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80 Sample Classroom Observation Comments, Suggestion and Notes

Why should a teacher or students observe and give comments of the class? An average student should be able to read, write, and handle tasks in class accurately. But when a student starts failing or lagging behind, this could be a result of paying less attention or losing focus and many other factors as well. Only a teacher can observe this and also help the student do better.  A student can also observe deficiencies in the class and project them to the teacher. This and many more are reasons why classroom observation comments are important.

Emerging as the best student or getting a first-prize award are dreams of many students but these can be hindered if the students don’t live up to the standards required to achieve this goal. Students cannot live up to the requirement if the teachers are not also measuring up.

Aside from giving lectures to the students, observing certain details in the student’s academic performance and daily interactions in the class would give the students an insight to either improve or maintain their abilities. Giving the students opportunities to give feedback and express themselves in class will further help them as well.

Listed below are several observations and comments that can enhance teachers’ performance and student’s learning ability and skill and bring the student closer to his goal of acing all subjects taught.

Sample Classroom Observation Notes

1. We will appreciate it if teachers are observant of their students, monitor students’ responsiveness in class, and attend to those that need improvement in class activities. Students need some attention to behave well in class.

2. This class came out last in the final competition because they were limited in their level of exposure. You can engage the students in more difficult topics and more activities to broaden their horizon and make them think outside the box.

3. Let there be more verbal communication even when teaching, let it be an interactive class, with more quizzes and oral questions. We suggest that this should be taken note of and let the students enjoy the full benefits of each session.

4. Students should be disciplined, I observed that students are not punished for their wrongdoing and this gives them a chance to commit the same offense again. Kindly put up disciplinary measures that will help the student behave appropriately in the class.

5. Teachers should do more practicals than theory. Practicals help the student understand better and give them more insights into a topic. Students can easily forget what they are taught but not what they see with their eyes.

6. I observed that the meals of most students in my classroom are without protein, just solely carbohydrates. A good meal will aid the responsiveness of students in the classroom.

7. Parents should stop helping their wards to write their assignments. It’s okay to help them through it and direct them, and allow them to write these assignments themselves, it will help improve their writing and understanding of the topic.

8. Teachers should ask questions at the end of every lecture and give assignments, to help the students understand and relate to new materials for every topic taught.

9. The class hasn’t been conducive enough for the student, there are few windows and no other ventilation, and learning in this kind of condition would be tough for the students. We would appreciate it if the school works on this.

10. As a teacher, you shouldn’t just stick with only the school syllabus, do more research, and broaden your knowledge, it will aid you while teaching the students.

Classroom Observation Comments And Suggestions

11. Teaching is a very difficult job, we acknowledge the great work you are doing in keeping kids together to learn and focus but we will like to implore you to always pay close attention to your students, and carry them along in your teaching.

12. Dears teachers, we want to use this medium to appreciate you for helping us train, guide and raise our kids, your efforts didn’t go unnoticed and we will love to tell you to be asking our kids questions in class as this will help him to be more serious with his studies.

13. The contributions of good teachers to society are invaluable and incomparable, thanks for making an impact on the lives of our kids. We appreciate everything you are doing to make them better, keep up the good job.

14. We appreciate you for making yourselves available for the baronial assignment of our kids’ upbringing, thanks so much for investing so much in our kids. We will appreciate it if you can be more friendly with our daughter, she catches up faster in a friendly atmosphere.

15. We will love to celebrate you all for your contributions to the learning and development of our kids, we appreciate your efforts and we will like you to be more explanatory in spelling and pronunciation of words, our kid is not so good at reading.

16. Your impact on the lives of young minds is ineradicable and can never be forgotten. You are the builders of tomorrow’s leaders, we beseech you to be using more examples to explain to our son as this will help him learn faster and better.

17. We didn’t take your time and effort on our child for granted, thanks for always making learning fun and interesting for her. You are a good teacher and you deserve every good thing in this life.

18. All the teachers in the school are doing great jobs, I appreciate your contribution to the development of this school and the growth of the students. Words will fail to talk of your magnificence.

19. You are an extraordinary teacher, you don’t only teach your students, you also help them discover themselves and bring out the best in them. The world will be better if all the teachers in every school can be like you. Thank you so much for all you do.

20. This school is the best school I have ever taken my kids to, the teachers are very committed to imparting knowledge to the life of the student and helping them discover themselves. Kudos to all the teachers. They are the best I have ever seen.

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Observation Feedback Comments

21. This school is one of the best schools in the state, the teachers have been doing great in both classroom teaching and extra curriculum activities, and it also provided a conducive environment for learning, we will appreciate it if the school can provide a good transportation system, get a bus that will be bringing students to school and returning them home.

22. Since my child joined this school, he has been doing very well in his academics and I want to commend the teachers for the good job they did in bringing the best out of our kid, we will also love it if the teacher can be more affable and approaching as this will make it easy for us to communicate well with them concerning our children academics.

23. I must say the teachers are actually doing well and we appreciate everything they have been doing to help our kids do well in their studies, but we will appreciate it if the teacher can try and make the teaching more interesting to the students by including fun during the course of their teaching as this will make the students find their teaching more interesting.

24. We have discovered what makes the students happy in the classroom and what makes them enjoy the student teaching, so we will try and introduce this to help the students understand the subjects they find difficult well and also make the school more lively for them.

25. In our way of trying to make learning easier and faster for the Students we have introduced group reading which will expedite their understanding but we noticed this isn’t working for your kid, so we will implore you to encourage him by pairing him up with his siblings at home as this will help in building up his mind for group reading.

26. Our new method of teaching has been helping the students learn faster and has made this school better than it was and we will continue with this method, we will love to beseech the parent to cooperate with us by bringing their kids to school early so that they will not be lagging in their studies.

27. We will love to encourage our parents to always release their kids for extracurricular activities any time we call for it as this will aid our preparation for the competition that is coming, as we all know that preparation is what makes us keep winning. We appreciate your support and cooperation so far.

28. Our students have been doing excellently well in their studies, so we have thought of a way of making this continue. We will be taking our students on competition within and outside this state as this will help in building their confidence, we will appreciate it if the parents and school can support this.

29. We appreciate the teachers for the good job they are doing in raising our kids academically and morally. We didn’t take this for granted. But we noticed our kid has not been doing well in mathematics, we will appreciate it if the school can organize extra coaching on mathematics and some other subjects that the students find difficult.

30. All work without play makes Jack a dull boy, we all know academics aren’t the only thing students came to learn in school, many activities need to be included to make school a comfortable place for the kids. We have been taking kids on excursions but some parents have not been turning up, we will appreciate it if they can be supportive in this aspect.

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Sample Comments For Classroom Observation

31. I have been your kid’s class teacher for two years now and he has been doing well in his academics, but I noticed lately that he has been sleeping in the classroom I have watched him closely and I haven’t found a reason for that. I will love you if you can take him to the hospital for a proper check-up and treatment.

32. Your child has been doing great in mathematics and some other subjects but he is very poor at English language and spoken English, It will be of great help to him if you can be communicating with him in English at home and also let him be watching educative and English based movie as this will help his spoken English.

33. Your daughter has performing well in her academics and she used to be a very jovial and friendly person but I noticed she suddenly stopped relating well and playing with her classmates, and I haven’t figured out the reason for the change in her behavior, kindly help us talk to her to know what’s wrong.

34. The rate at with your son picked up on this performance this term is very amazing, but he hasn’t been doing well lately I have come to realize that he plays too much in the course of his studies and all my efforts to make him change have been fruitless. I will appreciate it if you can help him in that aspect.

35. For a child to be doing well in his or her studies, he /she has to be happy and be in a good state of mind. I observed your daughter’s performance has been getting bad and it’s not like that before. I feel something is bothering her. Please kindly do something about this.

36. Your child has been very brilliant and smart, I’m so happy to be his class teacher. I will love him to continue being this intelligent. Please help me take care of his needs so that nothing disturbs his good performance.

37. Your child has been doing well in his studies and I want to commend you for the effort you have been making in spending time with him at home. And I want to assure you that, if he continues like this he is going to be the best student in his class. I will appreciate it if you can keep an eye on him so he won’t relent.

38. I noticed your child has been talking too much while the class is going on and this has been affecting his performance badly. I will love you to make sure he doesn’t spend much time on the screen because I have discovered he discusses what he watches on the television with his friends in the classroom.

39. We want to appreciate you for the good job you doing for the kids, I must admit since my kid joined this school, she has been doing great in his studies. But he complained his mates are bullying him and this has been affecting his studies. Kindly do something about this.

40. This school is one of the best schools in the state and we believe it will be the best school soon. We have been doing underground work in a bid to make learning more interesting for the kids.

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Sample Classroom Observation Notes In The New Normal

Working or being in an environment where you can communicate your feelings without fear of criticism is a true blessing and not everyone has this privilege. So if you have this opportunity of sharing your opinion it should be an opportunity for you to express your ideas easily.

However, if you are allowed to express your feelings you must be careful of how you express them. An acceptable comment must be in a polite and right manner.

You don’t need to worry about the right words to use in expressing your observations, as we have put together everything you need. Sit back and enjoy.

41. Encouraging your son to stay dedicated to his studies as he had from the beginning of the term will enable him to get a first-prize award eventually.

42. If by any chance there seems to be an issue at home bothering your child, please help him in that aspect as he seems to have less concentration on his lesson in class and he needs to improve on that.

43. Kindly note that your child is super brilliant but gets easily distracted in class. I have tried my best to help him but I implore you to do your part at home too

44. I observed that as a result of certain matters at home that might be bothering your son have led him to be absent-minded in class lately and this needs to be checked immediately so it doesn’t affect his studies.

45. Paying attention in class is key to certain class activities and it helps for a better understanding of what is being taught. But your child rarely pays attention, do you mind speaking to him at home as well?

46. Your child is smart but he needs to improve his attitude towards his work to yield better marks and positive comments. Kindly help watch him and correct him at home on this, please.

47. Your son happens to be one of my brilliant students in class but fails to attend to class tasks on time and this has made him lay a little behind his peers. Kindly encourage him to do more.

48. I need your child to improve his attitude toward classwork. He is barely time conscious and lags behind most of the time even if he is well aware of how to go about the tasks given.

49. Kindly be aware that we need you to make sure your child shows up to school as early as possible so he doesn’t miss out on the class task that has started already

50. Coming early to school and settling down in time before the classes begin helps your child to concentrate and perform better as well.

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Sample Classroom Observation Notes

51. Interactive boards for learning can be introduced and used for lessons to make the classes more fascinating for the students as times have changed and technologies have improved.

52. Teachers that smile while teaching their students will certainly improve the mood of the class and enable the students to be more receptive to lessons being taught

53. I wish the teachers enabled more room for feedback and questions during the class as this would enable the students to get more understanding before the end of the lesson

54. The teachers are doing their best to reach every student but I wish there was someone in class we can relate to more, like a class captain.

55. The lessons taught in class are interesting but sometimes limited, so allowing us to go home and do research will widen our horizons and knowledge about the lesson

56. Our teachers should be more comfortable when teaching us in class to enable a better and more conducive learning atmosphere.

57. A conducive class aids the students in learning easily and quickly and also aids the teacher in disseminating information and knowledge appropriately.

58. Every student should be allowed to express themselves and give feedback as this will boost their confidence and help them to learn faster as well

59. A teacher should always take time to observe each student as he teaches as this will enable him to take note of the student’s behavior and help him adjust where necessary.

60. Adding extra time to each class will aid the teaching of each lesson to be longer and well-emphasized for better understanding. I hope this would be considered, as it will help the students in the long run.

Sample Cot Observation Notes

61. A teacher starts the class by saying a simple prayer for the day, activities, and class ahead. Check the total attendance of all her students and greetings too.

62. The motivation section comes next, and it can be in the form of a game or the teacher can select a student to read and take down important details and then ask the class questions from the reading section.

63. The motivation is normally concise thereby other activities of the day are not consumed by just this aspect of the class. This balance in the school activities is appreciated and it will go a long way in helping the students.

64. The objectives of the lesson are posted on the board and the teacher instructs all the students to read and he explains it all for better understanding.

65. The lesson of the day begins properly and the teacher introduces the activities to be carried out by each student and divides the task amongst each student

66. The teacher uses an interactive board or projectors to further explain the lesson and how each task should be carried out effectively and entertains questions from the students to better understand what to do.

67. Each student in their several divisions is given enough time to carry out their tasks completely and accurately. Students were not pressured to deliver the assignment, this has helped their performance over time.

68. After the activity has been done by the students, the teacher commends the students’ efforts and gives additional inputs to the lesson and more clarifications too

69. The students are given assessments after the activity to further test their understanding of the lesson and given opportunities to give feedback and explain each answer given to the whole class.

70. The class is very interactive s the students participated for the whole duration of the class and the teacher completed the lesson objective for the lesson

Online Teaching Observation Comments

71. The class session is a clear demonstration of organization and planning and it follows a good logical flow. I appreciate every effort you put into the online class. Thank you for giving your best.

72. The instructional materials made available for these classes are easily accessible, age-appropriate, free of unnecessary ads, and have no errors. This shows your intentionality and level of preparedness.

73. I observed that the instructor made available the objectives for the class session clear and visible to all and further explained them. I got more value in this class than I expected.

74. For students who cannot make it online at the appointed time of class, materials are made available for them to access. Either online or offline recording. This investment is highly appreciated.

75. The session was very clear and audible for any gadgets being used by the students to attend the class and visual text was made available too, to follow and enhance the student learning ability

76. I observed that every material brought or used in the session online was of clear and fair use standards and also complied with copyright. I really enjoyed myself in the class.

77. The class sessions are very timely, they start and end at the exact time stated without further delay, thereby enabling the students to watch again and not to get bored.

78. The instructor of each session always gives opportunities for feedback and sets aside time for questions and answers as well thereby aiding better understanding. Your efforts are commended.

79. There is a time limit for each activity stayed by the instructor of each task to be carried out, using a time-based agenda, using visual and auditory prompts

80. It is quite clear that the instructor is present and proactive and makes the class engaging by utilizing the webcam or audio features to optimize interactions

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