Words of Appreciation for Teachers From Principal

60 Words of Appreciation for Teachers From Principal and Parents

Teachers specialize in imparting skills, knowledge, and values to learners to help them develop well. They are experts in Instilling certain values and principles in their students as well. For their effort sake, they must be appreciated. It is a good gesture that words of appreciation for teachers from principal are sent to them.

Teachers spend over 7 hours in 5 days every week in the life of every student and even extra 2 hours for special classes for students who need this private learning. So we can say teachers spend most of the day with a student even more than the parent.

Every Doctor, lawyer, and many more professions were taught and impacted by teachers. Many successful professions owe tributes and gratitude to teachers.

Teachers’ day shouldn’t be celebrated just once a year but at every given time. So I will be taking time to appreciate teachers and show how much each teacher’s efforts are well appreciated

Inspirational Message from Principal to Teachers

1. Great teachers, I appreciate you. You awaken the hearts of others by doing what you love and you also inspire them. Thank you.

2. The enthusiasm you bring to work is a strong effect on the students making them optimistic about each day and making them believe in themselves is fantastic. Well done.

3. Your teaching goes beyond the four walls of the classroom, highlighting life now and beyond the school with words of inspiration that grow the student’s interest which is amazing.

4. The way you have helped each student discover their passion and interest even till they find themselves too over the years is a whole lot of dedication. Here you have created masterminds and your work is well appreciated.

5. Without teachers, we won’t have a lot of professions today. The core and sprout of all professions come as a result of your years of impacting knowledge and helping each student find their interest.

6. The education you have instilled in each student has motivated them to stay on the right path in certain areas of their life. Thank you, teacher.

7. The confidence you portray in disseminating knowledge has empowered leaders who have set and achieved goals beyond measure and brought hope and peace to the journey ahead.

8. Who you are is more essential than what you teach. The knowledge you impact is taken in by how you present it and shape it into their minds. The students see you first, listen to you and always remember how you make them feel. So you are important.

9. You are a teacher who leads and pushes each student till they reach their next height. Your belief in each student brings their dreams alive. Thank you.

10. You are a superior teacher who doesn’t just tell, and explain but demonstrates and inspires by encouraging their imagination and bringing each student’s idea to life.

Principal Message to Teachers

11. I once walked by no-period classes and saw how focused and serious the students were with their work and activities assigned to them earlier in the day and after inquiring around I figured the teachers behind the dedication these students put in their work even on a free period and I am impressed and ask that you all keep up the good work.

12. Passing a message to the students has been made easy by the ways and methods you have put in place with the student’s schedules. Enabling them to attend to their work rapidly and attentively. I have no regret in having you all as staff.

13. Parents haven’t stopped commenting about how vast their wards have grown in the past weeks and can’t stop mentioning your names. You’re great teachers indeed.

14. I had a couple of meetings with the school board and after going through statistics and analysis I have come to find out that your methods of teaching over the years have increased the number of A+ students in this school and we are always having to look for new and more prizes to gift the students for their efforts. Well done.

15. Punctuality is the sole of business. In this school, I have noticed that you all have indeed shown me you mean business by keeping to time honestly and also being good role models to the students.

16. I would like you all to pay proper attention to discipline in school and watch how you go about it. We wouldn’t want to have fatalities in the name of trying to correct a student. A teacher should always be careful with each student because you manage their life all the hours they stay with you.

17. As a teacher, you should know that beyond the four walls of the school, these students face life and I would like you to teach and instill values that will be useful to them outside of school as well. I will be taking note of this.

18. Every student in this school is equal and no one should be treated with special care regardless of their position or their parents. So the other’s self-esteem is not affected by this attention or specialty given to certain students amongst them. Thereby we promote peace and transparency among our students and school as teachers.

19. Certain values like morality, respect, and discipline amongst others are what I expect teachers to instill in each student in their care so they don’t only use this in the school but in the outside world as well.

20. The medals won from the last inter-house sports have been very impressive. The school has lost count of how many Gold won this term cause of the good sports teachers we have, who has not only encouraged but supported these students in their sporting dreams and abilities. Keep up the good work.

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Short Thank You Message For Teachers From Parents

21. My daughter has won a total of 14 gold medals and 6 silver since the last three years you have started taking her in sports and also encouraged and supported her dream of being a basketball star. Thank you so much, teacher.

22. I have searched for a suitable tutor for my child for a long time now and I am grateful to have found you for your efforts and success in transforming my child’s grades haven’t gone unnoticed.

23. John never seizes to speak of his teacher who takes them new dictionary words each day and now I have a young but highly intellectual kid always correcting my use of words at home. Thank you, teacher.

22. Tomorrow my child will be celebrating his birthday and when I asked what he would like he asked if I could buy a new pair of shoes for his teacher who walked into his life at the right time.

23. I have traveled a lot and not had the proper time to spend with my children but I have noticed how well-behaved they still are at home and I discovered it’s because they have amazing teachers in school who instills values in them. Thank you so much.

24. I do not have enough money to send my child to a good school but little did I know that defect has brought me and my child to the right school because of the amazing teacher who gives a 100% to each child. Thank you, sir.

25 . I am proud to say I have an A+ child cause my child has got a disciplined and intelligent teacher who pays attention and teaches with vast experience. Thank you for all you do.

26 . What better way to make a teacher proud is by getting good grades to make the teacher proud of all their efforts? I am glad my ward has never let you down in any way. Well done sir and ma.

27 . I have noticed certain interests and passions of my child getting more attention and growth. I am a proud parent all thanks to the teachers she has got.

28 . I don’t have to be scared of being a single parent cause I have amazing teachers who always fill the gap by taking my children in certain good values and occupying the missing times with other educative interests and identifying their passion and career paths too. I am so grateful.

Teacher Appreciation Message From Principal

Below are words of appreciation for teachers from principal:

31. Thank you for working under this school and making your presence known with efforts noticed by the student’s improvements in their academics.

32. The students always look forward to the assembly time as early as 7:45 am is an impressive thing I have noticed the cause of your special teachings and acts during this time. You’re a good teacher.

33. I don’t have to worry about extracurricular activities being too extravagant or taking too much time cause of the special timetable you have put in place thank you for your addition.

34. The safety and security of our students on their excursions lately have been well covered and paid attention to since I employed you on board I am proud of you here.

35. The degree of lateness in the school has reduced due to the measures you all have put in place for the students. That is a very smart move, Well done teachers.

36. I have organized a small get-together for all teachers this Friday after school to appreciate a good term well done.

37. The increase in students in each class is a result of how well our students have done in the last session and parents have decided to bring their children to our school. I am proud of your efforts to keep up the good work guys.

38. I have decided to increase your salaries by a certain percentage cause of a good job well done throughout the session. Your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

39. A student identified me at a social gathering and paid attention to my needs and I was impressed cause only a teacher would have taught her that value outside of school walls.

40. All our students passed the external exams written recently with flying colors and would be awarded accordingly but I can’t go without paying the one who did all the work much appreciation for the efforts and good job.

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Message To Teachers From Principal

41. You are all role models to teach students in the school and should show no sign of flaw or weakness but encourage yourself in your work and do it dutifully.

42. Your patience in handling these students even with their attitudes is something I admire even as your principal. Well done.

43. I have worked with a couple of teachers over the years and none of them could sum amount to the kind of work you do daily. Keep it up.

44. You all have managed to keep the name of the school in the high and good record in the community with wonderful teaching methods that have exceeded all our expectations. These are jobs very well done.

45. I am a proud principal today because I have excellent teachers as staff who not only take their duties seriously but execute them wisely without leaving any stones unturned. This term has been amazing and the comments from parents have been good so far.

46. Time is money. The time used for each class period by certain teachers has never over exceeded the time given to them for each class and it’s a wonder how they can keep up even with voluminous topics to cover. That’s great.

47. At the beginning of the term I assigned some students to some teachers to take special classes to catch up with their classmates, right now these students did not only catch up but overtake their classmates and are now outstanding students due to your dedication to them. Thank you very much.

48. In the past, I have had parents complain about their ward’s lunch being eaten by the teachers most time and this is a certain misconduct I won’t allow in my school. But I am proud that since I employed you all on board this complaint has been seized.

49. A good teacher prepares his class way ahead of time and not on that day so he is not caught off guard on how to go about his or her class so far I have seen your awesome preparations and executions towards your classes. Well done.

50. I have been absent from the office for weeks now yet my absence hasn’t created many gaps in the schedule and day-to-day activities of the school because I hired good professionals who see to their jobs and more.

Teachers Day Message From Principal

51. Your patience and enthusiasm towards the students are amazing I don’t know how you do it. Well done.

52. Your guidance and counsel to these students during difficult times are amazing. Thank you for always being there for them.

53. Your optimism toward your job is contagious. Thank you for being amazing teachers.

54. You have been a true and great inspiration to these students and you deserve a Nobel prize for the best teacher and I am sure you will get it if it were given.

55. Thank you so much for always supporting and challenging the students to do and be better in all areas. Your dedication to their lives is amazing.

56. You make it look so easy to teach. But I know it takes a lot of patience and endurance to teach and you do it effortlessly. And this is your superpower.

57. I have heard the imaginations these children have had and over the years I have seen how you have helped them modify them into wonderful things to use in life that will not just benefit them but their community as a whole. You’re a superhero.

58. You are a light that shines so brightly in the light of each student. I wish all teachers were just like you. I appreciate you so much.

59. Your teaching methods are out of the school’s curriculum but inside the examples you lay out for them which are good and amazing. You are indeed spectacular.

60. Thank you for all you do for each student in the school. Thank you for your dedication, the layout of love, and interest in each student’s life you’re a wonder and role model to every student. Happy teacher’s day.

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