Prayer For Strength And Courage In Difficult Times For Family

60 Effective Prayer For Strength And Courage In Difficult Times For Family or Others

People go through difficult times. Yes! It could be you, your family, or your loved ones facing challenges and trials or one issue or the other. People can be going through emotional, mental, or physical pain that can make them feeble, weak, frustrated, and depressed.

Your problems cannot be bigger than God and whenever you are facing such problems the only thing you can do is pray. Prayer is the key to everything. God already knows your problems and your capability in handling these problems. You only need prayers for strength and courage to face and conquer these struggles and challenges. Prayer is very powerful and it gives you hope through any situation.

Is your family going through a difficult time or do you know a family who is going through such a moment? Then you need these lists of prayer for strength and courage in difficult times for family. While you offer these prayers, do it with faith and you will see what God will do for you.

Prayer for Strength During Difficult Time For Family

1. Father, We ask that you strengthen us amid the troubles. Give us the power to stand strong even when all hope is lost and Help us overcome these battles with your mercy.

2. Heavenly Father, my family is in a great dilemma and we are weak. Lord we come before you seeking your comfort and love, we ask that you strengthen us during hard times in the name of Jesus.

3. Dear God, we lift our eyes to the hills where our help comes from, Father I lift my family situations to you. We are wounded and the battles are becoming enormous, Father pour your love and peace upon us, strengthen us, and make us triumph in this difficult time.

4. Dear Lord, the troubles have surpassed us, we are weak and trembling with fear, help us to not deviate from your path and strengthen us to fight the battle to the very end in the name of Jesus.

5. Father, these problems have become a burden to my family, the load is too heavy. Lord carry our burden and strengthen us so that we may finish this race victoriously.

6. Dear God, depression and frustration have overwhelmed my family, they are weak and weary. Lord restore the joy, peace, love, and happiness to this family and renew our strength so that we may triumph in the name of Jesus.

7. Heavenly Father, problems are piling up, and my family is on the verge of breaking down. Lord be our source of strength to overcome these problems. Lord provide all that we need to clear these problems.

8. Gracious Father, my family is in great debt, we are financially crippled and we are stuck. Lord, we come before you today, knowing you would bless us according to your riches in glory. we ask that you bless the work of our hands and strengthen our inner man.

9. King of kings, the light of the world, we come before today asking that you shine your light to our problems, illuminate our paths so that we may not fall, and Grace us with your wisdom so that we may navigate through these problems victoriously in the precious name of Jesus.

10. Dear Lord, during these hard times, keep my family in one accord so that we may continue to love one another as one big family. Strengthen the love, compassion, and unity between us. Help us to understand each other better and to navigate through our problems as one. Amen.

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Prayer For Someone Going Through A Hard Time

11. I pray for you today, everything that is causing turmoil in your life is brought down. I pray that our heavenly father strengthens your spirit and gives you the spirit of discernment to navigate through your problems and solutions. Amen.

12. Heavenly Father, I pray for your son who is going through difficult times. I ask that you help him understand you more and trust that you are God and there is nothing you cannot do.

13. Gracious Father, I come to your presence to intercede for your daughter, please relieve her of this dilemma. Pour your grace upon her so that she may have the strength to overcome all her struggles and become more like you. Amen

14. Father in heaven, you said in your word that we should ask and it will be given unto us. We come before you today because of your son who is passing through the most difficult time of his life. We ask that you make all his problems still, let there be peace in his life, and restore everything that he has lost in multiple folds. Amen

15. Lord, we thank you for the life of your daughter and for the salvation that you have bestowed upon us. Father, we ask that bestow your strength upon your daughter in these trying times and fill her heart with courage, love, hope, and peace. Let her life reflect your presence in the name of Jesus.

16. Gracious father, please don’t let these problems drown your son, he has come before you, teach him everything he needs to know, you are all that he has and needs. Lord breathe upon him that all his problems may disappear. Amen

17. Ancient one, we thank you for all you have done in the past, what you will do, and what you doing in the life of your daughter. Father save your daughter from this mighty storm. Have your way in her life, she has surrendered all to you. Father help her to overcome these struggles in the name of Jesus. Amen

18. Almighty God we bless your name, we come before you and we lay all the problems of your son in your hands. Open the doors of heaven that your grace, mercy, and strength may pour upon him.

19. Father, your daughter is absolutely nothing without you, strengthen her, pour out your wisdom upon her, and lead her on the right path so that she may triumph in this difficult time. Amen

20. Lord, shine your grace upon your son, help him to know you more, and let his struggles and battles draw him closer to you. Protect your son even during these troubles, let him live to testify your goodness. Amen.

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Prayer For Strength During Difficult Times For Others

21. Lord of Lords, we thank you for the gift of life and your unconditional love in the lives of your people. Father, your children are weak and are in a difficult situation and they are faced with fear. Lord be with them and grant them the courage to face their fears, fill their hearts with peace and love in the name of Jesus. Amen.

22. Father, we thank you, even amid all the challenges we say thank you. Lord deliver your children from these tribulations, help them understand that you are the way, the truth, and the life. Help them know it is only by your grace that their problems can be solved. Thank you for answering our prayers. Amen.

23. Heavenly Father, you deserve all the glory and honor. We thank you for your hand in the lives of these people. Help them to focus on you alone and not their problems. Father, strengthen them amid these challenges in the name of Jesus.

24. Lord, strengthen your people and help them reduce all the high mountains of challenges to the barest minimum. We ask for your divine guidance, guiding them step by step in the right direction during these difficult times.

25. Gracious Father, help us to know your will and purpose for the lives of your people, fill their hearts with hope and strength, knowing that by your mercy, you will help them out of these struggles and challenges. Amen.

26. Father in heaven, I lift your people who are frustrated, confused, depressed, and hopeless. Help them overcome these problems and help them know you are the only source of strength and encouragement. Amen.

27. Father, I ask for peace like still waters in the hearts of your people who are troubled or going through one challenge or the other. Take perfect control and be their refuge and fortress in the name of Jesus. Amen.

28. Father in heaven, I pray for the grace of endurance and patience in the lives of your people facing hard times. Enlighten them to know that your timing is perfect and all their struggles will be gone if they wait upon you. Amen.

29. Lord, I pray for your children in every four corners of the world going through challenges and difficult times. I pray that these struggles don’t end their lives, but strengthen them to stand strong and fight these battles in the name of Jesus. Amen.

30. Father, we thank you for your faithfulness in the lives of your people. Lord you can do all things and you have never lost a battle, strengthen your people and help them understand you are able and nothing is impossible by your power. Amen.

A Very Powerful Prayer For Difficult Times

31. Father, we pray for your strength like no other in this difficult time. Lord let us touch your grace so that our lives can change and these difficult times can come to an end in the name of Jesus.

32. King of kings, we come to your presence knowing you are the only answer to our problems, our only help during these hard times. Lord by your mercy, bestow upon us your grace, your strength, and divine protection. Amen.

33. Gracious Father, help me to lean on your understanding, and impact me with the wisdom and knowledge to discern and know the right directions in these difficult times. Strengthen me to stand strong knowing you are an everlasting God.

34. My Father in heaven, I run to you today for my help cometh from you, Lord change my story and help me in these hard times. Those who are laughing at me in these trying times, let them be the ones to testify about your goodness in my life. let my life reflect your glory in the name of Jesus.

35. Eternal rock of ages, for in your presence there is fullness of joy and peace, even in this difficult time, fill my heart with unending happiness for I know my case is settled and I can see you fighting my battles.

36. Heavenly Father, manifest your power in my life during these difficult times. Perform your wondrous work in my life, let me be filled with your presence so that I may not dwell in my challenges and struggles and that I may focus on you alone. Amen

37. Father, let your grace find me and free me from the shackles of all these challenges and tribulations. Lord, let your power take control of my life and let my life be a living testimony. Amen

38. Lord, strengthen me that I may not give up amid these hard times, I am in distress and my heart aches. Father, I need your comfort and Peace. Fill me with your grace so that I can face my fears and challenges. Be my comforter and let my life be a miracle.

39. Father, I cry to you today, my life is stuck, stagnant, and in a mess. Lord, I seek your face today, I need you in this difficult time. Save me and help me navigate my problems and solutions. Have your way in my life Lord. Amen

40. Lord, hear my heart cry, send me your grace. I have no one to run to, I have no one to ask for help, only you lord. sometimes I doubt your powers and I am slowly losing faith in you. Father help me from this bondage, help me trust that you are the only way to victory. Amen.

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Prayer For Strength During Difficult Times Messages

41. Gracious father, this burden is too much, my heart is filled with sadness and worry. These problems are enormous and overwhelming, Lord where are thou, hear my humble cry. I need your strength, I need you like never before, never leave me, Father.

42. God of peace, my mind is clouded, I am unaware of the things I do, I lost a father and I don’t know what step to take. Show me mercy, strengthen me, and lead me. I trust in your directions and your will for my life. Father help me in this difficult time.

43. A life that knows you and has touched your grace can never be the same, Father help me to know you amidst this hard time, open my heart to you so that I may receive undiluted strength and help. Lord open my ears that I may hear from you, open my eyes that I may see you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

44. King of glory I worship your name, thank you for your undiluted and unconditional love upon my life. Father your child is tired and exhausted, I am drained of all the strength in me. Father, I ask that you breathe upon me and give me strength like no other, give me the power to overcome these struggles, and help me carry this burden, Lord. Thank you, father.

45. Lord, I am lost without you, guide me through these struggles, and be with me at every moment and every step I take. Help me follow your directions, I put everything about my life in your hands. By your grace and mercy let me be scale through these challenges unharmed.

46. God take control of my life, I can’t live it without you. I have been shutting you up from my life not knowing that there is no me without you. God help me amid these problems and help me to know you more than before, strengthen me through it all in the name of Jesus.

47. God of mercy, I come before you this today and I bow before your presence. I have sinned against you and I have done the unimaginable, it took me to be in struggles and challenges to realize how much I have deviated from you. Father forgive me of my sins and accept me back as your own. Amen

48. King of glory, no one can do all the things you do, you are gracious and merciful. Father show me your mercy in this difficult time, help me to overcome the trials and tribulations, love me unconditionally, and help me to know you more in the name of Jesus.

49. Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of life and the salvation of my soul, help me never depart from your presence and let your will be done in my life. Father, I lay my problems to you, strengthen me so that I may face them and succeed in solving them. Draw me closer to you in this difficult time Lord. Amen.

50. Lord, I ask that you preserve my life even amid these challenges. Help me to build my faith and connect more to you even in these times. Lord strengthen me in the name of Jesus.

Short Prayer For Strength And Courage In Difficult Times

51. Heavenly Father, I need your strength and courage to face these problems. Strengthen my inner man to pray fervently in this difficult time and the courage to face my fears In the name of Jesus.

52. Gracious Father, take my pain away even while I climb these high mountains of troubles and challenges. Give me the strength and courage to climb them to the very top and overcome them victoriously.

53. Father, I am exhausted and tired of this sickness and disease. Father heal me and deliver me completely. Give me the strength to scale this sickness through, please don’t let it be the end of me in the name of Jesus

54. Gracious God, the only source of strength and good health comfort me and heal me completely. Lord, I am weak and hopeless, strengthen me so that I can be confident that you are answering my prayers.

55. God, you are my help and comfort; surround me with your love and strength in this difficult time so that I may know that your presence will always be with me.

Prayer For My Family In Difficult Times Quotes

56. Father, you are my refuge and fortress in times of difficulties and challenges. Lord, it is only in your arms I find solace and comfort, help me that the powers of these troubles and afflictions don’t drown me. Be with me through it all and grant me peace like never before.

57. Dear God, please strengthen me when I am feeble and powerless, love me when I feel deserted and rejected, and give me courage when I am scared and anxious, especially in these difficult times. Please be with me every step of the way.

58. Father in heaven, I ask that you secure me under your wings, secure me from the powers of the evil ones, and give me the courage to fight these battles and the strength to not get weary in the name of Jesus.

59. Lord Christ, thank you for your mercy and favor, as I go through these tribulations and trials help me to always come to a realization that you will always be with me and that you are in control of my life. Amen

60. Lord, my God, protect me your daughter from every evil. You are my strength, my hope, my all in all. Even amid these challenges, I trust that you will not turn away from me. Help me that I never depart from your presence forever. Amen.

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