenges. O Lord, and help me to overcome them. The grace to keep trusting you and lean on you for strength shall not depart from me.

60. The Lord who is great and mighty, to Him alone be all the glory. Lord, I pray that He will deliver you out of this misery storm. You will not experience struggle again in your life, strength is made available for you from above, and your mortal body will be renewed. Fear not, God is with you, and you will come out of these difficult times, Amen

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