Prayer For Ill Person

72 Powerful Healing Prayer For Ill Person and Sick People

Prayer is an essential and great tool for healing from all diverse problems and sicknesses, either spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical attacks. You need to understand that healing comes from many sources, but the prayer source is the best, divine, and permanent.

Prayer can be offered to God for yourself or on behalf of those around you, like family members, friends, neighbors, or acquaintances. These prayers put together in our Prayer For Ill Person can serve as healing tools for diverse problems or sicknesses like; cancer, tuberculosis, etc., depression, emotional trauma, physical illness, loss, or faith crisis.

You need to know that in whatever way you’re trusting God for healing, your faith and total reliability on God matter most. Be very convinced that as much as you’re willing to pray, God is much more willing to answer and grant your requests. Therefore, even when it seems that nothing is changing in your health conditions, you must see yourself as healed and act accordingly.

When you pray, nothing is impossible for God, therefore, rely on Him for strength and grace to carry through and then take solace in the understanding that you’re never alone in all situations, no matter what.

In light of these, there’s no chronic or less chronic sickness that the power in our Prayer For an Ill Person or your loved ones can not handle. The holy book made us know that praying to God to heal us shows our dependency on Him and gives us the courage to face and withstand whatsoever pains that might come with it.

Dive in for your specific and most accurate Prayers For Illness.

Prayers For The Ill And Dying

1. Lord, Jesus, you’re the greatest physician. The one who controls life and death. I decree this moment liveness into every part of the body of your son. Help him to trust you again in his deadly situation and cause a great divine turnaround in his body system. Amen.

2. Father in the mighty of Jesus, your word says if the son sets us free, then we are free indeed. I pray for freedom for your son now. Freedom from every bondage of cancer. Silence every power of death around him now and forever more. Amen! Hallelujah!

3. I am very convinced that with you on our side, we are victorious and more than a conqueror. Right now I declare that your victorious power of healing shall saturate this room now and begin to perform divine operation in the body of your daughter. You did it before, we believe that you can still do it again. Hallelujah!

4. Lord, I know that there’s nothing impossible for you, because, Your word says, ‘With God all things are possible’. Concerning this lady’s life, your word is working, and strength is coming to her again to go through these trials without cursing you. Lifeness is returning to her lifelessness again and she’s rejoicing in you. Amen.

5. Blessed is the name of our Lord Jesus, who can rebuke death on behalf of the beloved. I raise the life of this man to you now and I declare that death is rebuked over his life. The sound of joy only shall fill his tabernacle. Amen.

6. Lord, Jesus, let your life fill your son once again, let his hope in you and your love that he has believed ever since he gave his life to you be rekindled again. Let this reality of love begin to bring life to him again. Amen.

7. Thank you, Father, for your unending love bestowed on us. Thank You, for that crown of glory and honor that awaits us in your kingdom. Father concerning your daughter, I declare that you revive strength in her. Let there be a great turnaround in the state of her health. You’re able to turn deadness to liveness just like you did in the days of Ezekiel, Lord, do it once again in her life. Amen.

8. Compassionate King, thank you for holding your daughter’s hands and walking with her through this thick shadow of death. You’re always quick to hear the cries of your children and give attention even when they feel forsaken, unremembered, and extremely dejected. Help her oh Lord, to never feel forgotten or neglected by you, let this truth be constantly formed in her for the perfection of her health in Jesus’ name. Amen.

9. Merciful Jesus, thank you, for your daughter’s life, thank you for being the joy of her salvation over the years. Dear Lord, please, let your peace that passes all understanding overshadow her heart. Give her the strength to always trust in you in her distress. Amen.

10. Lord Jesus, your son is here, remind him always of your finished work on Calvary so he can pour her pains, loneliness, and struggles on you forever. Take away the discomforts and halt his worries. Show yourself mighty in his life and bless him with peace of mind forever and ever. Amen.

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Terminally Ill Prayer For Someone Dying Of Cancer

11. Father, Lord, Jesus, we appreciate you for your love, mercy, and great kindness in giving us Your son Jesus Christ to save us from all our struggles and pains. Your word says that You are not far away from the brokenhearted and You save those who are humble in spirit. Lord, save your daughter now from every pain and distress of cancer. Amen.

12. Heavenly Father, we thank you for hearing us always and we know that you will hear us again. We declare that you hear our cry over your daughter, draw her to you oh, Lord, as we seek your face concerning her suffering from physical discomfort and emotional trauma of cancer, Heal her this instant. Amen.

13. Father, we earnestly seek your face for a divine encounter that will lead to a supernatural eradication of all the destruction that is caused by cancer in the body of your son. God, be glorified as you accomplish your will in his life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

14. Dear Lord, You’re the creator and maker, you have always been a protector and guide in times of trouble. Lord, I pray that you extend the number of the days of your daughter, that this sickness will not lead to the termination of her life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

15. Lord, thank you for fathering your son right from his mother’s womb even when he had no idea of who he was. You gave him your riches, willingly and marvelously that he can’t explain. This time, I pray that you bless him with good and abundant health. Take pains far away from him in the name of Jesus.

16. Father, your grace, kindness, and goodness are your daughter’s realities. I ask now in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, that you extend the number of her days according to the promise in your word. I ask that you bless her treatments and the doctors in charge. Amen.

17. Precious Lord, I ask that you turn your face towards your son’s health and heal him completely. Just like you did in the life of our fathers, perfect the works of his healings in Jesus’ mighty name. I know that you have done it. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

18. Father, your son is troubled and doesn’t know if this struggle will end or when it will end. I pray that you quicken his mortal man right now and activate his faith in you again so that he might receive his wholeness by the blood of Jesus. Amen.

19. Lord, this pain is excruciating, and seems this man has never enjoyed good health before, his trial may seem overextended and has no due date. Please, Lord, put an end to his pain in the name of Jesus. Be his instant help in this time of trouble. Amen.

20. Father, you said in your word that we should call on you and you will hear us. Concerning your daughter, I declare that you will help her to trust you to heal her diseases and make her whole again. Revive her faith in you and let her believe only your report of life.

Prayer For The Sick Loved One

21. Lord Jesus, thank you for loving [name of the person who needs healing] with everlasting love even before she came to the understanding of your love for her. I know that you’re aware of how sick she is because you created her and so mindful of her, Please, Lord, I plead for instant healing on her behalf right now, let your healing hand be stretched forth to her and do wonders right there on her sick bed. Thank you, Lord, for hearing me always.

22. The book of Psalm 107:19-20 says that then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them out of their distresses. He sent his word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction. I have also read of how you healed miraculously just by your word, your word healed even when you were not there in person. Send your word of healing right now which can heal permanently. Amen.

23. Lord, there’s no situation too hard that you cannot handle, there is nowhere so far that you cannot reach by the power of your word. Therefore, I know that your daughter’s situation cannot be difficult for you. In your sovereignty, strengthen her faith in healing and give her the courage to accept your will in this chronic situation of her health. Amen.

24. Father, I bless Your name that You’re our hope of healing, I look up to You like I always do concerning the doctors and nurses You’re using to treat your child, guide them into the perfect treatments and drugs on your heart to heal this disease permanently. I believe that you cure, while the doctors can only care, guide them into the cure on your heart, and perform this miracle as you did in the life of blind Bartholomew. Amen.

25. God, I give you all the glory that {name of the person that needs healing} is yours and you control all things that concern her(him) from her(his) first breath to her(his) last breath. Put forth your healing handful of perfect health into the being of your daughter(son) and quicken her(his) mortal body. Amen in Jesus’ name.

26. Thank You, Lord, for your unfailing love and unending mercy. I lift your daughter to you, raise her from consistent pain. Visit her on her sick bed and make her whole again. I believe you that you’re consistent in all your ways, show us the consistency in and of your healing power, and make your daughter’s life proof that you’re the God of all flesh indeed and that nothing is impossible for you to do. Amen.

27. God of the universe, creator of heaven and earth, giver of all things including good and perfect health, loving and caring father, the reward of all who diligently seek you. Lord as I seek your face concerning our brother, I know that you would show him your mighty healing wings that are enough to carry him successfully through this life’s pains and struggles in Jesus’ name.

28. Father, you’re the breath of life, breathe upon your son. Lord, you’re the greatest Balm in Gilead, soothe your son’s internal wounds. You made us know in your word that you bore our sicknesses, always deeply pierced and penetrated by our illnesses, I decree that right now and right here, a divine healing springs forth from your pierced side into your son’s wounds. Amen.

29. God, Almighty, I bring your son to you this day, remove from him every form of disease, illness, and appearance of death. Everything bounding him down on the same spot is hereby terminated. I rebuke every form of discomfort in his body. The fever is gone. All forms of illnesses be rebuked in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! Hallelujah!

30. Our God and the greatest physician, every source of this sickness in your daughter is hereby blocked and sealed forever, I don’t care if it is generational or not, it is a tree that you God had not planted and you promised to uproot it without leaving a trace of it, I stand in the reality of your word and break this curse right now in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer For The Sick People

31. Father, thank You for the life of Your son, where You picked him from, and the glorious destination You’ve promised him. Jesus, I hereby, commit his health into your hands, look upon him Lord, and bless him with your divine healing. I decree strength into his weak bones and joy and alertness into his weary. Help him Lord not to shift his gaze away from You. Amen.

32. Heavenly Father, I’m here today to acknowledge your faithfulness over your daughter and all that concerns her. You’ve been her great help from ages past. I know you never fail and you always hear everyone that diligently seeks you. Lord, I lay her body down at your feet today, do not look away from the condition of her health. Save her with your mighty hands and outstretched arm. Amen!

33. Greatest deliverer, deliver your daughter from the Fowler’s snares that this sickness has bounded her. This sickness had taken so much from her including her trust in you and confidence in your name, help her to trust you again, help her to focus on you again, help her to love you again, and let your spirit rekindle her strength again. Amen.

34. Father, God, everyone in this hospital needs healing. I commit their feeble knees into your hands now, that cause strength to emanate from there. Visit the source of their pains and pour your healing balm there right now. Cause their healths to declare your praise and glorify your name in Jesus’ name. Amen.

35. Lord, your daughter needs healing from the hurts of the past, unexpected and on-and-off body pains caused by deep wounds that had refused to be perfectly healed. I present her body to you today, cause the work of perfection to begin to happen now, and let there be a spiritual healing that cuts across all her body systems. Amen!

36. Father, thank you for always answering me. Today I decree that there be perfect healing in your son’s bones and marrows, his ligaments and joints also need your touch. Lord, his heart longs for wholeness, heal him without leaving one inch of trace that he was ever sick before. Return his strength and activeness to him just like in the past years. Thank You, Lord, for I know You’ve heard me and granted my expectations. Amen.

37. Abba, Father, I praise you for the death of the cross and the love poured out to your daughter through your son, Jesus Christ. Father, Lord, your precious daughter, the one you cherish and are always mindful of is here with her sick body, Heal her perfectly so that her life may glorify your name and be a testament that you’re the great physician. Amen!

38. Precious Father of Light in whom there’s no shadow of turning, in you alone is found perfect health, peace, and perfect healing. You’re the source of calmness and true joy in all the universe. Today, I ask that you grant your beloved the consciousness of your presence, and reawaken her total confidence and absolute reliance on you as you perform the perfection of her health. Amen.

39. Lord, make your son’s life a living proof that you care and heal, and bless him with total recovery from reoccurring migraines and diabetes, Through this, many more will come to the understanding of your love and serve you without going back. Thank You, Lord, for being my answer. Hallelujah!

40. Lord, you’ve always loved and favored your sons and daughters which assured me that you’re in this process of healing with your son. I know that he’s never journeying alone in this deeply dark and confusing moment of bad health condition. Let there be a glorious shift in her health and cause a balance. In the unfailing name of Jesus, I prayed. Amen.

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Prayer for Terminal Illness

41. Lord, all sins and transgressions are forgiven by You, through the blood you shed on the cross of Calvary. Concerning your daughter, forgive all her sins and transgressions. The doctors said her illness was developed through her multiple partners, granting her the grace to believe 9nly your report of forgiveness and healing through your unfailing mercy. Amen.

42. Merciful Father, I decree in your name that you take away this sickness that has now become a stigma for your son by your mercy. Give him the courage to trust in you despite his feeling of being neglected and alone. Let mercy wash him clean and make him whole again. Amen

43. Gracious Lord, everything good and perfect comes from you including your beloved’s health. There’s no shadow of turning in You, Lord, you were the same yesterday, today, and forever. If you have healed before, then I believe that you will do it again in her life. You promised to satisfy her with a long life in the holy book. Let this prophecy become her reality in Jesus’ name. Amen.

44. Merciful Father, the devil is threatening this family with a lot of discomfort concerning mummy’s(daddy’s) health and it’s beginning to question their faith and shake their trust in you. Visit this home now and bless them with joy unspeakable concerning her(his) health. Amen.

45. Father, in our weakness, you’re always our strength! Release strength unto your son. Let the spirit of God begin to intercede concerning his health with groanings that can never be altered. Let all diseases be taken away by the power of the Holy Ghost and grant him a long life in wellness! Thank You, Lord, because You always hear us. Amen.

46. King of glory, I thank You for You have never left this home nor forsaken them for once. Thank You for fathering them in the best way they could ever imagine. Thank you for keeping the whole family in perfect health. Lord, I declare as your able minister of life, that you heal the last borne of this home from every trauma and emotional imbalance in Jesus’ name. Amen!

47. Precious Maker, healing and preserved strong health come from you, I pray for(the name of the person that needs healing) that you give him(her) an undeniable testimony concerning his(her) health. Lord, bless his(her) caregivers; the doctors and nurses that are in charge. Grant them the wisdom and perfect insight into the divine healing in you. Let your name alone be glorified at the end of it all. Amen.

48. Lord, I stand on your word, which says ‘I shall not die but live to declare the glorious works of the Lord’. Fill this brother’s heart with your love and cast out fear from his heart, that his eyes may be lightened into word. Heal him, and he shall be healed. Let your resurrection power rest in every cell and system of his body in Jesus’ name, Amen.

49. Lord Jesus, I come before you today asking you to bring calmness to your beloved in this ward who are terminally ill. Remind them of your love as they go through this challenging time. Please help them to be faithful to the end. Remove anything that will bring fear and uncertainty in their hearts as they go through this process of healing in Jesus’ name!

50. Lord, as your sons and daughters fight this battle with cancer, remind them that they’re not alone, you’re holding them in the palm of your hand and every detail of their health occupies your heart. Let your will alone be done in their life, Grant them eternal rest and joy everlasting. Amen.

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Prayer For Someone Terminally Ill

51. God of Heaven, beyond the evil report this woman received from her doctors is your report of perfect health, prosperity, and good life. Dearest God, help her to choose your word over the doctor’s report, and I declare and decree that no weapon formed against her in the form of this terrible disease shall prosper in Jesus’ name. Amen.

52. Lord, Jesus, in your name, miracles have happened and are still happening. I refute every report of death concerning your son in Jesus’ name. Right now I rebuke brain tumour on your behalf. I decree calmness and orderliness in your nervous system in Jesus’ name. Amen.

53. Lord, Jesus, nothing in this world can separate us from your steadfast love. Please, Lord, give your son a measure of your love today, give him the strength to go through this trial without cursing you. Thank you for your love for him that never ends! And thank you for the crown of joy that is set for him forever in your Kingdom! Amen!

54. Dear Lord, nothing is impossible with You and nothing is too difficult for you to do. Also, you have healed many diseases and sicknesses and You have promised to do the same for your daughter. I pray for Your healing touch upon his life. Eradicate this cancer that is beginning to spread through his body by the power in your name and blood. Amen!

55. Lord, you do everything beautiful in your own time. In Your time and in Your way, touch your daughter’s mortal body and heal her of this disease. Give her courage, Lord, to trust in your word eternally. Rekindle her hope in you in times when everything seems confusing. Amen!

56. O Lord, I decree comfort to your people struggling with this chronic disease. I declare ease into all pains and discomfort brought about by their treatment. Holy Spirit, help them to remain optimistic throughout their ordeals and steadfast in your love. I believe and pray in Jesus’ name! Amen.

57. Heavenly Father, your son has been diagnosed with a terminal disease. He has a few weeks left before he comes to reign eternally with you. Father, despite his predicament, still emanates true joy and a peaceful aura. I believe you can still turn things around for his sake. Lord, let your will be done in him. Amen.

58. Look upon your daughter mercifully, let your healing hand rest upon her, and may your power full of healing flow through the dead cells of her body and into the innermost part of her soul; doing the work of cleansing, purification, restoration to wholeness and strength for devotion and dedication to your Kingdom. Amen.

59. Lord, remind your daughter always in her pains, struggles, and discomforts that you can be trusted, and teach her Lord to respond to your love and unfailing care. Help her to trust in your provision of perfect health, strength, and peace at your timing, that we may glorify you in your daughter. Amen.

60. Heavenly Father, I am sure that you’re aware of the great dangers your people are surrounded with and how fragile they are to handle them all alone. Release unto them the grace to recognize you as the source of their strength and power in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer For Terminally Ill

61. Way Maker and Wonder Working Father. The one who made a way in the wilderness and brought water from the desert. I know you know about this migraine disturbing your son’s life for the past two years(mention your sickness and the duration it has lasted). You’re the God that heals without collecting a dime. Show him your power of impossibilities makes possible. Thank you, Lord, because he has received your healing and his life will glorify your name forever and ever. Amen!

62. My Father and my God, I commit your daughter to you today with her broken heart, Lord, heal her. Heal her broken heart. Occupy her heart with peace, joy in the Holy Ghost, and strength that can only come from you alone in difficult and confusing times. Thank you because you always hear me. Hallelujah!

63. Lord, when you hold your daughter’s hands, all things become possible. Hold her hands and walk her through this journey of healing and total recovery which is possible only in you. Let songs of praise fill her mouth at the end of it all. Amen in Jesus’ name!

64. Jesus, the name above every other name. You have the power that’s above every other power. Only in this name and power do miracles happen. The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and they are safe. Your daughter ran into you this evening and I declare that she is safe and saved from this sickness threatening to take away her good health. Thank you, Lord.

65. Heavenly Father, sweet Holy Spirit, my peace and my joy! Thank you for proclaiming your son as your beloved child. Thank you, Lord, for being pleased about his every being in life. Thank you for giving him all things that pertain to life and godliness only in your name. I declare that every trace of generational sicknesses begins to bow to him, he’s been bought by blood, and therefore no negative family history is permitted to repeat itself in his life. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

66. Father, Thank you for access to your name and all the possibilities in you in times of overwhelming life issues. Scripture says that you shall be my people and I, your God. Lord, your daughter’s health is hereby in your hands, help her Lord to rest in this assurance that you’re with her even to the end of the earth. Show yourself mighty in her life, bless her with your peace of mind. Thank You for Your presence. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

67. Oh God, my Father, ever since this beloved met you, you have never disappointed him. You have never put him to shame and I believe so much that you won’t even start now. Oh, Lord, now that a strange disease has been detected in his body system. I ask that you heal him, the way you healed the woman with the issue of blood of twelve years, his own is still a minor case compared to hers, Heal him, Lord. Amen!

68. Lord, today I pray that you teach your son to cast her cares and burdens on you, Lord, I trust you for a miracle on her behalf. Teach her to pour her fears, anxiety, and worries on you and that she’s able to take up your love, joy, and peace. Break the covenant of death before her by your mercy, because she has received your eternal life. Thank You, Lord, for hearing me always. Hallelujah!

69. Lord Jesus, You’re my Father, the resurrection and life. Thank you for being the greatest physician. Lord, I can see you stepping into your son’s hopeless health condition, as the greatest healer. Take away this Chronic Lung Disorder(mention your terminal illness) that is not part of your several beautiful promises for him. Let there be total freedom for him right away! I decree into your life that you’re free indeed! Hallelujah!

70. Father, the earthly doctors said concerning your daughter that her illness is not curable but I trust in You, Doctor Jesus, You that has the accurate cure to all terminal diseases, heal her Lord and now. Help her to keep trusting in you and strengthen her faith. I will forever praise you for granting my request. Hallelujah!

71. Jesus, You are the resurrection and the life. The one that holds the key to death and life. Many years ago, you won the victory over death for your son. Most high, this lifeless situation of your son needs attention. Scripture says, ‘Surely there’s an end, and the expectations of the righteous shall never be cut short’. Jesus, I decree that his expectations of life and sound health in you become his reality.

72. Lord, nothing about this baby is hidden from you, you know how weak he is and you are aware of how far this disease called cancer has eaten up his bones at a very tender age. Concerning him, Lord, let your mercy speak healing and total recovery in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

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